The Sinclair ZX Spectrum was launched

The Sinclair ZX Spectrum was launched 1983 as Timex Sinclair 2068 computer on the US market. Even when Commodore won the in the end, the ZX Spectrum sold 5 million units until 1992 for a initial price of 175 (48KB in the UK). With a Z80A 8-bit CPU running oh 3.5 MHz it was capable to do fancy computer graphics on a regular telly, at home for everybody.

Most likely because Quantel named their first system as simple as they did, Print'n'Plotter sold their graphic software under the same product name "Paintbox", but for the ZX Home Computers. In a resolution of 256192 pixels and limited to 15 colours was great for the budget. Demo graphics been fancy, even if not as WOOOW as the real Paintbox.
Quantel wasn't in the Home computer business so not even MTV could afford more than a few. Real Paintbox systems are rare today, while the ZX Spectrum isn't so much.

The series of our 2023 tech anniversaries comes to a natural end and content plans for the next year have to be talked about internally. AFK

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The Register: Kraft Heinz suggests we simmer down about Snatch ransomware attack claims

Gioved prossimo si chiuder un capitolo importante della mia vita lavorativa, a gennaio si parte per una nuova avventura con la speranza di poter raccogliere finalmente i frutti di anni di esperienze e studi.

Speriamo bene.

Amazon vuole rivoluzionare il web: collegamenti laser tra satelliti per una rete Globale accessibile ovunque!

The Register: Ubiquiti blunder let some folks view others' security cameras, accounts

La Cina contro le proprie Big-Tech a tutela dei minori. Obiettivo: combattere la dipendenza da Internet ma instillare valori socialisti tra i bambini

In , le pi grandi aziende produttrici di  hanno confermato il loro impegno nei confronti dei gioved allincontro annuale del settore a .

(in case you've never heard of it, Lord of the Rings Online) - the of ...

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I robot iniziano ad avere consapevolezza del proprio corpo. Un altro passo avanti verso lAGI

Gli scienziati dellUniversit Tecnica di hanno fatto passi avanti significativi nel campo dell e della .

Hanno sviluppato un nuovo metodo di automatico che consente ai robot di determinare in modo la configurazione del proprio utilizzando solo i provenienti da che tracciano il movimento dei loro arti.

The Register: Shame about those wildfires. We'll just let the fossil fuel giants off the hook, then

IBM X-Fforce analizza le attivit di APT28 che colpiscono la diplomazia e le accademie con la Backdoor HeadLace

Shame about those wildfires. We'll just let the fossil fuel giants off the hook, then

As world heads into 2024, scientists are asked: When will Big Oil face the heat Comment  You surely noticed much of the world was on fire this year, especially if you were in the western United States, western or eastern Canada, Australia, Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Algeria, Tunisia... you get t

(in case you've never heard of it, Lord of the Rings Online) - the of ...

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IBM X-Fforce analizza le attivit di APT28 che colpiscono la diplomazia e le accademie con la Backdoor HeadLace

The Register: Hundreds of thousands of dollars in crypto stolen after Ledger code poisoned

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Bundesrechnungshof rechnet unter anderem vor:

Netze des Bundes: 500k Euro teure, ungenutzte IT-Gerte seit 18 Monaten. Fehlende Bedarfsprfung, sicher verwendbar bis 2028.

Rentenversicherung IT: Dringende Modernisierung versumt. Funktionsfhigkeit und Datenaustausch gefhrdet.

The browser extension (captcha)"buster" leverages the systems being trained by 's Recaptcha to solve the captchas

Even without configuring it, you can get 30-50% of all of them auto-solved. Set it up and get it to 100%

A symptom of the fact that these systems were never designed to be real captchas. They were intended to get free labor from people in training models

A real captcha is an entirely different problem but those are rare now

ach ja liebe Medien, rennt nicht gleich immer jeglichen neuen Produkte hinterher und anstatt dies fachlich kritisch anzusehen. So macht ihr blo fr diese Firmen gratis Werbung, vor allem in der und deren .

