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US cities are going to struggle to green up their act by 2050

Instead of 100% renewables, most will reach around a tenth of that Two-hundred and fifty US cities have committed to transitioning to 100 percent renewable energy by 2050 in the face of slow global progress. However, researchers have now concluded most will fail and are likely to meet just 10 percent of their targets in the

The Register: Perfect timing... US Navy throws Boeing $103M to update its sub recon jets

Happy the week is finally over, but then realising your on-call over the weekend.

For a moment there, Lotus Notes appeared to do everything a company needed

Now its functions are shattered between innumerable vendors Retro Tech Week  It may seem that progress in technology proceeds in a linear fashion, with new developments replacing older ones. From this viewpoint, newer technology will always be better, since it is presumed to have built upon what came before it and im


People are constantly shocked when they find I use an iPhone as my personal device and I have to explain, "It's not that I like Apple more than Google, it's that I hate Google more than Apple."

Full-time Senior Software Engineer Wikidata for Wikimedia Projects (m/f/d) at Wikimedia Deutschland e.V.

Full-time Software Engineer Wikidata for Wikimedia Projects (m/f/d) at Wikimedia Deutschland e.V.

HP's CEO spells it out: You're a 'bad investment' if you don't buy HP supplies

Malware threat from third-party cartridges nothing compared to threat to HP's bottom line HP CEO Enrique Lores admitted this week that the company's long-term objective is "to make printing a subscription" when he was questioned about the company's approach to third-party replacement ink suppliers.

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Post Office threatened to sue Fujitsu over missing audit data

More details emerge as Horizon IT scandal inquiry continues The Post Office proposed suing Fujitsu over missing data from its audit trail that could be used in the prosecution of victims of the Horizon scandal, one of the greatest miscarriages of justice in UK history.

The Register: As Broadcom nukes VMware's channel, the big winner is set to be Nutanix

Truffa ai danni degli host Docker compromessi. XMRing e 9hits aiutano i criminali a guadagnare attraverso traffico e criptovaluta

Gestern beim Handball wurde die islndische Hymne zu schnell abgespielt und alle haben sich gewundert.

Von offizieller Seite hie es wenig spter, dass die Datei auf dem Laptop gehakt habe und es daher defragmentiert geklungen habe.

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Businessman faces 20 years in prison over accusations of illicit chip exports to Russia

Shipments alleged to have gone to a sanctioned company A businessman has been arrested in the US and charged with unlawfully exporting sensitive technology including semiconductors to a sanctioned business with ties to Russia's military and intelligence agencies.

Rivoluzione nella Diagnosi del Cancro della Pelle: La FDA Approva un Innovativo Strumento con IA

Apocalisse in arrivo per molti italiani, sarete avvisati da IT-alert -Alert

Wie sieht es mit der IT und dem IT-Support an Dresdner Schulen aus

Diesen Themen gehen wir mit unserer neuesten Anfrage an den Oberbrgermeister auf die Spur.

Und weil es so schn ist, haben wir noch eine Anfrage zur IT in der Dresdner gestellt.

Hier ein kurzer Bericht zu den Anfragen:


Beide Anfragen findet ihr hier:

Eine breitere Besprechung der Anfrage mit den beiden Initiatorinnen, knnt ihr in der nchsten Folge des hren.

Wie steht es um die IT an Dresdner Schulen

Das wollen wir ganz genau wissen und haben deshalb eine neue Anfrage an unseren Oberbrgermeister gestellt.

Mehr dazu erklrt euch Stephanie in diesem Video:

Hacker News: Experts Warn of macOS Backdoor Hidden in Pirated Versions of Popular Software

The Register: IBM Consulting is done playing around, orders immediate return to office

Thieves steal 35.5M customers data from Vans sneakers maker

But what kind of info was actually compromised None of your business VF Corporation, parent company of clothes and footwear brands including Vans and North Face, says 35.5 million customers were impacted in some way when criminals broke into their systems in December.

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University chops students' Microsoft 365 storage to 20GB

Sacrificing its academic backups for the sake of the environment Microsoft's decision to cut the storage in its Microsoft 365 Education line is having some real-world consequences, with a Canadian university imposing draconian measures partly in response to the restrictions.

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Anfrage zur IT an Schulen - Piraten Dresden

Interpol warnt vor neuen Gefahren im Metaverse

Hacker News: Preventing Data Loss: Backup and Recovery Strategies for Exchange Server Administrators

The Register: Samsungs Galaxy S24 pitch: The AI we baked in makes you more human

Galaxy AI , 2026- Samsung -

Allgemein, Linux, Testberichte Tauche ein in die Zukunft: Fedora Silverblue im Test

ZX Spectrum Next Issue 2 ships out, chip shortages be damned

El Reg talks to the project's founder Interview  The last units of the second batch of the ZX Spectrum Next are heading off to their owners. If you missed out, we have good news.

What makes a hard error hard Microsoft vet tells all

A peek back at the wobbly Windows of yesteryear Microsoft veteran Raymond Chen has taken us back to the era of 16-bit Windows and the definition of a "hard error" compared to something a bit softer and easier.

Hacker News: Npm Trojan Bypasses UAC, Installs AnyDesk with "Oscompatible" Package

The Register: Has the semiconductor down cycle reached its nadir TSMC thinks so

>IT-Experte wegen Nutzung einer Zugriffssoftware verurteilt<

"Das Amtsgericht Jlich hat den Mann verurteilt, weil er eine Zugriffssoftware verwendet hatte, um auf eine unzureichend geschtzte Datenbank zuzugreifen."

Fujitsu will not bid for UK.gov business until Post Office inquiry closes

Pause comes after controversial supplier wins another 9-figure deal paid for by taxpayers Fujitsu has written to UK Government to confirm it will no longer tender for business in the public sector amid the ongoing inquiry into the Post Office scandal weeks after winning a 485 million ($614 million

Junior techie had leverage, but didnt appreciate the gravity of the situation

Disrespect for physics saw the datacenter, and a career, come tumbling down On Call  Welcome once again to On Call, The Registers weekly column that tries to balance your diet of industry news with your peers experiences of the messes they confront at the coalface of IT.