Linux Kernel of the Beast 6.6.6

Linux Kernel of the Beast 6.6.6 exorcised by angelic 6.6.7 update

The rapture of the black T-shirt brigade was very short indeed The kernel 6.6.6 version number delighted many a black-clad open source fan, but not for long. It's already been replaced with a more neighborly 6.6.7.

Cambi di poltrone in Facile.it

Scopri di pi!

The Unmaking of an Department: A Cautionary Tale

Why did Hampshire College, an iconic progressive institution saved from closure in 2019, outsource Information Technology (IT) service to a national for-profit and lay off dedicated employees, some of whom had been there for decades

DeptOmen.59.6.pdf - Google Drive


The continues...


ARC BROWSER on Windows!

Hacker News: Iranian State-Sponsored OilRig Group Deploys 3 New Malware Downloaders

Buone Feste dal Dark Web! E boom di vendite dei toolkit di phishing per le festivit di Natale

The Register: Europe inches closer to insisting gig workers are treated as employees

How Far is it?

Privacy crusaders accuse X of ad-targeting that flouts EU rules

Campaign to promote 'chat control' legislation allegedly sorted users by political views, religious beliefs An EU privacy rights group has filed a complaint against Elon Musk's X, alleging the platform unlawfully targeted advertisements from the bloc's Home Affairs directorate in a bid to build public support for hot

Part-time Seeking Two Singularities at petites singularits

Full-time Storage Engineer - Ceph and Distributed Storage at OpenNebula systems

Full-time Project Manager (Arches Project, Getty Conservation Institute) at J. Paul Getty Trust

Microsoft embraces its inner penguin with Linux-powered Windows AI Studio

Visual Studio Code extension preview has a bunch of limitations for now A preview of Microsoft's Windows AI Studio has landed a set of tools and models from catalogs, including Azure AI Studio and Hugging Face however you'll need Linux to run it.

We watched It's a Wonderful Knife last night and enjoyed it a lot! Perfect balance between slasher flick and heartwarming Xmas movie.


Hacker News: 116 Malware Packages Found on PyPI Repository Infecting Windows and Linux Systems


The Register: Money-grubbing crooks abuse OAuth and baffling absence of MFA to do financial crimes

NASA engineers scratch heads as Voyager 1 starts spouting cosmic gibberish

Science and telemetry data hit by latest issue NASA's veteran Voyager 1 spacecraft has stopped transmitting engineering and science data back to Earth.

Dungeons and Directories.

I ran across this today, and thought it clever.

Gestern haben wir uns die Frage gestellt, wie viele Menschen da drauen wohl noch nie was von ChatGPT gehrt haben.

Ich bin der Meinung, dass man auf jeden Fall davon gehrt haben sollte! Egal, ob man es nutzt oder nicht.

Aber inzwischen bekommt man ja berall sehr gute Informationen. So auch bei mir:

Intel wants to run AI on CPUs and says its 5th-gen Xeons are ones to do it

Oh and its got more cores, a bigger cache, and a simpler chiplet architecture to boot Intel launched its 5th-generation Xeon Scalable processors with more cores, cache, and machine learning grunt during its AI Everywhere Event in New York Thursday.

Russia joins North Korea in sending state-sponsored cyber troops to pick on TeamCity users

National security and infosec authorities band together to help victims sniff out stealthy Russian baddies hiding in networks The offensive cyber unit linked to Russia's Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) is exploiting the critical vulnerability affecting the JetBrains TeamCity CI/CD s

Hacker News: New Pierogi++ Malware by Gaza Cyber Gang Targeting Palestinian Entities

The Register: Tesla to remote patch 2M vehicles after damning Autopilot safety probe

When that senior IT person is retiring..... and doesn't leave a trace of documentation.......

Suffering from tab overload Vivaldi unveils Session Panels

Browser history also deposited under the Christmas Tree in new release Vivaldi the browser for users who just can't get enough settings has launched version 6.5 of its software on desktop and mobile.

Unite the union claims Vodafone and Three merger is about 'corporate greed'

Flags up potential job cuts, price hikes, and national security issues Union Unite thinks the proposed merger in Britain of telcos Vodafone and Three would results in thousands of people losing their jobs, price hikes for customers, and a "serious threat" to national security.

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$ cat /dev/sda


(in case you've never heard of it, Lord of the Rings Online) - the of ...

"Made by for and ...!"



In Deutschland werden Stimmen laut, Informatik endlich als Pflichtfach an Schulen einzufhren, am besten schon ab der 4. Klasse. Denn zu dem Zeitpunkt wissen Mdchen noch nicht, dass sie "sowas" nicht knnen, lernen es ganz
selbstverstndlich und entscheiden sich anschlieend hufiger fr ein
Informatikstudium. 1/2


(in case you've never heard of it, Lord of the Rings Online) - the of ...

"Made by for and ...!"



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Money-grubbing crooks abuse OAuth and baffling absence of MFA to do financial crimes

Business email compromise, illicit cryptomining, phishing ... if it makes a dollar, this lot do it Multiple miscreants are misusing OAuth to automate financially motivated cyber crimes such as business email compromise (BEC), phishing, large-scale spamming campaigns and deploying

Hacker News: How SoFi Uses DSPM to Accurately Classify and Secure Sensitive Data

The Register: Surprise! Email from personal.

Surprise! Email from personal.

information.revealgmail.com is not going to contain good news

Internet plod highlight tactics used by cruel Karakurt crime gang Karakurt, a particularly nasty extortion gang that uses "extensive harassment" to pressure victims into handing over millions of dollars in ransom payments after compromising their IT infrastructure, pose a "significant challen

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