Microsoft prescribes command-line surgery for HP

Microsoft prescribes command-line surgery for HP Smart app malady

Printer names messed up Debug It Yourself Microsoft has issued a fix for the mysterious HP Smart app issue and Windows subsequently renaming printers, and it's anything but simple.

Morgen sollen wir lustige Weihnachtspullover anziehen.

Mein Pullover

Still up for grabs, it seems: One Concorde engine seeks new home

That'll make a lot of expensive ashtrays Good news, everyone! Earlier this week, it looked as though your opportunity to snap up a piece of aviation history in the form of a Concorde engine might have gone. However, if your pockets are deep enough, it appears there's still a chance you could buy your very own Olympus Turb

The ultimate guide to the certification:

Watch our new technical "Hack of the Week" with ! This week, Tom gains access to a UPS battery backup & uses it to get password hashes for admin users. He'll share how he did it & how to avoid this gap.

Hacker News: New Go-Based JaskaGO Malware Targeting Windows and macOS Systems

The Register: Biden urged to do something about Europe 'unfairly' targeting American tech

I'm actually sad we don't have the bandwidth to stop everything and just bog down this particular operation all day with crazy runarounds.

Oooh big flood of phishing today, mostly targeting newer employees. Stay vigilant out there.

Bruder kauft auf einen gebrauchten PC. Er liest Intel i7 & SSD .... da muss Windows 11 bestimmt drauf laufen......

Die Kiste ist 7 Jahre alt.....

direkt zurck schicken meine Empfehlung

Study uncovers presence of CSAM in popular AI training dataset

LAION-5B contains 1,008 verifiable instances of illegal pictures of children, likely lots more, say researchers A massive public dataset that served as training data for popular AI image generators including Stable Diffusion has been found to contain thousands of instances of child sexual abuse material (CSAM).

My electricity provider has "upgraded" its system. Now you can't change the payment method in your online account, you have to call in and wait. After a while, the system schedules a callback. When the time comes, you get to talk to a friendly person, who takes several minutes to set up a conference call with an automated system, where you type in your credit card digits.
If you start this when they're not too busy, you can do it all in half an hour!

How Far is it?

NASA makes purrrr-fect deep space transmission of cat vid

Tabby footage crosses millions of miles and was still faster than most folks' home broadband From the department of "what must the aliens think of us" comes news that NASA has demonstrated its Deep Space Optical Communications experiment through the medium of a cat video.

Hacker News: Alert: Chinese-Speaking Hackers Pose as UAE Authority in Latest Smishing Wave

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The Register: FTC bans Rite Aid from using AI facial recognition in stores for 5 years

FTC bans Rite Aid from using AI facial recognition in stores for 5 years

Among the mistakes, an 11-year-old girl was misidentified as a shoplifter and searched American drugstore chain Rite Aid was banned by the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) from using AI facial recognition technology for surveillance purposes for five years.

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: Love Like Blood (Official Video)

For our next magic trick in we will be attempting to modernize the laptops updating old hardware that still run Windows 98 and Windows XP. No I am not joking, and we have to see how to get the firmware writing tools working natively in Windows 10/11 or find alternatives or virtualize.

Danish techies claim they can predict your next move (and your last)

Life's a vector, then you die Just as language models can predict what phrase might come next in a sentence, Danish researchers claim to have shown human life events can be predicted using similar statistical techniques.

Pornhub, XVideos Stripchat . - -

Hacker News: Remote Encryption Attacks Surge: How One Vulnerable Device Can Spell Disaster

The Register: Microsoft offers rollback for those affected by Windows wireless futility


Microsoft offers rollback for those affected by Windows wireless futility

See, it wasn't just you Microsoft has finally acknowldged that Windows does have a Wi-Fi problem and offered a resolution for those affected: Known Issue Rollback.

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Penguins get their Wayland with Firefox 121

Latest version of Mozilla's web browser brings something different depending on your machine Version 121 of Mozilla's Firefox web browser, released yesterday, has changes that affect Linux, Windows, and Mac users differently.

Work at Jlich as a Professional: Explore diverse career paths in , , laboratories, , and as well as administration and services at Forschungszentrum Jlich. Apply now!

The integration of Information Technology (IT) with renewable energy technologies marks a transformative step towards efficient energy management and sustainability. IT systems enable the smart monitoring and control of renewable energy sources like solar and wind, optimizing energy production and distribution while enhancing predictive maintenance and real-time data analysis for informed decision-making.

Hacker News: Product Explained: Memcyco's Real-Time Defense Against Website Spoofing

The Register: UK officials caught napping ahead of 2G and 3G doomsday

Google -

UK officials caught napping ahead of 2G and 3G doomsday

Parking meters and trash collection face disruption as networks switch off A worrying number of UK authorities are still unaware of the impending switch-off of 2G and 3G mobile networks, according to Local Government Association (LGA) figures.

Incidente informatico USL di Modena. Valentina Castaldini:Il Governo Commissari la Regione sulla Sicurezza informatica. Assessore alla transizione digitale non allaltezza del compito

RHC Annuncia Corsi Esclusivi da Gennaio 2024: Dark Web e CTI e Python & IA ai nastri di partenza oltre al classico Ethical Hacking

Manchester's finest drowning in paperwork as Freedom of Information requests pile up

Enforcement notice issued months after data regulator schooled police force Greater Manchester Police (GMP) must clear the backlog of hundreds of Freedom of Information (FOI) Act requests some years old or find itself in contempt of court.

Probleme mit Postbankkonten werden 2023 nicht mehr gelst

Eigentlich wollte die Deutsche Bank bis Jahresende Millionen Kundendaten auf einer gemeinsamen Plattform mit der bernommenen Postbank zusammenfhren. Jetzt musste sie zugeben: Dieses Ziel ist nicht mehr zu schaffen.

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