Mein Wochenende ist gerettet, mit Linux

Mein Wochenende ist gerettet, mit Linux Mint 21.3 Virginia Es ist vollbracht

Hacker News: Rogue WordPress Plugin Exposes E-Commerce Sites to Credit Card Theft

The Register: Superuser mostly helped IT, until a BSOD saw him invent a farcical fix

Find out how far it is between any two cities.

OpenAI corregge un bug di divulgazione dei dati in ChatGPT. Ma le informazioni potrebbero trapelare ovunque

Lhacker di LAPSUS$ ricoverato a vita in una clinica psichiatrica. Ha hackerato GTA VI con una FireStick dallhotel mentre era in custodia

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Experiment as a script would make science more reproducible, and science has reproducibility problems

Here is a 2007 paper but its useful as an introduction into the topic the field has advanced a lot since then but this gets to the basics.

Microfluidics next

Hacker News: Automate Compliance & Strengthen Security Posture: Watch the 3-Minute Demo Video

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WIthout getting in too deep, a diaelectric plate with a of electrodes when 1+ are provided a current can control droplets of various substances

Move, , separate, etc

Routing of droplets moved like packets to network

Grid shape can heavily impact potential functionality video demonstrates 1 way a router or parallel operations could work

Creation of this equipment is not expensive and

The Register: Cyber sleuths reveal how they infiltrate the biggest ransomware gangs

Cyber sleuths reveal how they infiltrate the biggest ransomware gangs

How do you break into the bad guys' ranks Master the lingo and research, research, research Feature  When AlphV/BlackCat's website went dark this month, it was like Chrimbo came early for cybersecurity defenders, some of whom seemingly believed law enforcement had busted one of the most menacing cyber cri

Was glauben denn diese Politiker, dass wir sie wieder whlen wrden, wenn sie genau das Gegenteil von dem tun, was sie im Wahlkampf absonderten!

will Sicherheitslcken in der zur nutzen! Die lehnte genau das ab, lt. Koalitionsvertrag.

Brace for a potential reversal: After years of struggling to fill tech roles, executives anticipate a surplus of workers by 2026.

Un romanzo di fantascienza creato dellintelligenza artificiale vince un premio in Cina

Vom Saugroboter ber Breitbandrouter bis hin zu E-Mail-Diensten vieles, was wir regelmig nutzen, ist vernetzt. Damit es keine bsen berraschungen gibt, vergeben wir das IT-Sicherheitskennzeichen. Damit versprechen Hersteller, dass ihre IT- Produkte gewisse Sicherheitsanforderungen erfllen. In verraten wir euch, wie das -Sicherheitskennzeichen auf die Produkte kommt, was der Clou ist und warum ihr euch darauf verlassen knnt.


LockBit cerca di portare gli affiliati di ALPHV al suo interno. Il crimine informatico non guarda in faccia a nessuno

- erreicht 2023 ein unerwartetes Rekordniveau trotz via t3n

Hacker News: Operation RusticWeb: Rust-Based Malware Targets Indian Government Entities

The Register:

Remote work trends may be fading, as Skillsoft reveals coastal states retaking the lead in IT salary rankings, fueled by returning office mandates.

Hacker News: Top 7 Trends Shaping SaaS Security in 2024 a class='story-link' href=''

The Register: Bricking it: Do you actually own anything digital

Bricking it: Do you actually own anything digital

From ebooks, to videos and software, the answer is increasingly no Opinion  What do Amazon, Sony, and Broadcom all have in common Give up Each, in their own way, has made it clear that when you buy something from them, you don't actually own it.

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Gefangen in der Maschinenwelt
Ich bin ein Gefangener der Maschinenwelt. Und ich wei nicht, ob es ein Entrinnen gibt.
Mein Galaxy Fold 4 hat einen Defekt: Wenn man es ffnet, schaltet es sich einfach ab. Ein Neustart bringt nichts und auch das (selten hilfreiche) "Setzen Sie das Gert einmal auf Werkeinstellungen zurck" brachte natrlich

Hacker News: Automate Compliance & Strengthen Security Posture: Watch the 3-Minute Demo Video

The Register: Microsoft prescribes command-line surgery for HP Smart app malady

Zorin OS 17 erschienen

Sometimes I feel like I'm a ghost lost in fast fourier transform

Continuing my thread on "Dork"ing that seemed to get positive response b/c its important to highlight potential danger

'dork'n is not new, like a forest is past early stages of succession overtime the software ecosystem increased complexity

Malware targeting 'dork'ers by leveraging their excitement at finding an isrsa has existed long enough for many variations, even products

Attacker's web page = their JS

Example scenario is targeting your browser for breakouts

This week some kind of "pentester" went wild. I believe according to the source IPs it most probably was a not very skilled white hat who ran automated tests which led to high server loads.

A quick way to block a "bad actor" in your haproxy config if you have limited access to the firewall:
acl bad-actor src
tcp-request connection reject if bad-actor

Hacker News: UAC-0099 Using WinRAR Exploit to Target Ukrainian Firms with LONEPAGE Malware

React: - -

The Register: Data loss prevention isn't rocket science, but NASA hasn't made it work in Microsoft 365

Failed login attempts by bots at our different customer platforms - next round.
They lowered the retry rate once again. 30 retries every 70 minutes. However try harder to fly under the radar

Superuser mostly helped IT, until a BSOD saw him invent a farcical fix

It was only a matter of time until enthusiasm alone wasn't enough On Call  As Christmas approaches, The Register wants to thank readers for the gift of On Call the weekly column you make possible by sharing stories of your most torrid tech support encounters. On Call appears every Friday morning, UK time, and based on the volume

Data breach: difficile credere sia sempre colpa solo dei cybercriminali.

22 Last day of work. A redraw of a 2017 reminder particularly to IT workers that you dont want to be breaking anything or deploying new changes right before the holidays

another example on the power of the meaning of .
I fought for .
IF means fiscal conservatism (ok-they have not demonstrated fiscal restraint with GOP president) THEN she did fight for IT.

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