Tesla slashes vehicle and self-driving-ish software

Tesla slashes vehicle and self-driving-ish software prices as shares plummet

Because nothing reassures investors like discounting some inventory After a week beset by disaster after disaster, Tesla has decided to reassure investors that it's still a safe bet by discounting prices around the world. 

How Far is it?

Cloud. Sometimes the cloud just decides to bitch slap you.

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman invests in solar power firm Exowatt to fuel AI datacenters

$20m to keep the industry from having to rely on fossil fuels Solar energy company Exowatt has launched with the financial support of OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, alongside two other investors.

Tiny11 Builder trims Windows 11 fat with PowerShell script

The Reg accepts no responsibility for borked installations Worried about Windows 11 bloat and want a bit more control over what goes into its ISOs Over the weekend, a new version of Tiny11 Builder in PowerShell guise arrived.

Hacker News: Ransomware Double-Dip: Re-Victimization in Cyber Extortion

The Register: Europol becomes latest law enforcement group to plead with big tech to ditch E2EE

Europol becomes latest law enforcement group to plead with big tech to ditch E2EE

Don't bore us, get to the chorus: You need less privacy so we can protect the children Yet another international cop shop has come out swinging against end-to-end encryption - this time it's Europol which is urging an end to implementation of the tech for fear police investigations will be hampered by

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Fedora 40 is just around the corner with more spins and flavors than ever

KDE edition has the most conspicuous changes, and could become future flagship Fedora 40 is in the final stretch before launch tomorrow, with release candidate 1.14 in testing.

I hope the UN can make it work but the federated decentralised approach makes sense. The United Nations ditches Big Tech in a bid for security TechRadar

Germany arrests trio accused of trying to smuggle naval military tech to China

Prosecutors believe one frikkin' laser did make its way to Beijing Germany has arrested three citizens who allegedly tried to transfer military technology to China, a violation of the country's export rules.

Hacker News: Russian Hacker Group ToddyCat Uses Advanced Tools for Industrial-Scale Data Theft

The Register: Tesla Cybertruck turns into world's most expensive brick after car wash

Lawsuit accuses Grindr of illegally sharing users' HIV status

LGBTQ+ dating app's maker previously denied selling sensitive user data Hundreds have joined a UK class action lawsuit against LGBTQ+ dating app Grindr, seeking damages over a historical case of the company allegedly forwarding users' HIV status as well as other sensitive data to third-party advertisers.

Chinese attacks on US should be considered an immediate & imminent threat, according to FBI Director Christopher Wray. With Chinese outnumbering FBI personnel by 50 to 1, you should fortify defenses & test plans now. Contact us if you need help.

Gone in 35 seconds the Cybertruck's misbehaving acceleration pedal

Riveting conclusion to Tesla recall saga While the vast majority of recent Tesla recalls have been addressed with over-the-air updates, the fix for Cybertruck's recalcitrant acceleration pedal necessitates a rare venture into meatspace. And it's as underwhelming as it is simple.

Watchdog tells Dutch govt: 'Do not use Facebook if there is uncertainty about privacy'

Meta insists it's just misunderstood and it's safe to talk to citizens over FB The Dutch Data Protection Authority (AP) has warned that government organizations should not use Facebook to communicate with the country's citizens unless they can guarantee the privacy of data.

More than a third of enterprise datacenters expect to deploy liquid cooling by 2026

Which one of you is already running 100-plus kilowatt racks Survey  As CPUs and GPUs grow ever denser and power-hungry, many, including Register readers, expect liquid cooling to play a larger role in enterprise datacenters over the next few years.

I could swear my colleague attending a video meeting actually said "I can share my scream"

Hacker News: Pentera's 2024 Report Reveals Hundreds of Security Events per Week, Highlighting the Criticality of Continuous Validation

The Register: Microsoft is a national security threat, says ex-White House cyber policy director

US House of Representatives passes new TikTok ban bill to Senate

Sadly no push to ban stupid TikTok dances, but ByteDance would have year to offload app Stateside Fresh US legislation to force the sale of TikTok locally was passed in Washington over the weekend after an earlier version stalled in the Senate.

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So, I have one VM with 4 cores ARM cpu and two VM's both with 1 AMD core. In the always free option of Oracle Cloud.

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Ex-Amazon exec claims she was asked to break copyright law in race to AI

High-flying AI scientist claims unfair dismissal following pregnancy leave A lawsuit is alleging Amazon was so desperate to keep up with the competition in generative AI it was willing to breach its own copyright rules.

Update 206: El impacto del malware Grandoreiro
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Oliver Buda aus Mlheim an der Ruhr hat am 20. April am Mammutmarsch Ruhrgebiet 2024 teilgenommen und den Little Mammut mit 55 km bezwungen.

Was der Mammutmarsch ist und was das alles mit einer IT Beratung zu tun hat, erfahrt in unserem Artikel unter

Copilot auto-launch bug now takes flight in multiple Windows Insider channels

Clippy 2024 is something else Microsoft has acknowledged an error Copilot is auto-launching for Windows Insiders in the Beta Channel as well as the Canary and Dev builds.

Wer Datentrger verschenkt, verkauft, in den oder in die Sammlung gibt, sollte die Daten, die sich darauf befinden, richtig lschen. Am Dienstag, 23. April 2024, um 10 Uhr erklrt Cedric Freiberger, der als -Forensiker Experte fr ist, wie man ihm die Arbeit so richtig schwermacht.

Den Webex-Link gibt es per E-Mail nach kostenloser Anmeldung:

UK data watchdog questions how private Google's Privacy Sandbox is

Leaked draft report says stated goals still come up short Google's Privacy Sandbox, which aspires to provide privacy-preserving ad targeting and analytics, still isn't sufficiently private.

Hacker News: MITRE Corporation Breached by Nation-State Hackers Exploiting Ivanti Flaws

The Register: AI energy draw from Chicago datacenters to rise ninefold

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FAA now requires reentry vehicles to get licensed before launch

Commercial operators must try Varda The US Federal Aviation Administration is updating its launch license requirements: if you're launching something designed for reentry, you'll need a license for that, too. Before you launch.

heise+ Karrierewechsel: Mit dem Informatikstudium in die IT

Drei Jahre lang Mathematik, Logik und Programmieren lernen. Das Informatikstudium ist ein klassischer Weg in die IT. Wir zeigen, wie es abluft.

It's ! This tip is for our Royal TS (Win) users: Did you know There are three ways to run Royal TS on high DPI displays: DPI Unaware, System Aware, and Per Monitor Aware

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Gli incident aziendali: cosa sono e come gestirli al meglio

Nellattuale panorama nazionale, sempre pi evidente uno specifico che riguarda tutte le societ: la tendenza ad avere un costante e continuo , spesso caratterizzato dalladozione di nuove .

IT consultant-cum-developer in court over hiding COVID loan

Syzmon Jastrzebski wrongly borrowed $126k, money written off as he's left the country UK government is kissing goodbye to the 100,000 an IT consultant-cum-software developer wrongly secured under the Bounce Back Loans scheme that was created during the pandemic to financially support firms.

From the ar(t)chive
3D illustration for a 2005 issue of the Dutch ComputerTotaal magazine, for a "Build a NAS (Network-Attached Storage)" workshop.

Hacker News: Microsoft Warns: North Korean Hackers Turn to AI-Fueled Cyber Espionage

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