Oh, it's always DNS bei und

Oh, it's always DNS bei und die Werke stehen still

1) Ruhe bewahren.
2) Kurzarbeit und Staatshilfen beantragen.
3) Techniker informieren.

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Apple - iPhone 15


Do you ever use lines for connectivity issues or slowness on a connected or wifi device

If so, what are the most common lines that you use

IT-Strung legt VW lahm - Produktion steht still

Aufgrund einer Netzwerkstrung bei Volkswagen steht die Produktion an verschiedenen Standorten still. Auch Bros sind betroffen. Ausma und Grund der Strung sind noch unklar. Der Konzern hat einen Krisenstab einberufen.

Hacker News: New Survey Uncovers How Companies Are Confronting Data Security Challenges Head-On

The Register: Long-term support for Linux kernels is about to get a lot shorter

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Das Hire-Me Forum ist Online!

The Hire-Me Forum is Online!


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macOS Android AirDrop

JoyWarrior: Joystick-Hardware und Tasten ber USB anschlieen

Recently I encouraged my wonderful partner, , to try Mint on her laptop.

After installing, instead of we were greeted by the unfortunate "No bootable devices found" error.

I wrote a post documenting our debugging journey for this issue which turned into a bit of a deep dive into the boot process.

I learned a lot about UEFI booting! Let us know if you've had similar issues.

Services asked state employees to tell them how they can make Minnesotans' experiences with state services better with . I suggested they create a State of Minnesota server on . I can't wait to see what happens.

Das Hire-Me Forum ist Online

How Far is it?

Hearing people get started in IT today makes me think back to when I first got jobs in tech.

If you know what's up with THIS, and how important that damn "yes" was...

The Hire-Me Forum is available now!


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Apple iPhone 15

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Attacco informatico alla Regione Campania. Come la minaccia stata sventata e quali lezioni possiamo imparare

Nella giornata di oggi, arrivata una email al di Red Hot Cyber, proveniente da un funzionario della della , Ufficio Speciale per la Crescita e la di che illustra un ai danni della Regione Campania.

Hacker News: Red Cross-Themed Phishing Attacks Distributing DangerAds and AtlasAgent Backdoors

The Register: It looks like youre a developer. Would you like help upgrading Windows 11

The court also questioned if a government authority, in this case the FCU, has the authority to decide what the truth is

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Argh, users who create folders in ALL CAPS really bother me!

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Hacker News: Researchers Uncover New GPU Side-Channel Vulnerability Leaking Sensitive Data

The Register: Why can't datacenter operators stop thinking about atomic power

ycie w nawet programici czasami maj podobne :)

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