Mailed a user to schedule an

Mailed a user to schedule an appointment.

Received a broken link inside a .eml attached to another .eml and a text saying I could choose any free time slot.

Had to ask him to send me a time slot as text. With words. Possibly numbers.

Kaiser Permanente shared 13.4M people's data with Microsoft Bing, Google, others

Ouch! Millions of Kaiser Permanente patients' data was likely shared with Google, Microsoft Bing, X/Twitter, and other third-parties, according to the American healthcare giant.

Amazon to ditch WorkDocs sharing service, support countdown begins

Cloud giant directs users to pack their bags for DropBox, gives them a year to get affairs in order Amazon is killing its WorkDocs document sharing and content collaboration service, notifying users that sign-ups are no longer available and giving them a year to migrate any data stored.

Hacker News: New 'Brokewell' Android Malware Spread Through Fake Browser Updates

The Register: Huawei and partners reportedly plan to produce high bandwidth memory by 2026

Huawei and partners reportedly plan to produce high bandwidth memory by 2026

Getting their hands on AI memory one Huawei or another... A group of Chinese semiconductor firms including Huawei are reportedly looking to get domestic production of high bandwidth memory (HBM) up and running by 2026.

LIntelligenza Artificiale rallenta la sua crescita. Occorre pi elettricit in un mondo cos inquinato

Per consentire una dell , occorre risolvere il problema della mancanza di . Secondo i rappresentanti delle principali aziende tecnologiche, tra cui il miliardario Elon , questo problema sta gi limitando lo di avanzate.

Second time lucky for Thoma Bravo, which scoops up Darktrace for $5.3B

Analysts brand deal a 'nail in the coffin' for UK tech investment Private equity investor Thoma Bravo has successfully completed a second acquisition attempt of UK-based cybersecurity company Darktrace in a $5.3 billion deal.

Quest-ce que le Shadow IT Dfinition, risques et solutions Le Shadow IT ou Rogue IT, qu'est-ce que c'est Au-del de la dfinition du Shadow IT, nous allons voquer les risques et les solutions pour s'en protger.
The post Quest-ce que le Shadow IT Dfinition, risques et solutions first appeared on IT-Connect.

Hacker News: Severe Flaws Disclosed in Brocade SANnav SAN Management Software

The Register: ByteDance 'would rather' torpedo TikTok than sell it off

The eight-bit Z80 is dead. Long live the 16-bit Z80!

Yes, they are harder to solder, but there's way more potential Feature  The Z80 has a long series of successor models some compatible and some not. There are multiple options for hobbyist computer builders.

Sysadmin job descriptions:

- Responsible for all data center infrastructure
- Manage a small team of help desk technicians
- Figure out why the TV in the lobby isn't working
- Resolve integration testing issues in prod
- Remediate pentest findings
- Play Halo during Zoom meetings

$85k a year

Just messaged the CISO of the company I work for:

> Happy Friday. I was just looking at the dashboard for redacted and found that if you rearrange the letters in "Security Posture" it spells "Society Ruptures" and that feels ominous <<

That's a totally normal thing to message your superiors, right

Monster Energy and . What a morning.

Encrypted email service files DMA complaint claiming it vanished from Google Search

Tuta cries foul, Chocolate Factory denies service unreachable Tutao, known for the encrypted email service Tuta Mail, has filed a Digital Markets Act (DMA) complaint to the EU over an alleged de-ranking in Google Search.

Microsoft nostalgic-mode: rende open source il codice per MS-DOS 4.0

e hanno reso open source 4.0, un operativo a riga di comando su cui le due aziende hanno lavorato insieme oltre 40 anni fa.

How Far is it?

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- Gewnschter Start: zum nchstmglichen Zeitpunkt
- Bewerbungsfrist: 06.05.24 12:00 Uhr (fortlaufende Einladungen zu Interviews)

Mehr hier

map, filter all : . filter(...) all filter tuple, . tuple.

Hacker News: 10 Critical Endpoint Security Tips You Should Know

The Register: TikTok ban could escalate US-China trade war, ex-White House CIO tells The Reg

TikTok ban could escalate US-China trade war, ex-White House CIO tells The Reg

Doing business in Beijing 'You need to do a what-if scenario' interview  It didn't seem America's divest-or-ban bill for TikTok was going to make it into law when we last spoke with former White House chief information officer Theresa Payton but law it now is. 

UK's Investigatory Powers Bill to become law despite tech world opposition

Only minor changes from original proposals that kicked up privacy storm The UK's contentious Investigatory Powers (Amendment) Bill (IPB) 2024 has officially received the King's nod of approval and will become law.

Hacker News: Palo Alto Networks Outlines Remediation for Critical PAN-OS Flaw Under Attack

The Register: City council audit trail is an audit fail after disastrous Oracle ERP rollout

45 Drives adds Linux-powered mini PCs, workstations to growing compute lineup

Plus the system builder says an Arm-based system is already in the works Exclusive  Canadian systems builder 45 Drives is perhaps best known for the dense multi-drive storage systems employed by the likes of Backblaze and others, but over the last year the biz has expanded its line-up to virtualization kit, and now low-powe

IBM and LzLabs to clash in UK court over Software Defined Mainframe

Already facing off against each other in Texas over separate reverse engineering claims IBM and LzLabs are to lock horns in a London court next week over Big Blue's claim of breach of contract relating to mainframes and the development of software to allow mainframe applications run on x86 server clusters.

Hey Mastodon!

I'm looking for a deployable webapp used to configure the network settings on a remote machine (linux).

* for remote-site management
* for our clients to manage their products themselves

* a web-app hosted on the remote machine and exposed on a given port
* provides a simple and user-friendly UI to set usual networking settings (IP, netmask, gateway, etc) for a given network interface

Any ideas

UK agriculture department slammed for paper pushing despite tech splurges

Defra is counting contractors like sheep The UK agriculture department is "working towards" getting consultant and contractor numbers down to less than a quarter of its tech and digital transformation teams and reducing contingent labor to 12 percent of headcount by the end of the financial year.

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The Register: Microsoft and Amazon's AI ambitions spark regulatory rumble

An Tagen wie heute bruchte ich eine Selbsthilfegruppe fr Leute aus dem -support ... :ablobcatcry:

Die sucht zum nchstmglichen Zeitpunkt zur Verstrkung des Identity- und Access-Management-Teams der Arbeitsgruppe Basisdienste und Organisation (AG O) eine*n
Softwareentwickler*in (m/w/d)

Help! My mouse climbed a wall and now it doesn't work right

Support chap learns users will try to solve problems in non-obvious ways On Call  As another week drains down the plughole of history, it's time for The Register to once again deliver a fresh instalment of On Call our weekly reader-contributed tale of tech support torments and triumphs.

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