nah your loss at Coachella was enough πŸ˜•

Wilmazaayy_ Los Angeles, CA
@little_adrian21 nah your loss at Coachella was enough πŸ˜•
MamaRusher365 It's all about the music...
@rickallenlive I love your blog on You need to post more though!!!!! 🌻
If drake didn't write "find your love" that nigga ain't shit cuz I really thought we connected
@PlayStation a Seems like your getting the console ready for something big with all these stability updates
SejiTetsuya At the castle
@EvanCrimson *he put his arms under your legs and started walking* Alright, to the fair we go!
I honestly doubt @Drake doesn't write his own raps and if he didn't @MeekMill should hire his ass. Nigga been slipping since 2011
hestyleslarry ✧ Justin and Austin follows ✧
@Harry_Styles Hi Harry! Hope you're well. Could take a seconds of your time and follow me, I appreciate it. I love you, dear. x139,942
VirginiaSt3w Birmingham
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I'm falling for your eyes but they dont know me yetπŸ’” You're my SUNSHINE u save me thanks love ilysm follow me? X14.900 @Harry_Styles
BalancePowerFit Asia
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hmrcarlson Moncton, New Brunswick
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HarbourLilib3th Medford, NY 11763
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shaniahrichard SoDak
the ache in your heart never goes away, it just becomes bearable.
` i merely the canvas on which you paint your dreams ...
blessingmariee Β°β‚ŠΒ·Λˆβˆ—(ΰ«’ΰ·†η™Άβ—‘η™Άΰ·†) ΰ«’βˆ—Λˆβ€§β‚ŠΒ° 24 Oct
Ricky and Ariana is the messiest thing ever but your know...what ever floats your boat.
@harmonize hearing your voice was sorta surreal but cuteeee!! <3 good luck with your things!!
DarkAngelRafael NYC
@Zak_Bagans do you @periscopeco? it's an app to live stream directly from your phone. just press 1 button and you're live. it's free. πŸ’€πŸ‘»
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Lol what's your problem Taylor Swift
RX3naz Norwich, CT 06360, USA β€Ž
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stormlandbrand Burnaby, BC, Canada
@FINALLEVEL I eagerly await your entirely non-ironic country album, Ice. #JustPlaying
B0y3rL1v1a Norwalk, CT 06850
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Have you visited any art galleries or museums recently? β€” I'm planning to visit a museum but meh too lazy
Malcolm_Xavier_ Home
if you feel like the means to your ends is towards money you wont make it
harrystylwson bea❀️ sg β€’ 1d β€’ 5h (1/6)
@normanikordei you have no idea how much I love you, I only ask you a little of your attention πŸ˜”πŸ’˜πŸ™πŸ» x01
kaliacyprian New York City by way of NOLA
If your credit score is not 700+ you're under 25, don't come for me...
Chaseyy420 Phoenix Arizona
@Scarlettisacat I told Blake to break that one not the other one lol. Sorry. And your friends didn't listened and you chose the wrong side
CheyenneTalle Newport
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my life. my decisions. my mistakes. not your business

Created: 22 Jul 2015