Wrongful termination lawsuit accuses Neuralink of

Wrongful termination lawsuit accuses Neuralink of Herpes B-infected monkey business

Forced to work through lunch, attacked by virus-carrying primates, and sacked for being pregnant allegedly Another week, another lawsuit for an Elon Musk-owned company, this one filed by a former Neuralink employee claiming she was twice scratched by lab monkeys carrying the Herpes B virus, which i

Hackers gebruiken F5 BIG-IP malware om jarenlang heimelijk gegevens te stelen

Een groep vermoedelijke Chinese cyberespionage-acteurs genaamd 'Velvet Ant' zet op maat gemaakte malware in op F5 BIG-IP-apparaten om een blijvende verbinding met het interne netwerk te krijgen en g...

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Blackbaud has to cough up a few million dollars more over 2020 ransomware attack

Four years on and it's still paying for what California attorney general calls 'unacceptable' practice Months after escaping without a fine from the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the luck of cloud software biz Blackbaud ran out when it came to reaching a settlement with California's attorney

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The Register: Techie installed 'user attitude readjustment tool' after getting hammered in a Police station


In homage to Jurassic Park, researchers store DNA in amber-like polymer

Could be used to solve long term digital data storage problems too Boffins at MIT have come up with an amber-like polymer that can be used to preserve DNA, which could allow it to be used for long term storage of information, such as genomes or digital data.

Introduction au script Bash sous Linux : crer son premier script ! Apprenez les bases du script Bash sous Linux avec les notions essentielles, les commandes de base, la cration et l'excution de ses premiers scripts Bash.
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The Hubble Space Telescope is back in business

Running on one gyro, but still gazing at the sky The Hubble Space Telescope has resumed science operations in single-gyro mode after one of its three remaining gyros was declared suspect.

this is the type of decision that will of innocent children Gd willing, other major players will follow suit for the planet and for humanity

Exciting developments in () are capturing attention worldwide! 75% of decision-makers believe GenAI will significantly impact their organizations. The ideal storage system is crucial for successful adoption.

AMD says datacenter still king for profit margins amid AI buzz

CFO talks GPU development, strategy and market dynamics at Nasdaq Investor Conference AI PCs may be talk of the town right now but AMD's chief financial officer reckons that the datacenter remains the chipmaker's major profit engine, and CPU cores are still key for many workloads.

Hacker News: ASUS Patches Critical Authentication Bypass Flaw in Multiple Router Models

ENTER.CO se ratifica como medio de tecnologa lder en el pas, Gracias!

The Register: Meta accused of trying to discredit ad researchers

Hai un router Asus Una Vulnerabilit Critica stata scoperta. Ecco Come Proteggersi!

ha rilasciato un aggiornamento del che risolve una che colpisce sette modelli di e consente agli aggressori remoti di aggirare l.

Yay, fixed some outdated file, even if I don't know anything about Ruby :blobcat:

Email security can be confusing, but fear not! In this beginner-friendly guide, we break down SPF, DKIM, and DMARCthe secret weapons against spam and phishing attacks. Dive in, learn the basics, and let us know what you think!

Law firms seek investors' support in Teradata class action

Claim analytics and data platform biz misled investors about size of public cloud forecast Teradata faces the prospect of a class action suit relating to statements to investors.

Um, what ever did happen with network automation

Is it lingering somewhere between fusion power and self-driving cars Systems Approach  In thinking about the decade-plus worth of efforts to automate the configuration and operation of networks of which intent-based networking may be the most well-known and ambitious example are we actually any closer to the automation of networking that we

Google Privacy Sandbox: Verit o Illusione per gli Utenti di Chrome

 propone di introdurre un chiamato . Lobiettivo dichiarato proteggere la delle online fornendo allo stesso tempo alle e agli gli strumenti per gestire attivit digitali di successo.

Hacker News: China-Linked Hackers Infiltrate East Asian Firm for 3 Years Using F5 Devices

The Register: Voyager 1 makes stellar comeback to science operations

Cops cuff 22-year-old Brit suspected of being Scattered Spider leader

Spanish cops make arrest at airport before he jetted off to Italy Spanish police arrested a person they allege to be the leader of the notorious cybercrime gang Scattered Spider just before he boarded a private flight headed to Naples.

Microsoft resumes rollout of Windows 11 24H2 to Insiders

Everything is fine, despite Recall setting fire to the house that Gates built And just like that, Windows 11 24H2 is back.

Asda IT staff shuffled off to TCS amid messy tech divorce from Walmart

Infrastructure teams have 'eye on door' as SAP migration enters critical phase Exclusive  Asda is transferring more than 100 internal IT workers to Indian outsourcing company TCS as it labors to meet deadlines to move away from IT systems supported by previous owner, Walmart, by the end of the year.

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AWS is pushing ahead with MFA for privileged accounts. What that means for you ...

The clock is ticking why not try a passkey Heads up: Amazon Web Services is pushing ahead with making multi-factor authentication (MFA) mandatory for certain users, and we love to see it.

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JobEscape Tumar Venture Fund

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UK's Total Fitness exposed nearly 500k images of members and staff through unprotected database

Health club chain headed for the spa on choose a password day A security researcher claims UK health club and gym chain Total Fitness bungled its data protection responsibilities by failing to lock down a database chock-full of members' personal data.

Soluciones Integrales en Ssmart para Barreras de Acceso Vehicular

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Nearly 20% of running SQL Servers have passed end of support

That beige box running a server is easily forgotten ... until it goes wrong Exclusive  IT asset management platform Lansweeper has dispensed a warning for enterprise administrators everywhere. Exactly how old is that SQL Server on which your business depends

Hacker News: NiceRAT Malware Targets South Korean Users via Cracked Software

The Register: We need a volunteer to literally crawl over broken glass to fix this network

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