Over 1,450 pfSense servers exposed to

Over 1,450 pfSense servers exposed to RCE attacks via bug chain

Cloud engineer wreaks havoc on bank network after getting fired

Now he's got two years behind bars to think about his bad choices An ex-First Republic Bank cloud engineer was sentenced to two years in prison for causing more than $220,000 in damage to his former employer's computer network after allegedly using his company-issued laptop to watch pornography.

Mist. In der /etc/fstab meines Laptop ist was vergurkt, er versucht ne MicroSD zu mounten, die nicht existiert. Dadurch failt der Boot, was den Rechner unbenutzbar macht.
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I was trying to switch my backup computer to be my mum's old Dell. Win 7. I forgot the password. Idk if I will make it a Linux computer too.

I went through all sorts of tutorials to bypass the login screen and get to the command line to change the passwords. Managed to change the Admin password. Couldn't change the main user password because there was a space in the name.

Then I remembered the password. After 8-10 years. My brain is wild. IT is wild.

The Register: British train system is getting another excuse for delays solar storms

Discord in the ranks: Lone Airman behind top-secret info leak on chat platform

Poor cybersecurity hygiene in the military Surely not! There was only one US Air National Guardsman behind the leak of top-secret US military documents on Discord, but his chain of command bears some responsibility for letting it happen on their watch.

Nasce lOsservatorio Nazionale su consumi, prezzi e tariffe

Scopri di pi!

Voglia di DataBreach! Unapplicazione su quattro che utilizza Log4j ancora vulnerabile a Log4Shell

ltimo mdulo! El mejor profesor para el final :blobcatgiggle:

There are so many study materials on technologies and almost none on domains.

Want to learn Python You can find infinite resources. Interested in logistics You'll have hard time even understanding what people work on and what common problems exist in this field.

Linux Mint 21.3 and Zorin 17 are beta buddies

Irish software projects gear up for latest iterations Devs at well-loved distros Mint and Zorin are hard at work, with Mint 21.3 expected before the holidays, although Zorin OS 17 may take a little longer. Their respective betas show both are shaping up nicely and boast attractive desktops.

Hacker News: Russian APT28 Hackers Targeting 13 Nations in Ongoing Cyber Espionage Campaign

Pocket protector announcement: I am in a Co-Pilot pilot at work! So excited. follow link, then scroll down to "See Co-Pilot In Action" to watch short videos

The Register: Broadcom halves subscription price for VMware's flagship hybrid cloud suite

Oracle share price slides as it misses revenue expectations

Still, Ellison talks up cloud margins, says 100 datacenters don't cost more 'to run' than 10 Oracle has seen its market valuation dip on the back of lower than expected revenue growth for Q2 of its fiscal 2024 ended November 30.

Apple NFC- Apple Pay , -

OnlyFans $1 Google, - -

Il 30% del personale sar licenziato annuncia NIO, produttore di auto elettriche cinese. Le IA contribuiranno a ridurre la dipendenza dai lavoratori qualificati

Microsoft floats bringing a text editor back to the CLI

We used to use Edlin. And we were happy Microsoft is considering adding a text editor back into the command line world, thus risking some heated discussions on the subject.


, owncloud : proxmox , v2 ( ), nextcloud yunohost v2 ( ). yunohost.

Hacker News: How SoFi Uses DSPM to Accurately Classify and Secure Sensitive Data

On a reu ce matin un email de notre support, pour nous dire qu'ils sont tellement overbook (en sous-effectif) qu'on ne peut plus appeler le n de tel. Il faut qu'on fasse des tickets (dlai moyen de rsolution 3 semaines)
Le message est truff de fautes et les phrases mal tournes, se demander si c'est crit par un stagiaire de 3ime ou un teub. Moi mme je ne suis pas acadmicien, mais l a pique les yeux.
a m'a inspir ceci:

The Register: Tesla says California's Autopilot action violates its free speech rights

Northern Ireland cops count human cost of August data breach

Officers potentially targeted by dissidents can't afford to relocate for their safety, while others seek support to change their names An official review of the Police Service of Northern Ireland's (PSNI) August data breach has revealed the full extent of the impact on staff.

and problem. A server can not send mails to outlook/hotmail/live addresses. We get this error:

"550 5.7.1 Unfortunately, messages from IP.ADDRESS.OF.MYSERVER werent sent. Please contact your Internet service provider since part of their network is on our block list (S3150).

I have used the official form to demand removal from the blocklist. Either we get nothing or we are asked for more details, or we get that the IP is not on the block list.

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. Atac cibernetic masiv asupra celui mai mare operator de telefonie mobil, infrastructura sa fiind parial distrus. Milioane de clieni nu au semnal i internet.

Ofcom proposes ban on UK telcos making 'inflation-linked' price hikes mid-contract

And it's not just inflation... it's inflation plus an additional percentage, it turns out Brit telecoms regulator Ofcom is proposing fresh rules that take a swipe at companies who impose inflation-linked price rises in the middle of a contract, saying pricing should be more transparen

LInterpol svela il nuovo sistema biometrico: cosa significa per la tua Privacy

Il 29 Novembre 2023, l ha emesso un relativo alla creazione di uno per il riconoscimento che sembrerebbe essere passato, almeno in Italia, abbastanza sotto silenzio. Ma andiamo a vedere perch questa cosa dovrebbe interessarci.

A cura di Davide Santoro.

Condividi questo post se hai trovato la news interessante.

Excellent talk about in from :

Find out how far it is between any two cities.

Hacker News: Non-Human Access is the Path of Least Resistance: A 2023 Recap

The Register: FTC wants Microsoft's relationship with OpenAI under the microscope

Wir sind jetzt auf Bluesky Ab sofort postet das Regionale Rechenzentrum der UzK zu Forschung, Services & Updates auch auf Bluesky Social.

Habt eine schne dritte Adventswoche und folgt unserem Account auf

AWS S3 is 'pushing to become primary storage for a lot of applications'

We speak to Andy Warfield, AWS distinguished engineer re:Invent  At the recent AWS re:Invent conference, the hype was all around AI, but the big launch for many users was S3 (Simple Storage Service) Express One Zone a S3 tier offering much lower latency than standard S3 buckets. This means S3 can be used direct

Lattacco informatico alla USL Modena opera di Hunters International. Scopriamo chi sono: i dati presto online

Android iMessage app Beeper releases working update of blue-bubbled tool

Dev claims to have fixed 'issue that caused messages not to be sent or received' The developer behind Beeper Mini just released an updated version of the standalone Android app that users say can sidestep the block Apple put in place over the weekend.

Hacker News: How SoFi Uses DSPM to Accurately Classify and Secure Sensitive Data

Google Maps come porta di accesso ad Android se un malintenzionato ha il tuo smartphone tra le mani

The Register: Kernel kerfuffle kiboshes Debian 12.3 release

Kernel kerfuffle kiboshes Debian 12.3 release

A mis-merged patch causing corruption on ext4 volumes is to blame The Debian maintainers have identified a problem in kernel 6.1 that can cause corruption on ext4 volumes. As a result, the planned 12.3 release won't happen.

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