Though aimed at IT teams, this

Though aimed at IT teams, this leadership advice fosters high performance across disciplines. It advocates pushing teams further, but with morale-boosting strategies.

Child: You know we can watch the Super Bowl on streaming instead of broadcast

Me: <long lecture on unicast vs multicast models, network scaling, and history of live event streaming reliability>

Child: Yeah I think we should watch it on broadcast

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The Register: Meet VexTrio, a network of 70K hijacked websites crooks use to sling malware, fraud

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The Register: Sam Altman's chip ambitions may be loonier than feared


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Sam Altman's chip ambitions may be loonier than feared

$7 trillion will buy you a helluva lotta fabs or every chip biz of consequence Opinion  OpenAI CEO Sam Altman's dream of establishing a network of chip factories to fuel the growth of AI may be much, much wilder than feared.

or is FreeBSD better than Debian (see above) if you set it up accordingly, what is your expert opinion on this

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: I Feel You (Renegade Soundwave Afghan Surgery Mix)

Gli hacker Cinesi di Volt Typhoon minacciano gli Stati Uniti. FBI, NSA e CISA avvertono

The Register: Search chatbots Pah, this startup's trying on Yahoo's old outfit of web directories

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The Register: 50 years ago, the all-rookie, final Skylab crew returned to Earth

50 years ago, the all-rookie, final Skylab crew returned to Earth

Around The World in 84 days It is 50 years this week since Skylab's final crew departed the station after a record-setting 84 days of flight.

If there's one bright side to having poor luck with random PC issues, it's that I'm learning better troubleshooting methodology and I'm more capable of understanding what to do when stuff goes wrong.

Should be very helpful for me when I get my A+.


The Register: BOFH: Hearken! The Shiny Button software speaks of Strategic Realignment

Search chatbots Pah, this startup's trying on Yahoo's old outfit of web directories

AI is here to stay though conversations won't necessarily replace queries Interview  Web search, long dominated by Google, is in play again, at least among incumbents and entrepreneurs if not frustrated web searchers.

Esper Hand: una mano bionica munita di IA che funziona con lelettromiografia non invasiva

Anche se molte non hanno a che fare con l , ci sono cose che si stanno facendo con la che sono piuttosto interessanti!

Hacker News: Alert: New Stealthy "RustDoor" Backdoor Targeting Apple macOS Devices

The Register: 250 million-plus reserved IPv4 addresses could be released but the internet isnt built to use them

Exploiting a vulnerable Minifilter Driver to create a process killer:
Researcher demonstrated how to exploit a signed Minifilter Driver in a BYOVD attack to terminate a specific process from the kernel.

Battaglia per il dominio tecnologico: Washington vuole frenare il software RISC-V

Un altro bug critico su Ivanti. Gateway Connect Secure, Policy Secure e ZTA da aggiornare

Die Wirtschaftsbetriebe Duisburg starten ein umfangreiches Informationsangebot im UMWELT-lokal.
Bei der Auftaktveranstaltung am 14.02. wird das Labdoo-Projekt vorgestellt. Schaut gerne vorbei. In Krze entsteht dort auch eine neue Annahmestelle fr IT-Spenden fr Labdoo Germany.

If nobody believes how violent ordinary white people are to WOC at work, how can we eradicate poverty

Meet VexTrio, a network of 70K hijacked websites crooks use to sling malware, fraud

Some useful indicators of compromise right here More than 70,000 presumably legit websites have been hijacked and drafted into a network that crooks use to distribute malware, serve phishing pages, and share other dodgy stuff, according to researchers.

Basic to Extended Markdown Cheat Sheet With Examples

Force Kill Linux Process using Top, Kill, Pkill, Killall, and Xkill Commands

Amazon screws over shoppers with Buy Box algorithm, another lawsuit claims

We're allegedly paying too much for some stuff because the Bazaar of Bezos buries bargains Amazon has been sued by two customers in the United States who claim the internet titan artificially inflates prices, hitting shoppers in the wallet.

Made this in honor of my fellow and folks.

When I hear stories of things IT has to do that technically isnt part of their job, like fix the coffee maker, I legit get some FEELINGS about it.

But my therapist office ain't paying me to fix their tech issues!
But sometimes they can't fix their webcam or find the icon for their email. I have to grit my teeth and suffer through it.
Calling IT to drive 30 min to press a button on their printer I am *actually* triggered by this. Cuz that could be me. *faints*

Was in therapy. Therapist said "Oh I don't know why this file is showing up as a read only PDF. You're supposed to be able to click the check boxes for the treatment. I'll ask IT about it."

And I (legit) got anxious saying: "NOOO you can just make it a usable interactive form--"
I had to stop myself.
They were about to 'waste' IT's time on a PDF... I see myself being that IT tech and someone needing a PDF formatted while the server room is burning down.

I'm in a nice pub in Bothwell,Glasgow. A lovely urban village.
They also have a fine labrador.
Pubs need dogs.


The Register: FBI: Give us warrantless Section 702 snooping powers or China wins

last will and testament.