Microsoft's swiss army app aims to

Microsoft's swiss army app aims to cut through cloud clutter

A "win" for Windows or just another pane in the glass Ignite  Microsoft is teasing a Windows App that provides a home screen for users of its cloud and remote PC services.

GM in October also pulled its full-year profit forecast due to the strike and postponed a $4 billion electric truck plant in Michigan. Advertisement ...

General Motors' (GM.N) tentative labor deal with the United Auto Workers (UAW) union has clinched ratification, making its workers the first of those at the Detroit Three automakers to approve the agreement.

Here we go! "The Calculus of IT" podcast is live! I hope you enjoy Nate and me navigating his IT Survival Guide and covering all sorts of related and perhaps... unrelated topics. I had so much fun recording this first episode. Here's to many more to come! Listen to it on your favorite podcast provider or watch on youtube at

FCC probes rise of AI robocall armies

'Hello, our records indicate that you had an accident with a massively overhyped technology that wasn't your fault...' The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is tightening the rules protecting cellular network users and has kicked off an effort to understand the impact of AI on robocalls and robotexts.

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Hacker News: How to Automate the Hardest Parts of Employee Offboarding

The Register: Alibaba cancels cloud spinoff, blames US chip sanctions

Alibaba cancels cloud spinoff, blames US chip sanctions

Export curbs strike again and stock prices come tumbling down The US government's unrelenting efforts to prevent China from accessing advanced chips or chipmaking equipment has scored another victim after Alibaba said the scheduled IPO of its cloud division is off due to the impact of CPU export curbs.

Intel si prepara a produrre processori utilizzando standard a 2 nm: i chip basati su Intel 18A appariranno nel 2025

Find out how far it is between any two cities.

Microsoft takes aim at local developers with Windows AI Studio

Good for local generative AI applications, but can we interest you in Azure Ignite  As far as Microsoft is concerned, AI is to be inescapable for its customers, even those who want to keep their development local. Welcome to the Windows AI Studio.

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50 years ago, Skylab's accidental rebels put Mission Control on mute

Final mission to space station revolutionized orbital labor management It's been 50 years since the final Skylab crew launched and docked with America's first space station for an eventful 84 days in space.

Hacker News: Zero-Day Flaw in Zimbra Email Software Exploited by Four Hacker Groups

The Register: Scientists use Raspberry Pi tech to protect NASA telescope data

Windows Server 2022 update gave ESXi host VMs the blue screen blues

Wild idea: Maybe Microsoft could introduce a Quality Copilot to stop pushing broken patches Something likely to be absent from Microsoft's Ignite event is talk of a fix rolled out to deal with malfunctioning Windows Server 2022 Virtual Machines following a problematic update from the company.

Intelligenza Artificiale: la battaglia globale per il dominio del mondo

I went with organizational IT in this week's column, though I still couldn't resist adding a tiny bit of snark about Microsoft. Subscription required, or screenshot below!

BlackCat plays with malvertising traps to lure corporate victims

Ads for Slack and Cisco AnyConnect actually downloaded Nitrogen malware Affiliates of the ALPHV/BlackCat ransomware-as-a-service operation are turning to malvertising campaigns to establish an initial foothold in their victims' systems.

In 1 week, webinar: Building Your Toolbox with

Databricks' lakehouse becomes foundation under fresh layer of AI dreams

Mega startup serves slice of GenAI with data engineering main as it tries to upstage Microsofts Fabric showpiece Databricks has decided to launch a complete overhaul of its platform during the climax of Ignite, the global tech shindig run by Microsoft, the software giant with which the data analytics and

Hacker News: Experts Uncover DarkCasino: New Emerging APT Threat Exploiting WinRAR Flaw

The Register: Databricks' lakehouse becomes foundation under fresh layer of AI dreams

Time Magazine has a good article about Fast Retailing (, etc.) boss Yanai, among 100 top leaders:

While disruptive is uncommon in , there is freedom to criticize the status quo, and business leaders have tended to be negative about the even in the best of times.

Our half-Japanese older son is a key person in on the same floor of the headquarters as Mr. Yanai. Still in his early 30s, he does sysad and security, leads two project groups, and travels the world to update their systems. He represents the company in negotiations with tech giants because of his combination of skills and . He works with the headquarters of Microsoft, Apple and Google (not their Japan branches), and his own innovations are at the cutting edge.

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Japan Airlines fuels up on hydrogen hype with eye on cleaner skies

Jet-setting to a greener future Japan Airlines is looking into the feasibility of using hydrogen-electric engines to power aircraft in future, and is working with three engineering outfits to study issues such as safety and maintainability.

Royal Mails recovery from ransomware attack will cost business at least $12M

First time hard figure given on recovery costs for January incident Royal Mail's parent company has revealed for the first time the infrastructure costs associated with its January ransomware attack.

Hacker News: CISA and FBI Issue Warning About Rhysida Ransomware Double Extortion Attacks

The Register: FBI Director: FISA Section 702 warrant requirement a 'de facto ban'

NASA geeks code new tricks to model rocket plumes and avoid a lunar dust-up

Supersonic hot gas not that awesome for rocky, dusty surface NASA researchers have developed tools to simulate how rocket engines disrupt the lunar surface in light of plans for newer and larger landers as part of missions to return to the Moon.

8Base rivendica un attacco allitaliana Lanificio Luigi Colombo. 6gg dalla pubblicazione dei dati

Italia vulnerabile: Il report di NTT Data scopre il settore Manifatturiero come uno tra i pi colpiti dal cybercrime

Canonical intros Microcloud: Simple, free, on-prem Linux clustering

As Ubuntu approaches its 20th anniversary, some more of its pieces may be Snapping together Canonical hosted an amusingly failure-filled demo of its new easy-to-install, Ubuntu-powered tool for building small-to-medium scale, on-premises high-availability clusters, Microcloud, at an event in London yesterday.

I do prefer solely because I had to do and thus there was 0 acceptance for any to the point that , and were dedicaded, horizontally and vertially scalable layers...

But then again that's like 8 digits project volume and not something most users should have to worry about...

Cerebras CEO puts Nvidia on blast for 'arming' China with top-tier GPUs

Calls biz rival 'un-American' for weaving around chip export ban SC23  Cerebras CEO Andrew Feldman has criticized Nvidia for its efforts to limbo dance under US semiconductor export limits to China, calling the behavior "un-American" and likening graphics processor titan to an AI arms dealer.

Hacker News: The Importance of Continuous Security Monitoring for a Robust Cybersecurity Strategy a class='story-link' href=''

The Register: You get a Copilot, and you get a Copilot Microsoft now the Copilot company

Im ffentlichen Dienst fehlen unzhlige IT-Spezialisten. Knnten nicht Freelancer helfen Ulrich Silberbach vom Beamtenbund, Thomas Maas von freelancermap sowie IT-Experten kommentieren die Frage aus unterschiedlichen Perspektiven.

Scientists use Raspberry Pi tech to protect NASA telescope data

Sneakernet for the stars Scientists have revealed how data from a NASA telescope was secured thanks to creative thinking and a batch of Raspberry Pi computers.

Il Database di Federprivacy non pi in vendita. Lo riporta Alpha Team aggiornando il post nelle underground

Airbus to test sat-stabilizing 'Detumbler' to simplify astro-garbage disposal

Dead spin is a dangerous orbital dance that can be stopped with magnets and friction, apparently Airbus has developed a completely mechanical solution to help make space junk easier to capture using magnets, the Earth's magnetic field and a bit of friction.

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