Tipsy tongues tell all: How your

Tipsy tongues tell all: How your sloshed speech could snitch to Siri

Alexa, am I wasted Wondering if that wee tipple was a bit too much Someday soon your sloshed speech may spill your secrets to your resident digital assistant as easily as you stumble through a tongue-twister.

Poloniex crypto-exchange offers 5% cut to thieves if they return that $120M they nicked

White hat bounty looks more like a beg bounty The founder of the Poloniex has offered to pay off thieves who drained an estimated $120 million of user funds from the cryptocurrency exchange in a raid on Friday.

Hacker News: Guide: How vCISOs, MSPs and MSSPs Can Keep their Customers Safe from Gen AI Risks a class='story-link' href=''

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The Register: Child psychiatrist jailed after making pornographic AI deep-fakes of kids


Amazon's Project Kuiper thrusters deliver Prime orbit adjustments

Custom Hall-effect propulsion system makes sure satellites won't trip over space junk like Starlink Amazon's custom thrusters are performing well on its prototype Project Kuiper satellites following a series of tests to check if the Hall-effect electric propulsion system works as expected on orbit.

Hacker News: Stealthy Kamran Spyware Targeting Urdu-speaking Users in Gilgit-Baltistan

The Register: Suits ignored IT's warnings, so the tech team went for the neck

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Windows 11 si Espande: Aggiunto Supporto per File Compressi 7z e tar nella versione di Anteprima

Il 10 novembre, nellaggiornamento opzionale KB5031455 della fine del mese scorso, ha aggiunto il supporto di per 11 tipi di file , ma non supporta ancora la creazione di file diversi da .

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Qualcomm and Iridium's satellite link-up loses signal

Tech was proven, but nobody wanted to put it in their Snapdragon devices Moves toward enabling satellite connectivity for smartphones have taken a knock with the cancellation of an agreement between chipmaker Qualcomm and satellite operator Iridium.

Don't use the new, free, MS Outlook! It sends secret credentials to Microsoft servers.

Was ist bei der Beschaffung von KI-Systemen zu bercksichtigen

Im 2. Teil meiner Beitragsreihe im Blog von Vergabe24 befasse ich mich mit den vertraglichen Gestaltungsmglichkeiten fr ffentliche Auftraggeber und Bieter und zeige dabei wichtige vertragliche Weichenstellungen auf:

Strangely enough, no one wants to buy a ransomware group that has cops' attention

Ransomed.vc shuts after 20% discount fails to entice bids Short-lived ransomware outfit Ransomed.vc claims to have shut down for good after a number of suspected arrests.

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CISA: un bug nel Service Discovery Protocol (SLP) consente un fattore di amplificazione elevato per attacchi DDoS

Microsoft hits Alt+F4 on internal ChatGPT access over security jitters, irony ensues

Apparently the move was in error In what would be delicious irony, Microsoft is reported to have temporarily pulled internal access to OpenAI's ChatGPT over security fears.

Microsoft Access. La via per il furto dei token di autenticazione NTLM di Windows

Check Point ha scoperto una in che consente a un di utilizzare la funzionalit di collegamento a tabelle remote per far trapelare automaticamente i dellutente sul server dellaggressore tramite qualsiasi porta , inclusa la porta 80.

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Hacker News: Russian Hackers Sandworm Cause Power Outage in Ukraine Amidst Missile Strikes

The Register: NASA's Lucy probe scores a threefer as it flies by first target in 12-year mission

Tie-Day! Small Business IT is the bread and butter of many companies in the US. On Tuesday, I had the great pleasure of presenting UCS to a group of partners focusing on making open-source IT painless for small companies. Here is the matching Tie.

A great we've just received, whatever your needs please do get in touch to get the issue resolved.

NASA's Lucy probe scores a threefer as it flies by first target in 12-year mission

Scientists shocked to find Dinkinesh is orbited by two touching asteroids Dinkinesh, the first asteroid encountered by NASA's Lucy spacecraft, is being orbited by a smaller binary pair, and is the first object of its kind to be found by astronomers.

UK signals legal changes to self-driving vehicle liabilities

But with technical and insurance industry question unanswered, a few potholes may lie ahead The UK government has promised to "clarify and update" the law to allow the introduction of self-driving vehicles to the country's roads, but it is set to be a long, technical journey.

Hacker News: Easily discover your employees' SaaS usage

The Register: Want a well-paid job in tech You just need to become a cloud-native god

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Want a well-paid job in tech You just need to become a cloud-native god

At KubeCon, the need to bridge the skills gap was clearer than ever Opinion  At KubeCon North America, I did a little exercise I've done before at major technology shows. I went around the booths in the exhibition hall and asked a very simple question: "Are you hiring" The answer from two-person startups still building u

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Pietra miliare nella governance dellIA militare: Kamala Harris guida 31 nazioni in una dichiarazione senza precedenti

La settimana scorsa , e si sono incontrati nel Regno Unito per discutere dei rischi dell (). Il principale argomento di discussione stata la possibilit di controllare luso dellintelligenza artificiale per scopi .

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Datacenter would spoil beautiful view ... of former industrial waste dump

Not in my backyard, says Buckinghamshire Council Plans to build a datacenter campus on a landfill site overlooking the M25 motorway near London have been rejected on grounds it would significantly alter the character and appearance of the area, despite recognition there is significant demand for datacenter capac

Weshalb elekronische Identitt viel von dir veratet auch wenn du dies nicht haben mchtest. Du gibst sehr viel von dir digital preis.

Digitale Identitt: Die Blockchain weiss alles kommt die totale berwachung
Eine mchtige Allianz von Konzernen und Behrden arbeitet an einer transnationalen digitalen Identitt fr alle. Das bringt Risiken mit sich.

Hacker News: The New 80/20 Rule for SecOps: Customize Where it Matters, Automate the Rest

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