Now all Windows 11 users are

Now all Windows 11 users are getting adverts to 'make the Start menu great again'

And you thought the Bing begging was annoying Microsoft has made good on its promise, or threat, to put advertisements inside the Windows 11 Start menu with its latest update.

Lenovo and Micron first to implement LPCAMM2 in laptop

The SODIMM replacement finally arrives Lenovo's latest ThinkPad P1 Gen 7 laptop is set to be the first to use the new LPCAMM2 memory form factor, the successor to SODIMM sticks.

Proxmox VE 8.2 released!

Microsoft cannot keep its own security in order, so what hope for its add-ons customers

Secure-by-default... if your pockets are deep enough Microsoft has come under fire for charging for security add-ons despite the company's own patchy record when it comes to vulnerabilities and breaches.

Hacker News: Researchers Detail Multistage Attack Hijacking Systems with SSLoad, Cobalt Strike

The Register: If Britain is so bothered by China, why do these .gov.uk sites use Chinese ad brokers

US Chamber of Commerce to sue FTC for banning noncompetes in most jobs

Senior execs making $150K+ will still have to abide by them, but they fall away for everyone else The US Chamber of Commerce is saying it will sue the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for officially banning noncompete clauses in employment contracts across Amercia.

Find out how far it is between any two cities.

CNBC: HashiCorp shares spike on report that IBM is in talks to buy company
Cloud Software Maker

Genau das, denn KI und Werbung ist selten bis gar nicht die Wahrheit.

Knstliche Intelligenz vergleichen: Auch eine Frage des Gefhls:
Es gibt viele KI-Systeme. Aber welches ist das richtige fr mich Eine Frage, die erstaunlich schwer zu beantworten ist.

Another Boeing whistleblower comes forward with receipts

What's that Q1 was better than expected Pump those shares Another Boeing whistleblower has come forward to report problems at his former employer, but that doesn't seem to have upset shareholders, who sent shares skyward on news of a quarter bearing fewer losses than expected.

Attacco informatico: il gruppo TA547 prende di mira le organizzazioni tedesche con Rhadamanthys Stealer

Il di una delle principali che affliggono le organizzazioni di tutto il mondo.

Building a strong posture requires and management to understand risks and work together to prioritize these risks within budget. Check out part 3 of our CXO Madison Iler's blog series with tips on how to boost visibility between management & .

Russian APT28 Exploiting Windows Vulnerability with GooseEgg Tool.

Microsoft issued a security warning about a critical vulnerability in the Windows Print Spooler service that attackers are actively exploiting. This vulnerability allows attackers to escalate privileges on a compromised system, potentially granting them complete control. Patch immediately to block APT28 attacks and protect your system!

CVSS 7.8

Pendant 5 ans, la Chine a espionn le groupe Volkswagen : 19 000 documents ont t vols ! Pendant 5 ans, des hackers sponsoriss par l'tat chinois ont espionn le groupe automobile Volkswagen ! Ils sont parvenus voler environ 19 000 documents.
The post Pendant 5 ans, la Chine a espionn le groupe Volkswagen : 19 000 documents ont t vols ! first appeared on IT-Connect.

Scopri i 10 lavori pi richiesti nel campo dellIntelligenza Artificiale

Spesso si parla di quanto le Intelligenze Artificiale sottrarranno lavoro, ma poco si parla dei nuovi lavori che verranno introdotti dall'utilizzo delle AI.

Hacker News: U.S. Treasury Sanctions Iranian Firms and Individuals Tied to Cyber Attacks

The Register: US government reportedly ponders crimping China's use of RISC-V

Management company settles for $18.4M after nuclear weapons plant staff fudged their timesheets

The firm 'fessed up to staff misconduct and avoided criminal liability A company contracted to manage an Amarillo, Texas nuclear weapons facility has to pay US government $18.4 million in a settlement over allegations that its atomic boffins fudged their timesheets to collect more mon

Google cools on cookie phase-out while regulators chew on plans

Privacy Sandbox slips into 2025 after challenges from UK authorities Google's plan to phase out third-party cookies in Chrome is being postponed to 2025 amid wrangling with the UK's Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) and Information Commissioner's Office (ICO).

Sanzioni sui Semiconduttori: Gli USA Riconsiderano la Propria Posizione per via dellarchitettura aperta di RISC-V

Il Dipartimento del degli vuole imporre restrizioni sullarchitettura aperta del processore . I legislatori temono che la venga utilizzata dalla , il principale rivale nel mercato dei .

US charges Iranians with cyber snooping on government, companies

Their holiday options are now far more restricted The US has charged and sanctioned four Iranian nationals for their alleged roles in various attacks on US companies and government departments, all of whom are claimed to have worked for fake companies linked to Iran's military.

Oracle changes its tune with HQ move to Music City

Nashville 'ticked all the boxes' for Big Red's employees, says founder Ellison Oracle co-founder and CTO Larry Ellison has confirmed that the tech giant plans to move its global headquarters to Nashville, Tennessee.

Does anyone know a good replacement for the Cisco Small business VPN routers I'm thinking like the RV320 or the RV340 series, but those are no longer supported.

Tesla misses the mark on all fronts in quarter of chaos

Who cares that net profit slid 55% Not Wall Street In a dynamic first quarter, Elon Musk's Tesla contended with a terrorist organization, survived an arson attempt, and fiercely competed with hybrid car makers, all against a backdrop of falling prices as competition for electric vehicle customers intensified.

Hacker News: CISO Perspectives on Complying with Cybersecurity Regulations

The Register: Euro cloud group blasts Broadcom over VMware licensing maneuvers

Euro cloud group blasts Broadcom over VMware licensing maneuvers

CISPE says concessions 'solve nothing' Euro cloud trade body CISPE has hit back at concessions offered by Broadcom over VMware licensing, saying these do not address key issues that led it to lobby the European Commission into investigating.

Dies finde ich sehr lblich und bin gespannt wie diesbezglich M$ nach zieht und evt. u.a. z.B. OpenPGP & ect. integriert

Sicherheit und Performance Thunderbird stellt Exchange-Mail auf Rust um:
Das Team integriert die Exchange-Anbindung knftig nativ mit , um Sicherheit und Performance zu erhhen und die Modernisierung voranzutreiben.

European Parliament votes to screw repair rights in consumer toolkits

Directive places requirements on gizmo vendors, but still needs formal approval The European Parliament has adopted the right-to-repair directive with 584 votes in favor and three against, making repairing goods more accessible and cost-effective.

Indiase centrale bank grijpt in bij kotak mahindra bank wegens it en risicomanagement tekortkomingen Centrale Bank Mahindra Bank tekortkomingen transacties

Law prof predicts generative AI will die at the hands of watchdogs

Big tech backlash and animus against the machines will invite stifling red tape Video  Generative AI is destined to drown in a tsunami of regulation, argues Santa Clara University law professor Eric Goldman.

Hacker News: Major Security Flaws Expose Keystrokes of Over 1 Billion Chinese Keyboard App Users

The Register: Strong electric car sales expected for 2024, but charging grid needs work


Strong electric car sales expected for 2024, but charging grid needs work

International Energy Agency points out obvious: Infrastructure needs to meet demand The International Energy Agency (IEA) is reminding governments to match the continued rapid growth of electric car sales with infrastructure improvements.


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Volkswagen sotto attacco: 19.000 documenti di propriet intellettuale violati dagli hacker cinesi

In una violazione significativa che ha scosso l , i media hanno riferito che gli si sono infiltrati nei del Gruppo , una delle pi grandi case automobilistiche del mondo.

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