US House mulls forcing AI makers

US House mulls forcing AI makers to reveal use of copyrighted training data

Proposed law doesn't include any ban on use of such stuff to build models, mind you A bill introduced in the US House of Representatives would require those training AI models to disclose any and all copyrighted works used, and it would apply retroactively.


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US broadband internet: Now with mandatory 'nutrition' labels

ISPs are just going to have to swallow it The Federal Communications Commission's "nutrition labels" for broadband internet services are now a required part of doing business for American ISPs.

Hacker News: Beware: GitHub's Fake Popularity Scam Tricking Developers into Downloading Malware

The Register: US-EAST-1 region is not the cloudy crock it's made out to be, claims AWS EC2 boss

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Healthcare AI won't take jobs it'll make nursing easier, says process automation founder

Something's gotta give in short-staffed, overworked healthcare industry, says Thoughtful cofounder and CPO Interview  Companies are sticking AI everywhere they can right now - including injecting it into frontline healthcare. The benefits of healthcare AI are still up for debate, but Dan Parsons, cofo

Il ransomware SEXi scende nell'arena! Colpisce PowerHost in Cile e chiede 140 milioni di dollari di riscatto

La filiale cilena di , , stata vittima di un da parte di un nuovo gruppo di il 30 marzo. L'attacco ha crittografato i server VMware ei backup dei dell'azienda.

SharePoint logs are easily circumvented and Microsoft is dragging its heels

Now is the perfect time to review those permissions SharePoint users should beware since audit logs on the platform have proved relatively simple to circumvent, meaning malicious actors could exfiltrate your data without tipping off your security team.

Trend Micro rivela i dettagli di Operazione Cronos, che ha permesso alle Forze dell'Ordine di eliminare il DLS di LockBit

DataCentres Ireland was filled with engaging discussions regarding , innovation, , and possibilities for the future of technology!

Learn more about and the topics covered, infrastructure to , on the blog:

TSMC sees semiconductor bounce as Q1 revenues rise 16.5%

Early figures post a $18.44B haul for industry bellwether Semiconductor giant TSMC looks to have rebounded from last years doldrums with revenue up 16.5 percent for the first quarter of this year, compared with the same period in 2023.

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Hacker News: 'eXotic Visit' Spyware Campaign Targets Android Users in India and Pakistan

The Register: Chrome Enterprise Premium promises extra security for a fee

Hailo's latest AI chip shows up integrated NPUs and sips power like fine wine

All your PC needs for 40 TOPS is an M.2 slot Today, users who want to interface with AI usually do so through a cloud-based service like ChatGPT or Microsoft Copilot, rather than locally.

Strong communications is a key component of your organization's defenses Check out this insightful post from our CXO Madison Iler on how enhanced & management collaboration can help you bridge several gaps.

DIGITAL FUTUREcongress: Wegweiser fr die Unternehmenszukunft im Zeichen der Digitalisierung

Digital FUTUREcongress findet in diesem Jahr rein virtuell statt. Die Aussteller sind auch in diesem Jahr wieder sehr hochwertig. Freikarten!

Peter Higgs, daddy of the Higgs boson, dies at 94

The particle bearing his name lives on Obituary  In a world dominated by instant gratification, Peter Higgs, who died earlier this week, had to wait more than half of his 94-year lifetime to see his theoretical predictions confirmed, thereby changing our understanding of the universe.

Ohkai... selbst die Programmiersprache Rust unter Windows gilt als nicht sicher! Ne nicht ganz aber spannend und behoben, nicht aber Windows.

BatBadBut: Kritische Befehlsschmuggel-Lcke in Windows etwa in Rust.
BatBadBut heit eine kritische Befehlsschmuggel-Lcke, die mehrere Programmiersprachen unter Windows betrifft. Abhilfe ist schwer.

Rust rustles up fix for 10/10 critical command injection bug on Windows

BatBadBut hits Erlang, Go, Python, Ruby as well Programmers are being urged to update their Rust versions after the security experts working on the language addressed a critical vulnerability that could lead to malicious command injections on Windows machines.

Hacker News: Raspberry Robin Returns: New Malware Campaign Spreading Through WSF Files

The Register: Notepad++ dev slams Google-clogging notepad.plus 'parasite'

Virtually and actually, LXC 6 and Incus 6 are here both LTS versions

There's a new version of Canonical's LXD too, but its community fork seems to be thriving The community fork of what is now Canonical's in-house virtualization tool seems to be doing well, with major new releases of Incus, LXC and associated tools.

Biden pronto a un'azione senza precedenti contro Kaspersky Lab. cosa significa per l'America

L' del presidente Joe si sta preparando a compiere un passo senza precedenti. Vuole vietare l'uso del della societ russa Lab da parte di e statunitensi per motivi di , hanno detto alla CNN cinque funzionari statunitensi che hanno familiarit con la situazione.

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AI boom is boosting demand even for HDDs, raising prices by up to 20% since Q3

No computer part, even spinning rust, is safe from the hype cycle Hard drives are now being sold at elevated prices and the sector is even experiencing shortages thanks to AI-driven demand, which has similarly boosted prices for SSDs and GPUs.

Hacker News: Hands-on Review: Cynomi AI-powered vCISO Platform

The Register: Reform of USA's Section 702 spying rule may make it to a vote this week

X fixes URL blunder that could enable convincing social media phishing campaigns

Poorly implemented rule allowed miscreants to deceive users with trusted URLs Elon Musk's X has apparently fixed an embarrassing issue implemented earlier in the week that royally bungled URLs on the social media platform formerly known as Twitter.

149 debolezza nel Patch Tuesday di Aprile! Il pi grande dal 2017

Nell'ultimo aggiornamento di sicurezza , ha annunciato un numero record di correzioni. 149 sono state corrette in prodotti come Windows, Office, Azure, .NET Framework, Visual Studio, SQL Server, DNS Server, Windows Defender, Bitlocker e Windows Secure Stivale.

SAP transformation program a 'euphemism' for job cuts, claims European Works Council

8,000 roles affected worldwide, but Germany will bear heaviest losses A SAP transformation program has been slammed by the European Works Council as a mask for making job cuts.

Hacker News: Webinar: Learn How to Stop Hackers from Exploiting Hidden Identity Weaknesses

Du willst verhindern, dass Deppen wie ich aus Versehen ber 1400 Leute ins CC einer Mail nehmen (Danke Outlook!) Und gleichzeitig an den ganz groen Schrauben drehen Du stehst auf Herausforderungen wie Verlagswelt, extreme hererogenes und gleichzeitg meinungsstarkes Umfeld Dann werde doch einfach Director IT bei der ZEIT Verlagsgruppe.

The Register: Google joins the custom server CPU crowd with Arm-based Axion chips

Haben Sie Interesse einen an Ihrer Institution einzurichten

Gemeinsam mit der Erlangen-Nrnberg, der Sachsen-Anhalt und der GmbH geben wir, einen umfnglichen Einblick in die Anwendung der "Open Source Academic Publishing Suite" , die alle Felder des abdeckt und keine tieferen Kenntnisse voraussetzt.


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3D illustration from 2006 for an article in the Dutch ComputerTotaal magazine, about Linux on a USB stick.

Intel CEO suggests AI can help to create a one-person Unicorn

And possibly replace entire business units too Intel Vision  In his Intel Vision Keynote on Tuesday CEO Pat Gelsinger outlined a scenario in which AI will eventually automate entire offices or potentially even whole businesses.

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