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The Orb: Perpetual Dawn (Solar Youth Mix & Solar Flare Extended Mix)

Du coup jexhume mon post de mars.

Hacker News: How Much Do You Know About the Third-Party Applications Placing You at Risk

The Register: OpenAI: 'Impossible to train todays leading AI models without using copyrighted materials'

Private lunar lander Peregrine mission's now measured in hours, not days

UK trumpets British tech aboard doomed spacecraft The Peregrine Mission One lunar lander has just hours of power left before its ambitious mission will be prematurely terminated.

Find out how far it is between any two cities.

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#Please #Bro #Shut #The #Fuck #Up. #The #Devs #Are #Familiar #With #CSharp #And #Use #It. #Not #Everyone #Has #To #Adhere #To #GNUisance #Ethos

FCC's Affordable Connectivity Program dangles by a financial thread

On the wrong side of the digital divide in the US The clock is ticking The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) warns it will start winding down the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) unless more funds are released to keep it going.

US Navy officer swaps sea for cell after accepting bribes from Chinese snoops

Petty officer Wenheng Zhao admitted to taking as many as 14 payoffs in return for non-public military information A US Naval sailor will face more than two years behind bars after pleading guilty to taking bribes from Chinese spies in exchange for sensitive military information.

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A (remote) meeting while working out

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*Jackass OST*

Hacker News: Alert: Water Curupira Hackers Actively Distributing PikaBot Loader Malware

The Register: First functional graphene semiconductor could power future chips

Qualcomm CEO's pay jumps 395% in slow year for phone chips

C-suite exec gets 223 staffers' worth of pay after cyclical headwinds dampen consumer demand for kit Qualcomm might have had a relatively rough ride in 2023 given the continued decline in smartphone chip shipments across the industry but its execs didn't, at least not in terms of their pay awards.

Forschungszentrum Jlich offers a diverse range of opportunities to candidates at all career stages.

Each year, hires more than 800 new colleagues in , science , laboratories, , as well as administration & services.

Working in Let hiring organizations know what's important to your career satisfaction in the 2024 Open Source Professionals Job Survey from and Linux Professional Institute (LPI)!

Help create roles that fit your needs. Technical and non-technical experiences welcome:

What is it with Enterprise IT Why do they always come in packs of 10+

Everyone else: "just send one person", IT: "SEND EVERYONE"

Another airline finds loose bolts in Boeing 737-9 during post-blowout fleet inspections

Someone please remind Boeing how to build airplanes ... again Both US operators of Boeing 737 Max 9 aircraft are finding loose parts in the aircraft during the latest inspections that were prompted by an emergency exit door plug blowout during flight over the weekend.

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Ist es mglich mit Videos via auf dem TV abzuspielen
Greife extra wegen diesem Problem auf Vivaldi zurck, da er auf Chrome basiert

It's not all watching transparent TV from a voice-commanded bidet. CES has work stuff too

Fancy a Windows laptop that's also an Android tablet or a mouse and keyboard powered by kinetic energy and solar CES  Where can you find a voice-controlled luxury toilet seat and a transparent television set The annual CES show, of course, where the world's tech companies and others gather to show off the produc

Surging COVID-19 cases detected in wastewater signal potential new wave

US, the Netherlands, and Germany all show spikes, while the UK no longer collects the data US President Joe Biden declared the pandemic over in September 2022. Weeks into 2024, however, global data points to a surge in infections.

2800 'e IT-Fachleute: Der Trend setzt sich fort

Wenn dies nicht abbildet, dass die IT- gerne zu hoch bezahlt werden oder wettet die nun auf oder meinen die, dass die bloss in einem "Einmal" erledigt ist oder sind die beaiftrage im Ausland gnstiger Leider sagt der Artikel auf nichts darber aus.

Hacker News: Turkish Hackers Exploiting Poorly Secured MS SQL Servers Across the Globe

The Register: 'Only 700 new IT jobs' were created in US last year

HP customers claim firmware update rendered third-party ink verboten

Then the company cranked up the price of cartridges, complaint alleges HP is facing a potential class action complaint regarding a firmware update that rendered its printers unable to use ink from any other supplier.

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AsyncRAT in Azione: Centinaia di Downloader, Oltre 100 Domini Campagna di Attacco Senza Precedenti

Negli ultimi 11 mesi stata attiva una per distribuire il , mirato a obiettivi selettivi.

And that's a wrap for Babuk Tortilla ransomware as free decryptor released

Experts' job made 'straightforward' by crooks failing to update encryption schema after three years Security researchers have put out an updated decryptor for the Babuk ransomware family, providing a free solution for victims of the Tortilla variant.


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CEO of chat tech plumber Twilio is leaving the building

'Tech visionary and pioneer' replaced by former comms president, as company faces pressure from activist investors Jeff Lawson has stepped down as CEO of Twilio with Khozema Shipchandler filling that less-than-comfy executive chair with immediate effect.

Hacker News: Beware! YouTube Videos Promoting Cracked Software Distribute Lumma Stealer

The Register: Nvidia readies downgraded chips for China, but will anyone want to buy them

Unity to slash 25% of workforce under former Red Hat CEO Whitehurst

Move comes months after software licensing scandal Video game software company Unity is laying off a quarter of its workforce, it confirmed in a US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filing.

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