Paula , the Post Office boss

Paula , the Post Office boss when the scandal was underway, was shortlisted to be of London, says News. She was an unpaid ordained minister (though she no longer serves as such). Archbishop Justin apparently supported her for bishop.
Vennells was persuaded to "step back" from her role by her local bishop (who is the son of a sub postmistress). Apparently there were legal restrictions on what he could do/...

Hacker News: New PoC Exploit for Apache OfBiz Vulnerability Poses Risk to ERP Systems

The Register: AI flips the script on fingerprint lore maybe they're not so unique after all

Silicon Valley weirdo's quest to dodge death yours for $333 a month

Wonder when he's going to give that 28-year-old their skin back We're born, we work, we die. That biological injustice just doesn't mesh with the Silicon Valley mindset.

Infodisplay im Bus. Komische IP Adressen haben die hier

Windows 10: Problemi con le fix di Gennaio. La fix per il bypass di BitLocker genera lerrore 0x80070643

Our campus IT does simulated emails now and then to see if people can identify phishing and other scams. I usually catch them easily. Today's was one pretending to come from an airline. Given the shit going on with the maybe not the best timing to be "playing around."

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Truffa nellestorsione! Il Finto Hacker Etico promette di hackerare il sito di Royal Ransomware e cancellare i dati


Arm cooking up powerful Cortex-X CPU to beat iPhone performance, says industry watcher

Plus: Analyst believes Samsung might give up on own cores and use Arm designs instead Arm has confirmed it is working on a CPU core expected to deliver a jump in performance, thus taking aim at the closing the gap between its own chips and those produced by Apple.

Mandiant's brute-forced X account exposes perils of skimping on 2FA

Speculation builds over whether a nearly year-old policy change was to blame Google-owned security house Mandiant's investigation into how its X account was taken over to push cryptocurrency scams concludes the "likely" cause was a successful brute-force password attack.

Cane Rilassato, Proprietario Felice! One By One crea lo streaming per gli amici a quattro zampe

Hallo Leute, es gibt etwas Neues von Lioh Mller, es heit TuxWiz und man kann es sich jetzt bei YouTube ansehen, es lohnt sich.

is walking into the office in the morning and...

"Oh, hey, X and Y don't work!"

And you already know you will have an "interesting" day :blobCatanxioussweat:

An is an upgrade to stability, security, and flexibility.

New to Start your journey harnessing the power of with the article from Linux Professional Institute (LPI) Partner MorroLinux. Expand your knowledge and debunk common myths:

OpenAI rolls out Team tier because not everyone has enterprise-deep pockets

Benefits include no snacking on your sensitive data OpenAI is updating its subscription plans to add a "Team" tier for businesses to sit below its existing Enterprise level.

Hacker News: Threat Actors Increasingly Abusing GitHub for Malicious Purposes

The Register: Memtest86+, the little RAM tester, flexes FOSS muscles with v7.0

Chinese company's rocket debut makes waves by launching from the sea

Real-life Kerbal Space Program A Chinese startup has launched its first rocket from a sea-based platform, sending three satellites into orbit.

Elon Musk made 1 in 3 Trust and Safety staff ex-X employees, it emerges

Oz online safety czar receives evidence of cull despite platform reinstating hundreds of banned accounts Twitter, the social media service now calling itself X, executed a 30 percent reduction in its Trust and Safety staff globally after Elon Musk's acquisition in October 2022.

an der : Am Campus Kthen wird ein Leiter fr das -Service-Center (m/w/d) gesucht.

Infoseccers think attackers backed by China are behind Ivanti zero-day exploits

Customers currently left patchless while attacks are expected to increase Security experts believe Chinese nation-state attackers are actively exploiting two zero-day vulnerabilities in security products made by Ivanti.

Not even poor Notepad is safe from Microsoft's AI obsession

Power user excavates evidence of experimental 'Cowriter' feature Windows Notepad is set to be the next recipient of Microsoft's AI attentions judging by screenshots posted by a Windows Insider user.

Google rings in 2024 with more layoffs - hundreds cut from multiple divisions

Cuts are a continuation of late-2023 redundancies to help teams better 'align their resources' The 2024 layoff season appears to have only begun, with Google cutting hundreds of employees across multiple divisions yesterday. 

Hacker News: New Python-based FBot Hacking Toolkit Aims at Cloud and SaaS Platforms

The Register: DARPA's air-steered X-65 jet heads into production with goal of flying by 2025

PC 'price hike' coming as cost of memory soars analysts

Scores are on the doors for Q4, as after 2 years shipments grow again... by 0.3% The PC industry has ended a two-year run of declining shipments, by growing 0.3 percent in Q4 of 2023, amid a warning that the cost of components will rise this year, as will the cost of laptops and desktops.

How governments become addicted to suppliers like Fujitsu

Interest in Japaneses firms public sector deals worth $15B in the UK alone since 2012 spikes Analysis  Since the broadcast of a television drama telling the story of the Post Office Horizon scandal one of the most serious miscarriages of justice in British legal history calls have mounted for those responsible to be held

Google Pixel, Fitbit, Assistant AR -

Royal Mail & Fujitsu scandal

Do you think Fujitsu should be forced to contribute to the Post Office scandal compensation fund

Current results:

Yes - 99.2%
No - 0.8%

Join thousands of workers and add your voice here:

Office gossips beware chitchat could choke your career chances

Study of workplace blabbermouths reveals the consequences If you're the type of office blabbermouth who loves to stand at the water cooler and tell anyone who'll listen that Pete in accounts has bad breath, or John and Jill in tech are sleeping together, don't expect a promotion anytime soon.

Hacker News: There is a Ransomware Armageddon Coming for Us All

The Register: Top large language models struggle to make accurate legal arguments

Akamai segnala un allarme globale: NoaBot, il Worm che nasconde i minatori di criptovaluta su dispositivi Linux

Giocare ai videogame con un robot Un nuovo modo di combattere la solitudine alle porte

AI flips the script on fingerprint lore maybe they're not so unique after all

Discovery could have implications for the field of forensics The belief that all fingerprints are unique is so well accepted that crime novels and TV shows riff on it. Recent AI research has challenged this notion, at least regarding the fingerprints on different fingers of the same person.

Memtest86+, the little RAM tester flexes FOSS muscles with v7.0

Essential tool for PC troubleshooting, even if you never run anything but Windows The revival in development of open source RAM-testing tool Memtest86+ continues with version 7.0 and it's not just for Linuxy types.

Microsoft Apple 2021- -

Michael Dell: Don't worry about AGI, after all we solved that ozone layer thing

Budget, schmudget, when it comes to AI-enabled productivity gains, says exec Any dangers associated with artificial general intelligence (AGI) can easily be countered through action, similarly to how humans resolved the depletion of the ozone layer, according to namesake and founder of Dell Technologies Inc

Mount Marysmokes