Auf die KI-Festspiele folgt die Katerstimmung:
Der weist seine Lcken auf, 's wirkt noch uerst unfertig und der Einsatz von in heimischen Unternehmen geht nur schleppend voran

Don't have time for a banner grab but still interested in basic info about a server

Well taking advantage of a server's inability to process '%' b/c it expects two hex digits to follow in many cases it errors

Preventing this from happening is actually easy

It requires an essential secure programming principle: verify, validate, and sanitize your input

This principle should be applied to EVERY input, and yes the URL is input

The official channel has moved off freenode adding to a larger migration since its new ownership

It has moved to libera.chat under the old name: "-nuts"

If you follow communities on freenode many are also moving to one of my favorites for a long time, oftc.net

Many of the language you program in idle in these channels, do QnA, talk about dev'ing. A resource 2nd only to the usefulness of following the codebase

Ich habe Apple nie wirklich gemocht, aufgrund der Preise und der Produktion usw. ich habe mir nun aber ein iPad fr die Schule gekauft und muss sagen, das ich sehr zufrieden bin mit Leistung und der Software. Doof ist nur diese vorgegaukelte Exklusivitt. Alle Google Dienste welche ich verwende kann ich auf allen Gerten verwenden, die Apple Dienste nur auf Apple Gerten, irgendwie schade

'dork'n is not new, so like a forest is beyond early stages of succession or overtime the software ecosystem increased complexity

Malware targeting 'dork'ers by leveraging their excitement at finding an isrsa has existed long enough for there to be variability, even products

Their webserverTheir JS, 1 scenario is attack your browser iterating likely breakouts

Google doing real search RnD is unrealistic and so with their resources deserve more blame than bad sysadmins

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...! Arinora's Bow - They killed: Samwise Gamgee - Loyal Attendant - you b'stards...!!

(in case you've never heard of it, Lord of the Rings Online) - the of ...


Hacker News: How SoFi Uses DSPM to Accurately Classify and Secure Sensitive Data

The Register: NASA engineers scratch heads as Voyager 1 starts spouting cosmic gibberish


"We'll be sucking sprouts this Christmas...

Sucking sprouts this Christmas...

Sucking sprouts this Christmas...

And, living in a ditch with poop on our heads..." -

What...! It's a Carol..!


The 7 Stages of Grief:

1. Shock
2. Denial
3. Anger
4. Bargaining
5. Depression
6. Testing
7. It was DNS


"I am , supported by robo-dwarf, ... Have we run out of words in all the languages to describe SSG's continued failure to comply with EU-Law by restoring Dr. Psiren's account in full, yet..."


Hacker News: China's MIIT Introduces Color-Coded Action Plan for Data Security Incidents

Scoperti i Mostri del Web: una coppia trasmetteva Abusi su Minorenni in Diretta in cambio di denaro!

The Register: AMD is the undisputed datacenter GPU performance champ for now

Mozilla Rivoluziona la Navigazione: Lestensione MemoryCache porta lIntelligenza Artificiale direttamente nel tuo Browser!

Un aggiornamento di Flash Player veicola il malware MrAnon Stealer. Ma Flash Player esiste ancora

You are correct that privacy is both an illusion + about economics but your assertion implies they are mutually exclusive in reality they are not

You achieve privacy by making it so economically nonviable to uncover you. The obvio strategy is the larger the threat, you simply make it more expensive to uncover you. Its actually how it functions, not proof of failure of functionality.

In the future I will post some of the most hilarious things I have found "dork"ing

Nothing illegal just weird, odd, or comedic things

To really help people understand the scope of the problem, things so interesting that posting them would likely get you arrested

So, obvio dont look for that!

..but when you inevitably do, use

And when you find that really interesting thing you really really want to show other people:

Definitely Do NOT Post It!

If has access to artificial intelligence:

Why is there a board of directors

Most people know what "Google Dorking" is terrible name by nerds who probably don't even "dork"over

Leveraging the fact that most are bad at their job, resulting in indexing sensitive files

My preference is finding the / mostly things

But here is one of my favorite demos:

intitle:"Index of" ".ssh" OR "idrsa" OR "iddsa" OR "ided25519" -idrsa.pub -iddsa.pub -ided25519.pub

Success = You can likely now into a

Hundreds of thousands of dollars in crypto stolen after Ledger code poisoned

NPM repo hijacked after former worker phished Cryptocurrency wallet maker Ledger says someone slipped malicious code into one of its JavaScript libraries to steal more than half a million dollars from victims.

Ubiquiti blunder let some folks view others' security cameras, accounts

Cloud misconfig blamed and now fixed Ubiquiti says it fixed a bug that allowed some of its customers to glimpse strangers' security camera footage and access accounts and devices that didn't belong to them.

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