The History of X11 by RetroBytes

The History of X11 by RetroBytes

The Register: We put salt in our tea so you don't have to

The Register: If you use AI to teach you how to code, remember you still need to think for yourself

Attivate Sempre la MFA! LAttacco di NOBELIUM a Microsoft stato possibile grazie ad una applicazione OAuth Legacy

Penna vs tastiera: chi vincer la battaglia per la conquista della mente dei nostri figli


Damit es im Bahnverkehr endlich vorwrts geht!

If you use AI to teach you how to code, remember you still need to think for yourself

Computer science teachers, software experts share their advice on ML assistants Feature  Learning how to program is perhaps now easier than ever with AI, though the tools that suggest or generate source code for you have to be used wisely. 

The Register: The Land Before Linux: Let's talk about the Unix desktops

Pro tip: Be passionate about work. For example, challenge a colleague to a fistfight about tabs vs. spaces.

I just learned of the biggest feature I heard of: "view once" images in . The idea is that if you send an image and select the "view once" option, the receiver may only "view it once". After that, it's deleted. And they claim it "prevents screenshots". How I have no idea.

It doesn't matter because the whole concept is bullshit, of course.


Is Great for Your Heres to Do

The Land Before Linux: Let's talk about the Unix desktops

It takes more than open source, it takes open standards and consensus Opinion  Today, thanks to Android and ChromeOS, Linux is an important end-user operating system. But, before Linux, there were important Unix desktops, although most of them never made it.

The Register: TSMC finds its green chips are highly sought after... the potato ones

Military intelligence claims cyberattack on IT company providing services to Russian defense industry

Ukraine's military intelligence agency (HUR) launched a cyber attack against the Moscow-based IPL Consulting company, which provides services to the Russian heavy industry and military-industrial complex, the agency said on Jan. 27.

TSMC finds its green chips are highly sought after... the potato ones

Crunchy, tasty, coconut flavoured... and hopefully thicker than a few nanometers TSMC is known for making advanced semiconductors, but it seems the company is now driving up the price of chips made with tastier materials than traditional silicon.

Ukrainische Hacker knacken russische Militrgeheimnisse

Was mich daran strt, ist das in -Sicherheit so gut wie nichts unternommen wird. Klar es gibt so wie Lsungen aber weniger subtjonelles. Dies u.a. auch weil zur Fhigkeiten "nutzt", doch diese sind nicht die einzigen. Ich bin der Meinung, dass IT- anders angegangen werden msste. Sehe ich dies falsch oder stelle ich mir dies zu einfach vor

The Register: BOFH: Looks like you're writing an email. Fancy telling your colleague to #$% off

We put salt in our tea so you don't have to

Despite US chemistry boffin claiming it improves the taste, we respectfully disagree Poll  It's well established that the British are an eccentric people. Among their national obsessions is drinking tea they consider themselves experts and one way to trigger the entire United Kingdom is to fuck with the formula.

My setup with Summon The JSON Desk Pad. Do you like it

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Weil bei it-jobs hufiger und mehr Homeoffice mglich ist und viele Homeoffice Arbeiter*innen auch halb krank noch arbeiten

Achso stimmt im Text steht noch ein Argument: mehr reduziert auch das Risiko sich anzustecken (solange man keine hat jedenfalls).

Giustizia fatta! la mente di Trickbot, stato condannato a 5 anni di reclusione

Svolta epocale su iOS: Apple si arrende al DMA e abbandona il suo monopolio sulle APP Mobile

How Far is it?

Hacker News: AllaKore RAT Malware Targeting Mexican Firms with Financial Fraud Tricks

The Register: Technology truly is the gift that keeps on giving ... SNAFUs to highlight

Hubble telescope spots tiniest water-rich world in orbit

Don't pack your swimming costumes as it could be more of a sauna planet Not to be outdone by the younger, hipper equipment in NASA's arsenal, the Hubble Space Telescope is still proving its worth, spotting evidence of water vapor in the smallest-ever exoplanet known to us.

RCE da 9,9 di score su Cisco Unified Communications Manager e Contact Center Solutions

Pwn2Own Automotive: Tesla violate ben due volte, 49 0day 1,3 milioni di dollari in premi per gli hacker delle automobili

Spectrum is a CLI Music Player for Linux (Installation + Usage)

Apple redecorates its iPhone prison to appease Europe

At least web competition will finally be allowed Analysis  Apple co-founder Steve Jobs described the computer as a bicycle for the mind. But he failed to let that metaphor shape his greatest achievement, the iPhone, which has become a shackle for the soul.

Snow day in corporate world thanks to another frustrating Microsoft Teams outage

Network rollback fails to resolve issue in Americas as Redmond scrambles to optimize its way out of the problem Corporate communications ground to a halt for many Office 365 subscribers around the world on Friday after a network outage left Microsoft Teams unresponsive for them for several hours.

Microsoft sheds more light on that Russian email heist and how you could learn from Redmond's mistakes

Step one, actually turn on that MFA Microsoft, a week after disclosing that Kremlin-backed spies broke into its network and stole internal emails and files from its executives and staff, has now confirmed the compromised corporate account used in the genesis of the heist didn't even have

Ok, I have had the worst luck with USB hubs on my Chromebook. The peripherals just stop working or freeze up. Are there hubs that y'all like

FBI recruits Amazon Rekognition AI to study 'nudity, weapons, explosives'

Honestly, it sounds like a fun time The FBI plans to use Amazon's controversial Rekognition cloud service "to extract information and insights from lawfully acquired images and videos," according to US Justice Department documents.

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The Register: FTC drills into Amazon, Microsoft, Google over billions pledged to OpenAI, Anthropic

20,000 tech workers get the layoff memo in January

Microsoft and Salesforce the latest to toss more pink slips onto industry's employment bonfire More than 20,000 people working in tech lost their job in January, continuing the 2023 trend when 250,000+ were ditched after companies hired heavily in the pandemic and couldn't justify headcount amid slowing customer spending.

Wait, security courses aren't a requirement to graduate with a computer science degree

And software makers seem to be OK with this, apparently There's a line in the latest plea from CISA the US government's cybersecurity agency to software developers to do a better job of writing secure code that may make you spit out your coffee.

The Register: Firefox 122 gets even more competitive with Chrome on translation

Astrology is my thing