Schon spannend: Nach 50+ Jahren EDV

Schon spannend: Nach 50+ Jahren EDV im Bankwesen ist die -Industrie immer noch nicht fhig, Systeme zu entwickeln, bei denen so etwas garantiert nicht passieren kann.
Stellt Euch mal vor, die Nahrungsmittel- oder Flugzeugindustrie wrde so arbeiten.

LockBit back from the dead - taunts cops and plans to leak Trump docs

Countdown expires March 2 unless government officials pay the ransom LockBit claims it's back in action just days after an international law enforcement effort seized the ransomware gang's servers and websites, and retrieved more than 1,000 decryption keys to assist victims.

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Hacker News: North Korean Hackers Targeting Developers with Malicious npm Packages

The Register: The self-created risk in Broadcom's big VMware kiss-off

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72 flights later and a rotor blade short, Mars chopper loses its fight with physics

Perseverance images show violent end to Ingenuity's final flight A little more light is being shed on the fate of NASA's Mars helicopter, Ingenuity, thanks to fresh images snapped by the Perseverance rover.

Dell promises 'every PC is going to be an AI PC' whether you like it or not

Windows 11 didn't kickstart a refresh cycle so here's another excuse Dell Technologies has joined other PC vendors that bought a ticket on the AI hype train as it prepares to release a swathe of new devices.

Building A Resilient IT Operations Framework For Business Continuity

It is a bird, a plane or a Chinese spy balloon None of the above

One year on, balloon fever remains alive and well in the US Just when you thought the skies over America were finally free of Chinese spy balloons well they are, at least in this latest case of a mystery object that was spotted while flying over the western US.

Hacker News: New IDAT Loader Attacks Using Steganography to Deploy Remcos RAT

The Register: Security is hard because it has to be right all the time Yeah, like everything else

Musk 'texts' Nadella about Windows 11's demands for a Microsoft account

Billionaire worried about AI crawling over his computer Are you getting a bit tired of Microsoft's demands while installing Windows 11 You aren't alone billionaire Elon Musk is also less than impressed with the requirements for a smooth out-of-box experience.

Netcompany hacket: Hackerne truer med at frigive filer fra Skat Nyheder DR - Jeg hber da de filer var krypteret!!

I'm considering leaving my "Gamer" laptop vanilla windows 11. (But make it less annoying.)

My daily driver computer is likely Linux Mint. I have to download the wireless card driver from the Broadcom website. But the card is old AF. This is... an impediment to getting linux to work on PCs.

I don't have internet on that computer so I can't just look for the driver. Am working on it. Its a bit irritating.

Crisi nei Mari: 4 cavi sottomarini sono stati interrotti nel Mar Rosso tra Jeddah e Gibuti

Am I the only one not impressed by flashy animations in programs
Especially in the OS
Nice graphics are FINE.

But some of these animations get stuck or lag. I don't want to bloody wait for the animation to end so I can actually get stuff DONE. See also Microsoft programs, Apple programs. Recently, turbotax! Delightful.
I don't CAAARE let me get to work!


Greener, cheaper, what's not to love about a secondhand smartphone

Price tag, hardware durability underpinning 'already lengthened replacement cycle' Half of consumers polled in a Vodafone-backed survey are considering buying a refurbished smartphone instead of a brand-new handset, with the lower purchase price and environmental concerns cited as the main reasons.

Remote Desktop Manager

Remote Desktop Manager is a pretty impressive all-in-one RDP, VNC and ssh (among others) client for Windows, macOS, Android and iOS that provides a unified interface for managing multiple connections:(...)

Intuitive Machines' lunar lander tripped and fell

Still works, though, says CEO, promising pics any day now Intuitive Machines' Odysseus lander last week became the first American lander to touch down on the Moon in 50 years albeit landing on its side.

Qualcomm inserts GenAI into smartphones at industry's mega tradeshow

Just what Android fans were missing, amirite A 7 billion parameter LLM that accepts image and voice prompts MWC  Qualcomm is going big on AI at MWC, where it's showing off a 7 billion parameter large language model running on an Android phone, along with an online hub to help mobile devs blend models into th

Hacker News: 8,000+ Subdomains of Trusted Brands Hijacked for Massive Spam Operation

The Register: VMware's end-user compute unit reportedly headed to private equity firm KKR

LockBit ha guadagnato miliardi di dollari nelle sue operazioni. 1,5 milioni di dollari la media dei riscatti

More AI for cell networks as Intel rolls out vRAN platform

Plus fresh edge compute system that may be able to run on existing infra MWC  Intels opening day at MWC is all about networks and edge compute, specifically a dedicated edge platform, a developer kit for AI models for vRAN, and a power management tool for 5G infrastructure.

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ATT's apology for Thursday's outage should stretch to a cup of coffee

Check your service level agreements to make sure you'll at least get a slice of cake when your vendor goes down The $5 credit AT&T is offering to customers affected by last week's major outage highlights that compensation when a provider suffers downtime is unlikely to get even close to the inconvenience or cost to

Advantages of part 12: It facilitates IT education : it helps beginning programmers to learn and progress in their software development skills (thus also stimulating the IT economy )

Data watchdog tells off outsourcing giant for scanning staff biometrics despite 'power imbalance'

2,000 employees at 38 facilities had data processed 'unlawfully', ICO says A data protection watchdog in the UK has issued an enforcement notice to stop Serco from using facial recognition tech and fingerprint scanning to monitor staff at 38 leisure centers it runs.

Hacker News: Banking Trojans Target Latin America and Europe Through Google Cloud Run

The Register: Fox News 'hacker' turns out to be journalist whose lawyers say was doing his job

Fox News 'hacker' turns out to be journalist whose lawyers say was doing his job

Also, another fake iOS app slips into the store, un-cybersafe EV chargers leave UK shelves, and critical vulns in brief  A Florida journalist has been arrested and charged with breaking into protected computer systems in a case his lawyers say was less "hacking," more "good investigative journalism." 

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Multiple billions up for grabs as UK government launches cloud services tenders

Two major procurement initiatives aim to beef up public sector tech UK government has launched two tenders for cloud services that could jointly see up to 7.5 billion ($9.5 billion) spent under framework agreements.

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The self-created risk in Broadcom's big VMware kiss-off

Arise, the new Migration Nation Opinion  It looked like the most cynical corporate move of the last couple of years, at least in IT. A year and a half after it was announced, so it has proved to be. Broadcom's $61 billion buyout of VMware was expected to follow a familiar formula price hikes, product abandonment, complete ecosy

The Register: Starting over: Rebooting the OS stack for fun and profit

Starting over: Rebooting the OS stack for fun and profit

Making full effective use of new persistent memory means tearing up the rulebook FOSDEM  Non-volatile RAM is making a comeback, but the deep assumptions of 1970s OS design will stop us making effective use of it. There are other ways to do things.

Hacker News: LockBit Ransomware Group Resurfaces After Law Enforcement Takedown

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