The Register: Microsoft teases deepfake AI

The Register: Microsoft teases deepfake AI that's too good to release

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Microsoft teases deepfake AI that's too good to release

VASA-1 framework can turn a still image and a cloned voice file into a plausible video of a person talking Microsoft this week demoed VASA1, a framework for creating videos of people talking from a still image, audio sample, and text script, and claims rightly it's too dangerous to be released to the public.

The Register: Tesla Cybertruck turns into world's most expensive brick after car wash

The Register: Lightweight LXQt 2.0.0 updates to same toolkit as KDE Plasma 6

Lightweight LXQt 2.0.0 updates to same toolkit as KDE Plasma 6

4-letter survivor's move to Qt 6 means that, love it or hate it, Wayland is looming Version 2.0 of the LXQt desktop updates its foundations to Qt 6, as also used in KDE Plasma 6 but still has one foot in the Qt 5 past, to ease the transition.

Wir mssen also alle arbeitsunwilligen Menschen in Arbeit bringen und andererseits den Faktor Mensch berall da aus der Wertschpfung verbannen, wo er die Gewinnmaximierung verhindert.

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Tesla Cybertruck turns into world's most expensive brick after car wash

Bulletproof Is it waterproof Ts&Cs say: 'Failure to put Cybertruck in Car Wash Mode may result in damage' The perils of turning cars into computers were laid bare by a hapless Cybertruck owner who claimed his ride was rendered an $80,000 "paperweight" by something as benign as a wash.

The Register: Devaluing content created by AI is lazy and ignores history

Linus Torvalds takes on evil developers, hardware errors and 'hilarious' AI hype:

While all is 'calm and steady and boring' with the next kernel, Linux creator Torvalds tells an Open Source Summit crowd exactly how he feels about almost everything else.

A knotty problem: Boffins working on fuel-efficient trajectories for space travel

Not yet the London Underground style efficient schematic we want, but it's a start Boffins at the UK's Surrey Space Centre have devised a way of determining the optimal route for spacecraft that doesn't require the engines to burn precious fuel.

Currently reading "Structure and interpretation of Computer programs" and self conscious about exercises..
Are people actually calculating stuff like this in their head and keeping track of multiple different paths My brain usually quits in the second recursion when trying to execute stuff like this.
(Careful, it's unreasonably unreadable )))))))

Hacker News: Critical Update: CrushFTP Zero-Day Flaw Exploited in Targeted Attacks

The Register: Prolific phishing-made-easy emporium LabHost knocked offline in cyber-cop op

The evolution of helpdesk support lol

From the ar(t)chive

3D illustration for a 2006 issue of the Dutch ComputerTotaal magazine, about the SABNZBD tool, which was (is) much-used for concatenating multi-part downloads from Usenet newsgroups.

Hacker News: Palo Alto Networks Discloses More Details on Critical PAN-OS Flaw Under Attack

The Register: US Air Force says AI-controlled F-16 fighter jet has been dogfighting with humans


: AI PC , Arm

Google squashes AI teams together in push for fresh models

You can leave your personal vendettas at home we have work to do, Pichai warns Google is consolidating the various teams working on generative AI under the DeepMind team in a bid to accelerate development of more capable systems.

I can't count the number of automated emails I receive daily from automated recruiters who are trying to place me for junior call centre technician, junior operations staff, or junior something else.

If and their stop using and start using their judgement, wouldn't be in its current quagmire.

Aaand, it's done! It's been a grueling week that felt about four days longer than it was. Every helpdesk ticket I worked on seemed to uncover a trove of other issues, and those then led to even more issues, putting me further and further behind schedule. My brain is goo but I survived! Looking forward to my workout and nice cold shower before piling on the couch with my wife and kids for family movie night.

SpaceX, Northrop Grumman reportedly working on US spy sat program

LEO rising in US military: Close encounters of the recon kind SpaceX is understood to be working with aerospace and defense biz Northrop Grumman on a spy satellite program that provides the US military with improved intelligence imagery.

Of late, many federal agencies have grown increasingly concerned with to their internal systems.

In response, some companies are now proposing to collect hundreds of "psychological indicators" of all agency employees and consultantsmental health, physical health, medication history, financial health, shopping habit, social activity, risky behaviour, ...and use to identify "potentially problematic" staff. This is sounding more and more like .

It is astonishing that no one raised and concerns. Instead, they are all busy trying to outsell each other on AI.

AI may well be getting smarter, I don't know. But I do know that humanity is definitely getting dumber.

The Register: Sacramento airport goes no-fly after AT&ampT internet cable snipped

Sacramento airport goes no-fly after ATT internet cable snipped

Police say this appears to be a 'deliberate act.' Sacramento International Airport (SMF) suffered hours of flight delays yesterday after what appears to be an intentional cutting of an AT&T internet cable serving the facility.

The Register: Qt Ubuntu 24.04 betas show that there's room to innovate

The Register: NASA solar sail to be Siriusly visible in orbit from Earth

NASA solar sail to be Siriusly visible in orbit from Earth

Look out for a new star next week NASA is to send a solar sail demonstrator into orbit next week, and there is a good chance that the sail, measuring 860 square feet (80 square meters), will be visible from Earth.

Qt Ubuntu 24.04 betas show that there's room to innovate

Hot on the heels of Ubuntu Noble beta come the betas of the Qt-based remixes, with some interesting differences The beta versions of Lubuntu and Kubuntu 24.04 are out, showing that there's room to improve on the standard Ubuntu formula.

The Register: AI energy draw from Chicago datacenters to rise ninefold

Hoe it-leiders kijken naar cyberoorlogsvoering en verkiezingsveiligheid -leiderschap dreigingen cybersecurity


AI energy draw from Chicago datacenters to rise ninefold

No wonder industry is exploring nuclear as an alternative to electricity US energy provider Exelon has calculated that power demand from datacenters in the Chicago area is set to increase ninefold, in more evidence that AI adoption is will put further strain electricity supplies.

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Hacker News: BlackTech Targets Tech, Research, and Gov Sectors New 'Deuterbear' Tool

The Register: Microsoft claims it didn't mean to inject Copilot into Windows Server 2022 this week

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