"Super apps: the next big thing

"Super apps: the next big thing for "

I bet a would love it, but from a or POV this is a truly dreadful idea.

This is why leaders must partner broadly w/ other CxOs, to stop ideas like this getting traction.

I've had a number of really "dumb" things happen this week that have made me stop and think about my job and where it is going. Companies can sure create a toxic, ignorant culture that ruins something that you like to do.

But again, it's easy money. Is it wrong to complain I feel that I do a great job, but the resistance to change holds me back from learning and doing new things that could vastly improve the tech heartbeat.

Hey people. When in your career do you get to the place where you are good, that youve made it and don't mind staying where you are

My last and current job have turned out to be pretty easy and low responsibility, yet I get paid well and things are good. Its just not challenging anymore and I don't enjoy not being able to do what's right. Do I have any room to complain Or should I count my blessings, keep pressing, and enjoy it

Scribbling limits in free version of Evernote set to test users' patience

Deckchairs continue to be rearranged on the jotting platform Evernote plans to slap restrictions on users of its free tier, and from early next month there will be a limit of 50 notes and one notebook per account.

So I am generating a list of zines I want to create. No I didnt write down my ideas in a central place.

I am considering "How to spot AI "Art"", since these generated stolen images are now flooding handmade art marketplaces, and it's the holiday gift season.

I've found people actually want to *know* when images are generated vs made by a human artist. Its nice and surprising! (AI prompters definitely obscure the fact.)


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Admin of $19M marketplace that sold social security numbers gets 8 years in jail

24 million Americans thought to have had their personal data stolen and sold for pennies A Ukrainian national is facing an eight year prison sentence for running an online marketplace that sold the personal data of approximately 24 million US citizens.

Hacker News: 7 Uses for Generative AI to Enhance Security Operations

The Register: SAP faces more accusations of breaching on-prem customers' trust


Our new Q4 top control report is now available! After analyzing trends, our team has selected Penetration Testing as the top control to reduce your organization's risk. Read why it's our top pick:

"10 things keeping leaders up at night"

Good roundup on key concerns like , , , , ++

These pop up all the time w/ & clients. Tough, but solvable!

Ping me if you want help working through them!

Databreach da ChatGPT Google forza ChatGPT a fornire i dati di addestramento che sono informazioni personali

Musk tells advertisers to 'go f**k' themselves as $44B X gamble spirals into chaos

Hello, police I'd like to report a murder Comment  "I hope they stop. Don't advertise. If someone's going to blackmail me with advertising, blackmail me with money, go fuck yourself. Go. Fuck. Yourself. Is that clear I hope it is."

HP printer software turns up uninvited on Windows systems

No escape from bloat, even without relevant hardware attached Windows users are reporting that Hewlett Packard's HP Smart application is appearing on their systems, despite them not having any of the company's hardware attached.

"Future-Proofing Operations: The Rise of Unified Suites"

A little self-serving but also interesting & useful overview of modern mgmt.

It's why is coming for markets, esp. & .

Hacker News: North Korea's Lazarus Group Rakes in $3 Billion from Cryptocurrency Hacks

The Register: Broadcom's latest Trident switch silicon packs neural net processor to terminate congestion

Broadcom's latest Trident switch silicon packs neural net processor to terminate congestion

Chip promises better telemetry, security, and traffic engineering, vendor claims Broadcom's latest switch silicon boasts a built in neural networking engine it says can be trained to combat network congestion on the fly, at line speeds, all without compromising latency or throughput.

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I Gay furry hackers (Aka SiegedSec) violano il laboratorio nucleare e poi chiedono di avviare ricerche sulle Catgirl

The AI everything show continues at AWS: Generate SQL from text, vector search, and more

Invisible watermarks on AI-generated images Sure. But major tools in the stack matter most re:Invent  Another day at AWS re:Invent and yet more talk of artifical intelligence dominated, with a senior executive taking to the stage to wax lyrical about the impact of vector databases on the te

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isn't just for pros. Master the basics with Linux Professional Institute (LPI) to stay protected sending emails, sharing files, and browsing the web:

Holy moly, sikkerheten i bedriften blir ikke bedre om tiltakene gjr jobben til de ansatte vanskeligere. Dette var en god kronikk

Sir David Attenboroug narrates:

One of the pupae begins to hatch. Out of it comes ... yes ... an IT worker. Soon it will crawl out of its cyber-cocoon, and it will join the other IT workers, glistening under the fluorescent lights the IT workers will 'help' the lesser drones by making them feel first ignored, and then, incredibly stupid.

Contrattacco del Pentagono alla disinformazione: Nasce la Squadra Anti-Disinformazione per Proteggere lOpinione Pubblica

Il ha pubblicato una nuova sottolineando la necessit di creare una speciale forza informativa per difendersi dai tentativi di influenzare l . 

Roblox investor plays hardball over 'weak' parental controls

Shareholder claims company should have 'warned' about issue before stock price plunge Online games platform Roblox is the subject of a proposed class action by an investor claiming the company wasn't forthcoming about alleged flaws in its parental restrictions.

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Interesting simultaneous spike of on , the Dutch version of .

There are more services with a spike at the same time, like . I wonder what fell over

Hacker News: Google Unveils RETVec - Gmail's New Defense Against Spam and Malicious Emails

The Register: Hubble science instruments still out after going down 3 times in a week

Hubble science instruments still out after going down 3 times in a week

Oh no, errant gyro! NASA has confirmed it is working to resume science operations on the Hubble Space Telescope after an ongoing gyroscope issue put it in safe mode.

Why isnt Reply All the default in applications

Black Basta ransomware operation nets over $100M from victims in less than two years

Assumed Conti offshoot averages 7 figures for each successful attack but may have issues with, er, 'closing deals' The Black Basta ransomware group has reportedly generated upwards of $100 million in revenue since it started operations in April 2022.

Rackspace runs short of Cloud Files storage in LON region

Rackspace More like Lackspace as customers face upload and delete problems Rackspace is running out of, er, space. At least as far as a portion of its Cloud Files customers served by the LON (London) region are concerned.

Hacker News: This Free Solution Provides Essential Third-Party Risk Management for SaaS

The Register: Someone else has a go at reforming US Section 702 spying powers and nope, no warrant requirement

HPE targets enterprises with Nvidia-powered platform for tuning AI

'We feel like enterprises are either going to become AI powered, or they're going to become obsolete' HPE - like many tech companies - is betting big on AI in the hope customers will splash enteprise cash on training or fine tuning models and other areas of interest, rather than risk falling behind th

Wow, musste im Kalendar nachschauen in welchem Jahr ich mich befinde.

Aber nach dem PIN, PUK oder dem Kundenkennwort via Mail zu fragen, ist schon sehr anno 1999.

Und natrlich schicke ich den PIN/PUK/Kundenkennwort via Mail ber viele (ungesicherte) Hops und evtl. unverschlsselt, damit dieser dann auch in einem auf Dauer archiviert landet.

Wie wre es zu Beispiel mit einem Rckruf, liebe Betreiber

Six pack of sub-Neptune exoplanets hang tight around nearby star

Their resonant orbits have remained unchanged for some 4 billion years Scientists have discovered a rare six-exoplanet system orbiting a nearby bright star.

Nostalgia for XP sells out Microsoft's 2023 'Windows Ugly Sweater'

Bliss not your thing You could win the Paint version Microsoft has once again reminded us of a time when its operating systems only drove us three-quarters around the bend, by issuing the latest Windows Ugly Sweater that features the default Bliss wallpaper of Windows XP.

Types of power of attorney by State/Territory