When u leave for lunch at

When u leave for lunch at work and think fuck this I'm going home

The EU-US Trade and Tech Council sounds fancy but, really, what's the point

Nothing like an informal talking shop dressed up as formal transatlantic cooperation The next meeting of the EU-US Trade and Technology Council (TTC) will take place in Washington DC next week to discuss mutual approaches to trade issues and tech challenges, such as climate change and China.

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How Far is it?

Tja, leider wieder nix ...

Just did a webinar on linux using firefox and the goto webinar system with 0 issues

1hr later, I've got a second webinar with a different company but also running the goto webinar system, only this time I get a message:

Sorry this browser is not supported.

Bro...how long does it take for #WebEx to setup some chairs

I don't think most folks (who weren't already grinding offshore or as short-term contractors) have realized that programming under capitalism isn't going to free us to focus on being artisans, it's going to turn us into assembly line workers and quality inspectors with low pay and low joy. It's happening in graphics and writing, and we're doing it to ourselves here.

The Luddites weren't opposed to technology they were opposed to job displacement and not sharing in the profits and leisure time created by new machines. The only way to get that in our current system is to form a before it's too late. We wrote the training data for these AI models, so we should all own them.

Missed expectations, zero guidance: Tesla's 'great year' was anything but

'This was a 101 how not to do a conference call,' says Wall St expert When Elon Musk says Tesla had a "great year," it's best to read between the lines especially after such a disastrous quarterly earnings call.

Hacker News: Cyber Threat Landscape: 7 Key Findings and Upcoming Trends for 2024

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The Register: Apple's on-device gen AI for the iPhone should surprise no-one. The way it does it might

Jenkins in Pericolo: Una vulnerabilit grave espone i file del sistema!

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"6 generative hazards leaders should avoid"

is super hot but not all sunshine & rainbows. There are substantial risks that every or should know before diving in.

Start with this super piece by marypcbuk via CIOOnline

AI-driven booze bouncers can ID you with face scan

Cheerio to cheeky Chardonnay chancers Good news for older boozehounds the UK government plans to inject age estimation AI into supermarket alcohol sales.

Und auch die 7. Verhandlungsrunde zum IT-KV ist gescheitert.

Danke fr nix, Arbeitgeber*innen-Vertretung...

ServiceNow banks double digit sales gains amid push into enterprise workflow

Beats analyst estimates, talks up genAI and yet share price wobbles briefly ServiceNow booked a 20 percent leap in subscriptions for the final three months of 2023, causing it to hike financial forecasts for this year - but Wall Street seemingly wasn't as impressed the company maybe expected.

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Tiny asteroid's earthly fireworks predicted with pinpoint accuracy by NASA

Last year it was over France. This year it was over Germany. Where will the rocks strike next A NASA system has accurately predicted where and when an asteroid entered the Earth's atmosphere.

Hacker News: SystemBC Malware's C2 Server Analysis Exposes Payload Delivery Tricks

The Register: US judge rejects spyware developer NSO's attempt to bin Apple's spyware lawsuit

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Microsoft hits $3 trillion as investors drink AI Kool-Aid

That's not to say Redmond hasn't had significant Windows of misfortune Microsoft has crossed the $3 trillion valuation threshold thanks in no small part to investors buying into the company's AI vision.

Telco giants show it's tough selling 5G kit right now

Ericsson straps in for rough year, while Nokia bets on recovery in second half Telecom giants Nokia and Ericsson both saw sales drop for the final quarter of 2023, blaming tough economic conditions for weak network operator spending. While Ericsson expects another tough year ahead, Nokia is banking on things picking up later this year.

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Impiegati Infedeli: Come i malintenzionati usano le conoscenze sulle vulnerabilit contro le loro aziende

Hacker News: LODEINFO Fileless Malware Evolves with Anti-Analysis and Remote Code Tricks

Looks like there is a second Post Office IT scandal brewing:

The Register: AI assistance is leading to lower code quality, claim researchers

EquiLend drags systems offline after admitting attacker broke in

Securities lender processes trillions of dollars worth of Wall Street transactions every day US securities lender EquiLend has pulled a number of its systems offline after a security "incident" in which an attacker gained "unauthorized access".

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IBM talks up cost savings, including 'workforce rebalancing'

Real estate consolidation, 'productivity initiatives' mean Big Blue is upping annual savings target to $3B IBM is recasting its ambitions for annual run rate cost savings by upping the target by another $1 billion, and will pull multiple levers to get there including completion of the Weather Companys asset and job cuts.

I Team di cybersecurity nel mirino! Dopo Microsoft, Anche Hewlett Packard colpita da Midnight Blizzard

Top-tier IT talent doesn't stick around in 'mid-market' organizations

Though that might be the least of their worries, according to this report Despite the specter of IT layoffs, top talent has no difficulty switching employers, according to new research by integrator Advania.

Hacker News: Critical Jenkins Vulnerability Exposes Servers to RCE Attacks - Patch ASAP!

The Register: Does AI give InfiniBand a moment to shine Or will Ethernet hold the line

UK Civil Aviation Authority ponders vertiports for flying taxis

eVTOL to use existing aerodrome infrastructure The UK's Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) is looking at design proposals for vertiports at existing aerodromes as the UK begins deliberation over the potential arrival of air taxis.

Psst wanna jailbreak ChatGPT Thousands of malicious prompts for sale

Turns out it's pretty easy to make the model jump its own guardrails Criminals are getting increasingly adept at crafting malicious AI prompts to get data out of ChatGPT, according to Kaspersky, which spotted 249 of these being offered for sale online during 2023.

A tutta Intelligenza Artificiale! Ma quanto guadagna un Influencer virtuale

Apple's Vision Pro costs big bucks to buy and repair ... just don't mention the box design

Still, up to 180,000 units sold under pre-order and China gray market prepping locals The old joke among less experienced tech product reviewers is that writing the review starts with opening the box. In the case of Apple's Vision Pro, critics are finding that the, er, box lacks the aestethics that a b