mit "Upload-Moderation": eco kritisiert erzwungene Zustimmung

mit "Upload-Moderation": eco kritisiert erzwungene Zustimmung

Der neue Kompromiss der zur gefhrde weiterhin die -, kritisiert der eco. Belgien schlgt vor, Nutzer:innen sollen der freiwillig zustimmen, bevor sie Bilder oder Videos etwa per verschicken. ...

confirm c a controlat 14 companii care vnd echipamente . Autoritatea are indicii c, cel puin n ultimii cinci ani, acestea i-au mprit mai multe licitaii publice.

Google datacenters in Nevada to go full steam ahead with geothermal energy

Part of Mountain View's aim for carbon-free power by 2030 Google has signed a deal with NV Energy to help power its Nevada datacenters using geothermal energy under an arrangement the megacorp claims is more progressive than existing renewable energy contracts.

X marks the spot where Twitter's severance math doesn't add up

Surely an everything app includes a working currency converter A group of former Australian Twitter employees are reportedly being asked to return oversized severance checks seemingly because their ex-employer doesn't understand how to convert currency.

How Far is it?

There's been a lot of it about in recent times

theregistergeeknews.chat - Ukrainian cops collar Kyiv programmer believed to be Conti, LockBit linchpin

28-year-old accused of major ransomware attacks across Europe An alleged cog in the Conti and LockBit ransomware machines is now in handcuffs after Ukrainian police raided his home this week.

Hacker News: Arid Viper Launches Mobile Espionage Campaign with AridSpy Malware

The Register: VMware revenue plunges $600 million, but Broadcom assures investors growth plan is on track

Beveiligingsadvies NCSC-2024-0248 1.02 M/H Kwetsbaarheden verholpen in Microsoft Windows

Microsoft heeft kwetsbaarheden verholpen in Windows.
Een kwaadwillende kan de kwetsbaarheden misbruiken om aanvallen uit te voeren die kunnen leiden tot de volgende categorien schade:

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Beveiligingsadvies NCSC-2024-0253 1.00 M/H Kwetsbaarheid verholpen in Adobe Photoshop

Adobe heeft een kwetsbaarheid verholpen in Photoshop.
Een kwaadwillende kan de kwetsbaarheid misbruiken om willekeurige code uit te voeren met rechten van de applicatie. Voor succesvol misbruik m...

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Beveiligingsadvies NCSC-2024-0255 1.00 M/H Kwetsbaarheden verholpen in Adobe Commerce

Adobe heeft kwetsbaarheden verholpen in Commerce en Magento. Een kwaadwillende kan de kwetsbaarheden misbruiken om beveiligingsmaatregelen te omzeilen en willekeurige code uit te voeren, mogelijk...

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Ukrainian cops collar Kyiv programmer believed to be Conti, LockBit linchpin

28-year-old accused of major ransomware attacks across Europe An alleged cog in the Conti and LockBit ransomware machines is now in handcuffs after Ukrainian police raided his home this week.

Startup Diraq taps GlobalFoundries to forge silicon-based quantum chips

Vows to have a 'commercially relevant' system within five years Quantum startup Diraq is to produce sample devices at GlobalFoundries fabs, making it another developer following Intel down the route of using standard CMOS production techniques to build toward full-scale quantum systems.

Hacker News: New Attack Technique 'Sleepy Pickle' Targets Machine Learning Models

The Register: Rivals and legal action cast shadows over Windows on Arm market

Versterk de wachtwoordbeveiliging te midden van toenemende bedreigingen -beveiligingsprotocol

Cyber Spionaggio Cinese: 20.000 Sistemi FortiGate Compromessi. Lo Rivelano i Servizi di Intelligence Olandesi

China miffed over electric vehicle tariff tiff with EU

Trade body bemoans move as 'notably unfair' but no countermeasures yet China has issued a withering response to the EU's decision to raise tariffs on Chinese-made electric vehicles, describing the move as "notably unfair."

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Join Florian - - as he dives into its creation, architecture, and community support.
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Hoe virtuele serververwijdering een bedrijf $600.000 kostte: een waarschuwing voor it-beheer infrastructuur management -beheer

Beveiligingsadvies NCSC-2024-0256 1.00 M/H Kwetsbaarheden verholpen in Adobe ColdFusion

Adobe heeft kwetsbaarheden verholpen in ColdFusion.
Een kwaadwillende kan de kwetsbaarheden misbruiken om een beveiligingsmaatregel te omzeilen en toegang te krijgen tot gevoelige gegevens.


