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Snap! Rhythm is a Dancer (Moreno J Remix)

Apple iPhone iOS 17.1

En prevision de l'hiver, j'ai adopt un bb baie !

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Words will never express how much I hate Outlook.

"Your calendar is now integrated with your email!" yeah, but now I can only view EITHER my calendar OR my email, NEVER BOTH, unless I open up multiple instances of the same crashy cruft-ridden piece of crap software because what could go wrong

Oh and searching for anything in your inbox will preclude your using the inbox to deal with incoming messages in the normal course unless, yup, you open a separate instance.

- macOS Sonoma 14.1 watchOS 10.1

Hacker News: Qualcomm Releases Patch for 3 new Zero-Days Under Active Exploitation

The Register: Uncle Sam to tighten chip export chokehold on China... again

Full-time Project Manager (Tor Project) at The Tor Project

Full-time Open Source Developer Relations Manager at Spritely Networked Communities Institute

E niente, oltre 70 anni di e siamo ancora a:

- Hai i dati in un DB
- Non mi serve, ho il foglio excel in una cartella di rete.
- Come fai analytics & report
- Con le pivot, come se no


Stumble and dance through a bleak post-Soviet city in this excellent new first-person explorer - 'sWinter


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Todrick Hall: Low (feat. RuPaul) Official Music Video


How Far is it?

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Seor Coconut: El Baile Aleman (A Latin Tribute to Kraftwerk)

Hacker News: Over 3 Dozen Data-Stealing Malicious npm Packages Found Targeting Developers

The Register: Security researchers believe mass exploitation attempts against WSFTP have begun

Do you have to follow a conventional path into working in

And how can we tackle the dangers of shadow IT without compromising academic freedom

For , we interviewed , technical product manager at , about his experiences as a young professional, his research on in , internships, and the importance of pragmatism

is important to keep all of this in context. Here are some important facts on the Hunter Biden misinformation coming out of the house .

Register for our Nov 14th virtual class by Oct 20th and save $100! experts & Matt Durrin will teach teams how to test their own network & find gaps in this popular virtual class:

What are the best alternatives to google workspace The pricing is just nonsense, plus it is google.

What I need is pretty much email and storage and that is it. I am thinking zoho, but dunno.

VPN- App Store Google Play

Only ྖs kids will get a kick out of this:

"Microsoft CEO says Googles agreements with Apple unfairly harmed Bing, and what to know before the trial of FTX's Sam Bankman-Fried begins. Also: Is your AI model going off the rails There may be an insurance policy for that."

Ordentlich Software zu schreiben ist mitunter unfassbar anstrengend und mental anspruchsvoll, hab ich heute erst wieder gemerkt. Ob das wohl der Grund ist, warum es so oft richtig schlecht geschriebene Software gibt

Android- 2023

Infinix NOTE 30 VIP

Hacker News: API Security Trends 2023 : Have Organizations Improved their Security Posture

The Register: From vacuum tubes to qubits is quantum computing destined to repeat history

What are the companies in the (or ) area which are having interesting (= not finance) projects and are hiring developers

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137 Xiaomi, Poco Redmi, MIUI 15

X (Twitter): Apple X, Work.ua - .ua


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Hacker News: Researcher Reveals New Techniques to Bypass Cloudflare's Firewall and DDoS Protection

The Register: And now for something completely different: Python 3.12

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Free Wills for Canada