No more Mr Nice DoJ -

No more Mr Nice DoJ - Tesla gets subpoenas over self-driving software claims

Has someone been shooting their mouth off a little too much In financial filings, Tesla has admitted that it is under a serious investigation by the US Department of Justice over the efficacy of its self-driving code, among many other things.

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Databricks cements Arcion Labs deal, will absorb its data access tools

A $100M match made in analytics heaven, parties claim Analytics biz Databricks is set to purchase Arcion Labs, developer of a cloud-native data replication platform, in a deal estimated to be worth upwards of $100 million.

This WD MyCloud ex4100 is driving me up the fucking wall. Both the windows PC and the Mac cannot figure out how to share this fucking thing their wifi Internet connection so I cant manage it from the Internet and neither of them seem to be able to connect properly to the device itself. I have no idea what the fuck is going on, and Im about to throw this nearly $800 investment out the goddamn window.

The Register: That script I wrote three years ago is now doing what How many times

Find out how far it is between any two cities.

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Dit is je kans: huur de dichtstbijzijnde in! Hij heeft tijd vrij op de zaak...

NASA eyes 3D-printed rocket nozzles for deep space missions

Additive manufacturing might not be for everyone, but rocket makers seem to like it NASA has tested a 3D-printed rocket engine nozzle made of a weldable type of aluminum with the aim of adding more payload to deep space missions.

Ford was down about 1% in New York while General Motors dropped 0.2%. Reporting by David Shepardson in Washington, Joe White in Detroit and Abhijith ...

The United Auto Workers (UAW) union went on strike at Chrysler-parent Stellantis's largest assembly plant on Monday, hitting the automaker's profitable RAM 1500 pickup truck production in a major expansion of the more than month-old strike.

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It is 2023 and Excel's reign of date terror might finally be at an end

Data scientists to rejoice as spreadsheet's 'helpfulness' can be curbed The days of Microsoft Excel's "helpful" habit of automatically converting values might be at an end as the Windows giant has finally admitted that, yes not everything is a date.

1973 as one of the defining information technologies in modern communication was developed at by Chuck Thackers for s. What Bob Metcalf, Butler Lampson, and Dave Boggs built for the is connecting us all today via the , & .

So, in 2023 this one of the and worth to look back into PARC development with a tech video...
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Hacker News: Kubernetes Security: Challenges & Solutions for Cloud Native Applications

The Register: Microsoft CEO Nadella's compensation drops... to $48M

Dropbox drops bucks to ditch digs in long-term WFH model

SF corporate nerve center will be 87% smaller than pre-pandemic as others mandate in-person work Dropbox is shuttering one-quarter of its office space at corporate HQ in San Francisco. To be more precise, it is paying $79 million to the landlord to amend the contract and forgo more than 165,000 square feet.

When a tech company has a full email box for job applications, and uses web APIs that are outdated, I don't know whether that's a sign that I can help, or I should run away.

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Top-IT-Arbeitgeber 2024 Der IT-Dienstleister Consid expandiert mit skandinavischer Offenheit nach Hamburg. Deutschland-Chef Patrik Hall erklrt, was dahintersteckt. ...

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Martin Goetz, recipient of the first software patent, logs off at 93

The industry owes him a debt of gratitude Obituary  Martin Goetz, regarded by many as the "father of third-party software," has died at the age of 93.

Langan Engineering uses Monitor to optimize Enterprise system health

Hacker News: Who's Experimenting with AI Tools in Your Organization

The Register: NASA just patched Voyager 2's software but spared Voyager 1 the risky rewrite

Microsoft opens early access to AI assistant for infosec, Security Copilot

Copilotization of all things continues... as helper offers incident reports to share with the boss and more Microsoft is opening up the early access program for its flagship cybersecurity AI product, which marks the inevitable folding in of Copilot into its infosec suite.

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Microsoft admits 'power issue' downed Azure services in West Europe

Work ongoing to manually recover some storage nodes Microsoft techies are trying to recover storage nodes for a "small" number of customers following a "power issue" on October 20 that triggered Azure service disruptions and ruined breakfast for those wanting to use hosted virtual machines or SQL DB.

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93 database di aziende italiane in vendita nelle underground. PMI, ora di investire in cybersecurity!

Un allarmante e preoccupante episodio di violazione della sicurezza ha scosso nuovamente la comunit di di sicurezza . Sono 93 le aziende che sono state violate e i loro messi in vendita in allinterno di un noto .


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Tim Peake on a return to space: 'Never say never'

Bigs up commercial space as ESA prepares for Axiom 3 British astronaut Tim Peake has teased a return to space during an interview in which he doffed his cap to Axiom Space and others in the commercial space sector.


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The Register: Millions of smart meters will brick it when 2G and 3G turns off

Millions of smart meters will brick it when 2G and 3G turns off

Public Accounts Committee demands timetable for replacements, because things have run so smoothly so far... A gaggle of MPs are calling for government to put together a timetable for the replacement of millions upon millions of smart meters that will be defunct when 2G and 3G mobile networks are switched off.

Weiter Kunden-Beschwerden: IT-Probleme bei der Postbank halten an

Die Beschwerden ber Probleme bei der Postbank halten den Verbraucherzentralen zufolge weiter an. Allein im dritten Quartal habe es mehr als 1100 Klagen betroffener Kunden ber mangelhaften Service gegeben.

SEC boss warns it's 'nearly unavoidable' that AI will cause financial crash

Plus Meta gets physical, moves bots in the house... AI In Brief  The head of the US Securities and Exchange Commission Gary Gensler has warned that the increasing use of AI systems will almost certainly crash financial markets at some point in the coming decade.

IBM flags up NorthPole chip to scale AI though it's still far from shipping

Paper describes work in massively parallel, interconnected system with limits to data in on-chip memory IBM is back with an updated neuromorphic processor chip that it hopes will enable it to more efficiently scale up to powerful AI hardware systems, at least as far as inferencing goes.

Hacker News: Quasar RAT Leverages DLL Side-Loading to Fly Under the Radar

Family emergency scam: una frode che sfrutta le preoccupazioni dei familiari

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The Register: Last year's model: Windows 11's number is a disconnected line

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