SiPearl updates specs for Rhea1 processor

SiPearl updates specs for Rhea1 processor set to power Europe's exascale dreams

More cores, more memory, more delays ISC  Chip designer SiPearl has issued updated specs for its Rhea1 processor that will power Europe's first exascale system and is working with Samsung to integrate high-bandwidth memory (HBM) into its design.

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Find out how far it is between any two cities.

Google I/O is Google A/I as search biz goes all-in on AI

Chrome is getting an onboard artificial intelligence model that devs can query Google's annual developer conference is still called Google I/O, though this year Google A/I would be equally apt.

Hacker News: VMware Patches Severe Security Flaws in Workstation and Fusion Products

The Register: RSA Conference 2024: The good, the bad, and the downright worrying

Destroying offshore wind farms is top priority for Trump if he returns to presidency

Its definitely to protect the whales and not the fossil fuel industry In a rally held on Saturday in Wildwood, New Jersey, former US President Donald Trump promised that his first day back in office would feature the destruction of offshore wind farms.

I hope on day all businesses learn Compliance is just the bare minimumit ensures legal coverage.

True security is what sets you apart. By investing in robust security measures, you can:
Reduce breaches
Maintain your reputation
Keep uptime high
Dodge the ever-present threat of ransomware

Proper security isn't just an expense it's a smart investment that saves money in the long run.

2038 droht der Menschheit ein neues Jahr-2000-Software-Problem. ltere Systeme schalten am Dienstag, den 19.01.2038 auf Freitag, den 13.12.1901 um.

Full-time Senior Software Engineer Wikidata for Wikimedia Projects (m/f/d) at Wikimedia Deutschland e.V.

-Security in Deutschland:
"Diese E-Mail wurde auf Viren berprft!"

Ricattati dal ransomware No da un impiegato che vuole pubblicare i dati dellazienda che lo ha licenziato

Un ex di stato arrestato per aver tentato di 1,5 milioni di dollari a una nota societ in cambio della mancata divulgazione di riservate.

Cybersec chiefs team up with insurers to say 'no' to ransomware bullies

Guidebook aims to undermine the criminal business model The latest effort to reduce the number of ransom payments sent to cybercriminals in the UK involves the country's National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) locking arms with insurance associations.

E se lAuto Autonoma iniziasse a ignorare i cartelli stradali Scopriamo lattacco GhostStripe

Un gruppo di ha sviluppato un che pu interferire con il delle a sfruttando la visione artificiale basata su . Di conseguenza, le auto smettono di riconoscere correttamente i stradali.

Microsoft introduces Places to make flexible working less fraught

Hit by a return-to-office mandate Let the Copilot Company help you find co-workers and a desk to work at Return-to-office mandates are all the rage, and Microsoft is shoehorning AI into the conversation with Microsoft Places, a service aimed at coordinating employees heading back to their desks on a flexible basis.

AWS CEO logs off after three years at the helm

Adam Selipsky off on new adventures. What those are, we'll have to wait and see Amazon Web Services CEO Adam Selipsky is stepping down to pursue new ventures. The cloud giant's future now rests in AWS veteran Matt Garman's hands.

RHC interviews Professor Andrea Morello from the ARC Centre of Excellence for Quantum Computation at the University of New South Wales in Australia

Hacker News: New Chrome Zero-Day Vulnerability CVE-2024-4761 Under Active Exploitation

The Register: Telegram CEO calls out rival Signal, claiming it has ties to US government

Telegram CEO calls out rival Signal, claiming it has ties to US government

Drama between two of the leading secure messaging services Telegram CEO Pavel Durov issued a scathing criticism of Signal, alleging the messaging service is not secure and has ties to US intelligence agencies.

It continues to astound me how incredibly effectively browser notifications have been co-opted as a malware tool and even more concerning how Google in particular has done jack shit about it.

To the tech literate theyre trivial to deal with, but to most they can be legitimately terrifying.

