Retired Akamai CEO sues daughter's ex-husband

Retired Akamai CEO sues daughter's ex-husband over unpaid millions

And you thought your in-laws were bad The next time someone accuses you of being a bad son-in-law, you can counter with the case of retired Akamai chairman and CEO George Conrades, who just sued his daughter's ex-husband in an attempt to recover millions in unpaid business loans.

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MIPS snags top SiFive brains to amp up RISC-V business

Drew Barbier and Brad Burgess join after restructure at former employer Chip designer MIPS has picked up two former execs from SiFive in a bid to boost its RISC-V development efforts.

The Register: Driverless cars swerve traffic tickets in California even if they break the law

SpaceX sends first direct-to-cell Starlinks to orbit

It's like a cell tower... in spaaaaace SpaceX has put the first six Direct to Cell-capable Starlink satellites into orbit following a successful Jan 3, 2023 launch.

Open source PostgreSQL named DBMS of the year by DB-Engines

Already more than 37 years old, the relational system continues to gain popularity Open source PostgreSQL was today named database management system of the year by popular ranking site DB-Engines.

Insolvenzverfahren gegen Telefonhersteller Gigaset AG erffnet tagesschau.de

Microsoft prepares Visual Studio 2013 for retirement

Tick-tock, developers: End of the road comes on April 9, 2024 Microsoft is warning developers that only months remain before extended support for Visual Studio 2013 is pulled on April 9.

Hacker News: SMTP Smuggling: New Flaw Lets Attackers Bypass Security and Spoof Emails

The Register: Formal ban on ransomware payments Asking orgs nicely to not cough up ain't working


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A 2022 study showed that two-thirds of workers feel physically and emotionally drained

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Atos confirms talks with Airbus over cybersecurity wing sale

IT service company's latest move to clear its maturing debts French IT services provider Atos has entered talks with Airbus to sell its tech security division in an effort to ease its financial burdens.


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Japan to test datacenter powered by reused hydrogen fuel cells

The source Repurposed parts from electric vehicles Honda and Mitsubishi are to test the feasibility of powering a datacenter with fuel cells taken from electric vehicles, using hydrogen produced as a byproduct of an industrial process.

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Hacker News: Malware Using Google MultiLogin Exploit to Maintain Access Despite Password Reset

The Register: Google password resets not enough to stop these info-stealing malware strains

Windows boss takes on taskbar turmoil, pledges to 'make Start menu great again'

Users aren't the only ones questioning the Windows 11 feature's utility Windows boss Mikhail Parakhin has admitted that the Start menu needs a bit of work.

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Copy that Xerox confirms 'security incident' at subsidiary

Companys removal from ransomware gangs leak blog could mean negotiations underway Xerox has officially confirmed that a cyber baddie broke into the systems of its US subsidiary - a week after INC Ransom claimed to have exfiltrated data from the copier and print giant.

CloudBees co-founder buzzes about open source drama and AI

Sacha Labourey on the HashiCorp license, Jenkins X experiments, and when LLMs will come for your job Interview  "It's the experiment that went too far," says CloudBees' Sacha Labourey of HashiCorp's licensing change.

Hacker News: 5 Ways to Reduce SaaS Security Risks

The Register: EU lassos tech giants in bid to rein in the AI Wild West

EU lassos tech giants in bid to rein in the AI Wild West

Interpretation, debate, and judges set to decide how the rubber hits the road Analysis  As 2023 drew to a close, the year of AI hype was ending as it began. According to figures from Pitchbook, Big Tech spent twice as much on deals with Generative AI startups than venture capital groups during the year.


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Japanese earthquake disrupts chip industry operations

Industry lull good for tech, but human toll is grim reading The 7.6 preliminary magnitude earthquake that hit Japan on New Year's Day is forcing Ishikawa Prefecture chip and electronics companies to temporarily shut their doors, with affected companies including Toshiba, GlobalWafers, Murata and others.

In surprise move, Gentoo Linux starts offering binaries

The most successful compile-it-yourself Linux distro now has compiled, packaged executables Gentoo now offers 20-plus gigabytes of pre-compiled binaries, from desktops to office suites, to speed up installations and updates.

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The Register: Google flaunts concurrency, optimization as cloud rivals overhaul platforms

Google flaunts concurrency, optimization as cloud rivals overhaul platforms

Details sub-CPU allotments, performant Iceberg tables after Microsoft, Databricks bring market noise Feature  Last year was a big one for data analytics and ML in the cloud. Two of the biggest players, Microsoft and Databricks, both overhauled their platforms, with the former also managing to lau

Formal ban on ransomware payments Asking orgs nicely to not cough up ain't working

With the average demand hitting $1.5 million, something's gotta change Emsisoft has called for a complete ban on ransom payments following another record-breaking year of digital extortion.

Hacker News: DOJ Slams XCast with $10 Million Fine Over Massive Illegal Robocall Operation

The Register: Windows 11 unable to escape the shadow of Windows 10

Google Cloud: Vulnerabilit Grave Nei Cluster Kubernetes Risolta in Tempo Record

Rilasciato il Decryptor per BlackBasta. Le aziende colpite da Novembre 2022 potranno decrittografare i propri dati

La Nuova Autenticazione Biometrica alle porte con lAnalisi del Sospiro

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