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Du interessierst dich fr ein duales Studium in den Bereichen
BWL Digital Business Management
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Oder mchtest eine Ausbildung im Bereich Bromanagement oder Fachinformatik beginnen
Dann besuche uns am kommenden Samstag auf der ABI Zukunft in Pforzheim und stelle uns all deine Fragen. Wir freuen uns auf dich

Google's Privacy Sandbox more like a privacy mirage, campaigners claim

Chocolate Factory accused of misleading Chrome browser users Privacy campaigner noyb has filed a GDPR complaint regarding Google's Privacy Sandbox, alleging that turning on a "Privacy Feature" in the Chrome browser resulted in unwanted tracking by the US megacorp.

Hacker News: Why SaaS Security is Suddenly Hot: Racing to Defend and Comply

The Register: Kyndryl and Apollo Global linked to bid for DXC Technology

US senators propose guardrails for government AI purchases and operations

Bill proposes appointment of chief AI officers, privacy safeguards, and lots of testing Two US senators have introduced a bipartisan bill that defines guardrails for the acquisition and implementation of AI across the federal government.

De impact van verouderde software en shadow it op bedrijfsinfrastructuren IT software -assets

Il Ritorno di BreachForums! Tra Storia, Underground e Minacce, la quarta versione del famigerato Forum Online

Una delle piattaforme pi famigerate del , , tornata , questa volta sulla . Questa mossa rappresenta una svolta significativa per la comunit degli utenti, che ora possono accedere al senza la necessit di utilizzare il dark web.

Google warns of actively exploited Pixel Firmware Zero-Day.

Google has released patches for 50 security vulnerabilities impacting its Pixel devices and warned that one of them had already been exploited in targeted attacks as a zero-day. Tracked as CVE-2024-32896, this elevation of privilege flaw in the Pixel firmware has been rated a high-severity security issue.

Scuriser son SI : Top 2024 des outils indispensables pour les sysadmins Notre Top 2024 des outils gratuits pour scuriser son SI en tant qu'administrateur systme (sysadmin), avec des liens pour apprendre les utiliser.
The post Scuriser son SI : Top 2024 des outils indispensables pour les sysadmins first appeared on IT-Connect.

NASA hits wrong button, broadcasts ISS emergency training by mistake

Simulation stimulates social media panic NASA provided an inadvertent insight into its training techniques when it accidentally broadcast audio that sounded like an emergency on the International Space Station.

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UK Labour Party promises end to datacenter planning 'barriers'

With a strong lead going into general election, opposition claims it will 'supercharge' tech sector The UK's opposition Labour Party which boasts a sizable poll lead heading into July's general election has promised to ease planning restrictions holding back investment in datacenters.

Student's flimsy bin bags blamed for latest NHS data breach

Confidential patient information found by member of the public A data protection gaffe affecting the UK's NHS is being pinned on a medical student who placed too much trust in their bin bags.

Hacker News: Pakistan-linked Malware Campaign Evolves to Target Windows, Android, and macOS

The Register: Payoff from AI projects is 'dismal', biz leaders complain

Quantencomputer sind noch lange nicht perfekt. Vor der Rechenbeschleunigung mssen erst Probleme mit Datenrauschen beseitigt werden. Das sind die Ideen der Forscher.

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Version 256 of systemd boasts '42% less Unix philosophy'

And it's subsuming another bit of Linux by replacing sudo The latest version of the systemd init system is out, with the openly confrontational tag line: "Available soon in your nearest distro, now with 42 percent less Unix philosophy."

IT recruiters, listen: some people are transgender, which may be something new to you (but shouldn't be, as you claim you're a professional). Those people can have their legal name different than the name they use because of local legal reasons - in my case it's because of our legislation, or rather lack of it, and lengthy court processes to change ones gender marker (to be able to change a legal name to the proper gender).

If your application form contains fields like "legal name" and "preferred name", please, refer to the person you sent an email after they submit their application, by their preferred name. It should be obvious to you. I do my job. You do yours.

I should be paid for giving such basic advice to HR professionals.

Wer sagt, muss auch -Sicherheit sagen! Das gilt besonders fr kritische Infrastrukturen wie die .
Im neuen Podcasts hrt ihr Dr. Heiko Althoff, der die IT-Sicheheit von 59 Klrwerken mitverantwortet

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How You Can Start a 5 Figure Side Business as Software Engineer

Ive started too many failed businesses to count. Now, finally, Ive found some success with my current business. Last year I made around 20K in sales. Im a full time engineering manager and father too. This is more than a side hustle and way less than a full time commitment.

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