Ellison's exemplar SAP-to-Oracle region rules out ditching Oracle

Largest local authority in Europe expects to go live with re-implementation Birmingham City Council  Europe's largest local authority, serving over one million customers  has agreed to re-implement an Oracle Fusion system following a failed rollout that saw costs escalate by more than 100 million ($125.6 million) an

Knowing how to quickly identify and contain a attack can dramatically reduce your financial and reputational damage. Learn more about our on-demand ransomware class taught by expert Matt Durrin:

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Google, Apple gear to raise alarm if someone tries stalking you with wireless tracking tag

After years of people being victimized, it's about time Google and Apple are rolling out an anti-stalking feature for Android 6.0+ and iOS 17.5 that will issue an alert if some scumbag is using a gadget like an AirTag or similar to clandestinely track the user.

Hacker News: Critical Flaws in Cacti Framework Could Let Attackers Execute Malicious Code

The Register: VMware giving away Workstation Pro, Fusion Pro free for personal use

VMware giving away Workstation Pro, Fusion Pro free for personal use

A nice gesture among the sh!tshow of Broadcom's acquisition VMware has made another small but notable post-merger concession to users: the Workstation Pro and Fusion Pro desktop hypervisor products will now be free for personal use.

Cops developing Ghostbusters-esque weapon to take out e-bike thugs

'Who you gonna call' Dunno, my phone's been stolen British police officers are setting their phasers to stun in response to an explosion in scooter and electric bike-based crime.

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ft. Alex Florea - Yodel It! (Romania) LIVE at the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest

Once Alibabas main investor, SoftBank sheds remaining stake

SoftBank to focus on AI, but might pick up LINE, Yahoo! holding company SoftBank, once Alibaba's biggest investor, has sold its stake in the Chinese tech company, it told investors on an earnings call.

Go to the big players' cloud, they say.
Your data will be safe, they say.

: 2300 Technovation Girls Kazakhstan 2024

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Hacker News: 6 Mistakes Organizations Make When Deploying Advanced Authentication

The Register: Hubble Space Telescope hasn't had any visitors for 15 years

Hubble Space Telescope hasn't had any visitors for 15 years

STS-125 the Space Shuttle mission that almost never happened It is fifteen years since the Hubble Space Telescope was captured by a Space Shuttle for the final time.

Software aus der Schweiz statt Amerika:
Software von Big Tech ist alternativlos Stimmt nicht, sagt Swiss Made Software und zeigt auf seiner Website mgliche Schweizer Lsungen.

Abgesehen davon , wre ua Open-Source auch eine Alternative. Obwohl sehr viele dieser Software Kostenlos ist, lsst sich damit durchaus gut Geld verdienen ohne bei 0 anzufangen, wie zB die IT-Konzerne aus der USA.

Comment effectuer une investigation numrique sur les journaux dvnements Windows avec Zircolite Avec l'outil Zircolite, nous allons effectuer une investigation numrique sur les journaux d'vnements de Windows afin d'identifier les actions suspectes.
The post Comment effectuer une investigation numrique sur les journaux dvnements Windows avec Zircolite first appeared on IT-Connect.

The UK reveals it's spending millions on quantum navigation

First commercial flight trials of a quantum-based system that be backup for GPS The UK has just completed commercial flight trials of quantum-based navigation systems that are designed to be immune to conventional jamming and spoofing.

Una RCE 0day su Microsoft Outlook in vendita per 1.700.000 dollari

Nella giornata di oggi, allinterno del Breach Forums, stato messo in vendita da un uno su . Si tratta di una di Remote Code Execution () che viene messa in vendita per 1.700.000 Dollari.

um den Firefox Browser sicher zu nutzen, muss mensch sich ihn noch entsprechend einrichten. Gut hat darber einige Artikel und Videos, die einem dies gut verstndlich erklren. Auch spezifische ausgewhlte Plugins helfen um die Privatsphre aufrecht zu erhalten.

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