Opera sings sweetly with native version

Opera sings sweetly with native version for Windows on Arm

Browser ditches x64 blues for a snappier tune Opera has become the latest Chromium browser for Windows on Arm, fueling industry talk about Microsoft's plans for the neglected operating system.

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Dell latest to enjoy speculative soar as AI bubble builds

Now that traders are drinking the Kool-AI-d, companies can either fuel the hype or face the consequences Comment  Dell's share price surged sharply on Wednesday as market analysts telegraphed their confidence in the OEM's ability to capitalize on the AI market.

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Wiley shuts 19 scholarly journals amid AI paper mill plague

Fake science challenges academic publishing US publishing house Wiley this week discontinued 19 scientific journals overseen by its Hindawi subsidiary, the center of a long-running scholarly publishing scandal.

Hacker News: New Wi-Fi Vulnerability Enables Network Eavesdropping via Downgrade Attacks

The Register: Microsoft's carbon emissions up nearly 30% thanks to AI

Amazon's latest 'flex' VMs promise savings for your burstiest apps

Sustained workloads need not apply Amazon Web Services added another set of cost-optimized instances to its EC2 lineup on Tuesday, aimed at customers whose workloads aren't pegging the CPU 100 percent of the time.

EU probes Meta over its provisions for protecting children

Has social media biz done enough to comply with Digital Services Act Maybe not The European Commission has opened formal proceedings to assess whether Meta, the provider of Facebook and Instagram, may have breached the Digital Services Act (DSA) in areas linked to the protection of minors.

Un altro 0day critico su Google Chrome. Scoperto da Kaspersky Lab

Google ha rilasciato per correggere nove nel inclusa una nuova zero-day sfruttata attivamente dagli aggressori. La identificata come CVE-2024-4947 ed associata a un errore di Type Confusion nel motore V8 e .

Microsoft PC Manager app bizarrely suggests Bing as a Windows fix-all

Bug or feature Users looking for Windows repair tips via the Microsoft PC Manager app may be recommended to switch Edge's default search engine back to Bing.

Hacker News: North Korean Hackers Exploit Facebook Messenger in Targeted Malware Campaign

The Register: Stifling Beijing in cyberspace is now British intelligences number-one mission

Massale data-inbraak bij nissan noord-amerika: risico's en preventie datalek diefstal lek -infrastructuur beveiliging

PoC Exploit released for RCE Zero-Day in D-Link Routers.

The D-Link EXO AX4800 (DIR-X4860) router is vulnerable to remote unauthenticated command execution that could lead to complete device takeovers by attackers with access to the HNAP port.

Stifling Beijing in cyberspace is now British intelligences number-one mission

Annual conference of cyber intel unit shows UK's alarm over China blaring louder than ever Regular attendees of CYBERUK, the annual conference hosted by British intelligence unit the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), will know that in addition to the expected conference panels, there is usually an interwov

Un exploit 0day RCE sul router D-Link EXO AX4800 online

Il router D-Link EXO (DIR-X4860) vulnerabile allesecuzione di non autenticati che potrebbero portare allacquisizione completa del da parte di aggressori con accesso alla porta .

Fatigue and shortages: cyber teams intentionally underreporting breaches

Open Source Initiative tries to define Open Source AI

Meanwhile, the creator of Open Source Definition argues the real problem is unauthorized copying The Open Source Initiative the non-profit overseeing the Open Source Definition, which lays out the requirements for software licenses is taking its effort to define Open Source AI to the wisdom of the crowds.

Nvidia chief Huang given 60% pay increase amid AI hysteria

After a smashing fiscal '24, we're surprised he didn't get more Nvidia's chief Jenson Huang received a 60 percent pay bump in the corporation's fiscal 2024 on the back of a massive rally in the share price based on demand for AI, and triple digit growth percentages for revenue and operating profit.

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Aleph Alpha enlists Cerebras waferscale supers to train AI for German military

Also demonstrates success accelerating molecular dynamics Even as world leaders raise alarm bells about the impact of AI in war, waferscale startup Cerebras is joining forces with Aleph Alpha to develop sovereign models for the German armed forces.

The Register: Clean Air Act complaint paints smoggy picture at Tesla Fremont factory

No, meetings, please stahp!

Microsoft's carbon emissions up nearly 30% thanks to AI

Company will require certain suppliers to run on 100% carbon-free electricity ... by 2030 Microsoft has increased carbon dioxide emissions by nearly 30 percent since 2020, making its goal of becoming carbon-negative by 2030 even more difficult, and it looks like AI is to blame.

Samsung takes bite out of Apple over its mega marketing misstep

'We would never crush creativity,' says South Korea megacorp If Apple thought it could forget about last week's marketing disaster which saw the tech giant roundly slated for appearing to crush human creativity in the name of computing progress it was wrong.

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The healthcare industry is facing rising cyberattacks, with data breaches spiking to 809 in 2023 alone.

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BepiColombo power struggle could leave probe short of Mercury's orbit

ESA/JAXA mission running on reduced thrust as engineers work to resolve the issue Thruster problems with BepiColombo, the joint ESA and JAXA mission to Mercury, could cause headaches for managers plotting the spacecraft's trajectory and insertion into Mercury's orbit.

Put Rescuezilla 2.5 on a bootable key before you need it

Sort of a FOSS Norton Ghost, now updated to Ubuntu 24.04 base A fresh release of Rescuezilla, a free Ubuntu-based rescue disk for imaging the drives of a sickly computer, is available.

Hacker News: Researchers Uncover 11 Security Flaws in GE HealthCare Ultrasound Machines

The Register: Google thinks AI can Google better than you can

Beach Forums: The Day After. Il nuovo capitolo inizia con il giorno dei Troll

Tax helpline callers left on hold for nearly eight centuries

HMRC forgot to tell Brits about its digital support channels Appalling service levels at Britain's tax collector meant customers phoning in with inquiries were collectively left on hold for 798 years in fiscal 2023.

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Forget feet and inches, latest UK units of measurement are thinking bigger

Testing wind turbine blades the size of three rusty angel wingspans Reg Standards Bureau  The UK has announced new units of measurement as part of pronouncements on wind turbines by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and the Department for Science, Innovation and Technology (DSIT).

I am fascinated by all these tricks and methods humanity has developed for IT, like DAGs, B-Trees, and Huffman coding. It's all so incredibly cool we can do unimaginable things with this technology. There's a kind of aesthetic to it, like the elegance of a bloom filter that enables us to do so much with a simple change in logic in how we handle information.

I always thought it was a bit sad that I was never able to study something that could lead to a significant impact on technological human development, like researching semiconductors. But now, I look into the smoky mirror and realize that all that is needed for such an impact is to find a tiny problem and apply better logic than what exists now.

Perhaps for me, the holy grail would be to find a way to store knowledge and its connections losslessly, in a semantically searchable form, and not in text or human language, since it is too inefficient.

Imagine we could compress all human knowledgeevery Wikipedia article, every scientific paper, every book, and every newspaper ever writteninto a file that is 100GB big. Imagine you could then access any knowledge humanity has about the connection between exercise and quality of life in a few milliseconds, offline, while pondering about the hike you just did with your friends.

This is a future I want to strive for.
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Apple y Google han creado una especificacin para el sector sobre la deteccin de rastreo no deseado mediante dispositivos Bluetooth

What is a Title Deed?