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Musks -Startup prsentiert erstes Programm Grok

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: Melodic Techno & Progressive House New Mix

How Far is it?

Android VPNs to get audit badges in Google Play Store if they aren't comically crap

No promises it's actually secure, just that it doesn't do anything obviously dumb Google wants to help Android users find more trustworthy VPN apps through better badging alerting to independent audits.

In recent years, I have met many high schoolers planning to enter because they want to become practitioners. I have some advice and admonitions for them:

You can call any AI framework API without a foundation in , but you will not understand what your code is doing without at least a preliminary knowledge of undergrad-level linear algebra.

You can implement fancy AI applications without formal training in mathematics, but you will not be able to analyse and design learning algorithms without a solid foundation in linear algebra, probability, statistics, multivariate calculus, and variational calculus, at the very least. And basic knowledge of abstract algebra, digital signal processing, neuroscience, and cognitive psychology will always come in handy.

When, in a not-so-distant future, quantum computers become practicable, AI applications will move to that platform. Then, you will not even be able to read a programme without a solid grasp of quantum mechanics, in addition to the above mentioned foundational knowledge.

It is true that you can get a decent entry-level job in IT without higher education, but you will not progress far as a technologist.

Surely, you can "move up" to a middle manager (pronounced "middle meddler") role, but even on the management mound, you will not reach the peak without at least an MBA.

You can, of course, start your own company but there, too, you must educate yourself about technology, business, economy, management, regulatory compliance, etc., for the rest of your career.

The bottom line, kidsbecome a , whatever the path you take.

The Register: Apple slams Android as a 'massive tracking device' in internal slides revealed in Google antitrust battle

'Find My' network can be abused to steal keylogged passwords

I Visionari di OpenAI: LAI Cambier il Mondo. Si ma a Qualto Costo

Avevano riportato una volta che quando il uscito dalla , difficile riportarlo dentro. Mentre Elon , Sam (CEO di OpenAI) e Eric (ex CEO di ) parlano dei grandissimi rischi in cui versa il mondo nei confronti delle , anche Ilya si unisce al coro.

The Register: Mozilla tells extension developers to get ready to finally go mobile

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Infrastructure and management of it is what makes society tick

The Register: 'Corrupt' cop jailed for tipping off pal to EncroChat dragnet

Begrung und Erffnung (fiffkon23)

Begrung und Erffnung

Die Herausforderungen der Informatik werden nur allzu oft hinsichtlich der Gefahren, Risiken, unerfllbaren Verheiungen und Dystopien der Digitalisierung betrachtet. Doch wie
-konferenz #2023 #39

'Welcome to Derry': 'It' Prequel Series Premiere Delayed to 2025!! , , , , , , , , ,

Allarme Sicurezza: delle nove Vulnerabilit Zero-Day RCE minacciano nuovamente Microsoft Exchange

Hacker News: StripedFly Malware Operated Unnoticed for 5 Years, Infecting 1 Million Devices

The Register: Brits make Amazon, Meta stop using third-party data to undercut rivals

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Brits make Amazon, Meta stop using third-party data to undercut rivals

Watchdog on a tear to level the playing field Amazon and Meta have agreed to not use data collected from their marketplaces to unfairly benefit themselves, the UK's Competition and Markets Authority announced on Friday.

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Hacker News: Actionable AWS Security Best Practices Cheat Sheet

The Register: Google bins integrity API that looked more than a bit like horrible DRM for websites

E bufera su EIDAS 2.0: La controversa legge europea che potrebbe portarci ad una Europa di sorveglianza

Come lIntelligenza Artificiale cambier il futuro del lavoro: illusione o realt

Nellera digitale in cui viviamo, l () sta rapidamente guadagnando terreno come una delle pi promettenti e rivoluzionarie del nostro tempo.

Sei al "sicuro" con i tuoi fornitori Okta ha subito un attacco alla supply-chain. Esposti i dati personali di 5000 lavoratori

I think you can keep one account for all because your , , , are part of you. If you are not searching for monetizing one of them (photos for example), no need to separate them.

In other instances, attackers have posed as agents of the Epicor Software Corporation, one of Aces contractors, calling Ace stores and requesting account credentials for network troubleshooting.

Automazione: cosa significa per la cybersecurity e per le aziende

Lautomazione offre un proattivo, permettendo di difendersi dagli , i , ottemperare alla compliance e migliorare la produttivit.


Una serata live alla scoperta del sistema operativo CP/M creato nel 1974 per il processore Intel 8080 da Gary Kildall della Digital Research

'Corrupt' cop jailed for tipping off pal to EncroChat dragnet

Taking selfie with 'official sensitive' doc wasn't smartest idea, either A British court has sentenced a "corrupt" cop to almost four years behind bars for tipping off a friend that officers had compromised the EncroChat encrypted messaging app network.

Hacker News: Okta's Recent Customer Support Data Breach Impacted 134 Customers

The Register: Google shelves plan to build four San Francisco GoogleBurbs

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Scariest Pennywise Moments Stephen Kings IT vs IT Chapter 2 Hulu

- - - - hulu - In this Huluween mash-up, members of the Loser's Club confront Pennywise (Tim Curry & Bill Skarsgard), the terrifying clown. Watch this scene-by-scene comparison of the 1990's Stephen King's IT vs IT Chapter 2, where Beverly Marsh (Jessica Chastain), Ben Hanscom (John Ritter), and Richie Tozier (Bill Hader) face their worst nightmares.

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What is the chance of an -political party that could nominate -Candidates in various electorates at elections

Mozilla tells extension developers to get ready to finally go mobile

Firefox Android add-ons coming soon At long last, Mozilla is planning to make browser extensions, also known as add-ons, available for Firefox on Android, at some point following the expected November 21 release of the browser's version 120 build.

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