NASA to shoot rockets at April

NASA to shoot rockets at April solar eclipse to see how it messes with the atmosphere

Boffins hope to better understand how phenomena disrupt comms tech in order to prevent future outages There's a total solar eclipse coming up in North America, and NASA plans to shoot some rockets at it to see how the ionosphere changes as the Sun is obscured by the Moon.

Hackers are using FreeVPN Android apps on the PlayStore to stage attacks.
Delete them all Right Now.

Over 15 free VPN apps on Google Play, were found using a malicious software development kit that turned Android devices into unwitting residential proxies, likely used for cybercrime and shopping bots.

Red Hat tries on a McKinsey cap in quest to streamline techies' jobs

Some staff are worried can't think why Mutterings of alarm are emerging from the cloisters of Red Hat after the world's largest management consultancy was hired to help the IBM subsidiary focus engineers on their highest-value work.

Kaby Lake-G chip back from the grave, now on NAS motherboard

The Intel CPU that incorporated an AMD GPU into the processor package resurrected by Topton Kaby Lake-G, the Intel CPU that incorporated an AMD GPU directly into the CPU package itself, was pronounced dead in 2019, but that hasn't stopped one company from reviving it for a NAS motherboard.

Hacker News: Hackers Hit Indian Defense, Energy Sectors with Malware Posing as Air Force Invite

The Register: Intel throws chips on the table, Microsoft plays the Copilot card in wild bet on AI PCs

Oh yeah, that's the stuff. Bug fix successful. Ain't gonna be any blue lines on my watch.

Orange is in charge now.

How Far is it?

Intel throws chips on the table, Microsoft plays the Copilot card in wild bet on AI PCs

Does anyone actually want one Intel has muddied the AI PC waters by sharing some of Microsoft's requirements while also claiming that its own take on the concept has Intel silicon at its heart.

I hate it when I have to do IT work with a shared screen. The other people get to see that my work flow is "click on the wrong icon say 'oops' then click on the right icon" over and over.

also get to watch me misspell commands.

Unlocking Innovation: Highlights from the Dubai Tech Summit 2024!

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TSMC's 3nm node powers up, setting stage for tech giants' next-gen chips

AMD, Apple, Intel throw weight and cash behind process technology TSMC will see its 3nm node represent over 20 percent of its revenue this year as the node of choice for upcoming processors designed by AMD, Apple, and Intel.

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Meta accused of snarfing people's Snapchat data via traffic decryption

I ain't afraid of no ghosts, but in this case... To spy on rival Snapchat and get data on how the app was being used, Meta when it was operating as Facebook allegedly initiated a program called Project Ghostbusters, which intercepted data traffic from mobile apps. And it used that data to harm its competitors' ad business

Hacker News: CISA Warns: Hackers Actively Attacking Microsoft SharePoint Vulnerability

Do you use your personal Apple ID on your work Mac

The Register: XenServer is back, with a rebranded Citrix Hypervisor and a tasty three-host freebie

What Nvidia's Blackwell efficiency gains mean for DC operators

Air cooling's diminishing returns on full display with Nv's B-series silicon Analysis  Hotter and more power-hungry CPUs and GPUs were already causing headaches for datacenter operators before Nvidia unveiled its 1,200W Blackwell GPUs at GTC last week.

Boeing and subsidiary file trade secrets lawsuit against Virgin Galactic

Oh, and there's small matter of an alleged $26M in unpaid bills Boeing and its subsidiary Aurora Flight Sciences Corporation have sued Virgin Galactic, alleging the space tourism company has misappropriated trade secrets.

17,000+ Microsoft Exchange servers in Germany are vulnerable to attack, BSI warns.

The BSI worries about attackers breaching those servers by exploiting CVE-2024-21410, a critical elevation of privilege bug that allows attackers to learn a targeted users NTLM credentials and relay them to authenticate themselves to a vulnerable Exchange Server as the user.

Google reveals zero-day exploits in enterprise tech surged 64% last year

Crooks know where the big bucks are Zero-day exploits targeting enterprise-specific software and appliances are now outpacing zero-day bugs overall, according to Google's threat hunting teams.

Pragmatic Semiconductor opens UK's first 300mm wafer fab in Durham

Facility to bring major leap in domestic chip production amid government support UK chipmaker Pragmatic Semiconductor has officially opened its latest manufacturing facilities in Durham, just over a year after its CEO threatened to move the company out of the country over the government's lack of support for the chip indus

Hacker News: Microsoft Edge Bug Could Have Allowed Attackers to Silently Install Malicious Extensions

Va a fuoco di nuovo il Cloud! I server dei clienti vengono spostati con il Camion da un Data Center ad un altro

Negli ultimi giorni, un divampato in un francese ha causato del di alcune aziende tedesche e dei loro relativi clienti.

The Register: In-app browsers are still a privacy, security, and choice problem

In-app browsers are still a privacy, security, and choice problem

Regulators reminded that longstanding concerns haven't been addressed Competition cops in Europe and the United Kingdom have started paying attention to in-app browsers, a controversial mechanism for presenting web content within native apps.

Belgian beer study acquires taste for machine learning

Researchers reckon results could improve recipe development for food and beverages Joining the list of things that probably don't need improving by machine learning but people are going to try anyway is Belgian beer.

Hacker News: SASE Solutions Fall Short Without Enterprise Browser Extensions, New Report Reveals

Sospesa lestradizione di Julian Assange. Il Regno Unito chiede garanzie contro la pena di morte

Il caso di del fondatore di Julian negli giunto a una nuova conclusione. LAlta Corte di e ha temporaneamente sospeso il processo di estradizione delluomo alle autorit americane.

The Register: Sun Microsystems co-founder charged with insider trading

Street newspaper appears to have Big Issue with Qilin ransomware gang

The days of cybercriminals having something of a moral compass are over The parent company of The Big Issue, a street newspaper and social enterprise for homeless people, is wrestling with a cybersecurity incident claimed by the Qilin ransomware gang.

Working from home pro:

Getting hAngry and starting to cook whilst in a meeting.

Windows Format dialog waited decades for UI revamp that never came

'Temporary' isn't always Windows has a built-in reminder of the perils of temporary solutions thanks to the 30-year-old porting efforts of former Microsoft engineer Dave Plummer.

Ancora malware sul Play Store! Oltre 15 App di VPN gratuite trasformano i tuoi dispositivi in proxy per criminali informatici

Gli specialisti di Security hanno scoperto pi di 15 gratuite nel ufficiale che utilizzavano un SDK dannoso.

UK skies set for cheeky upgrade with hybrid airship

Depending on planning permission being given for facility The Airlander hybrid airship looks set to go into production within a few years, if its maker can get planning approval for a factory.

Hacker News: Alert: New Phishing Attack Delivers Keylogger Disguised as Bank Payment Notice

Die Veranstaltungsreihe "Women in MINT" bietet eine Plattform, um sich mit berufsttigen FLINTA* in der auszutauschen und von den Erfahrungen anderer zu lernen.

(MINT steht fr Mathematik, Informatik, Naturwissenschaft und Technik)

The Register: Google's AI-powered search results are loaded with spammy, scammy garbage

Lenovo scores deal to build supercomputer at UK's Hartree Center

Liquid cooled, 44.7 Petaflops and with unspecified GPUs The UK's Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) has picked Lenovo to build and install a 44.7-Petaflops liquid cooled supercomputer.

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