Ivanti: nuova 9,8 su Standalone Sentry.

Ivanti: nuova 9,8 su Standalone Sentry. Non facciamo come il CISA. Aggiornate!

Ivanti avverte di una critica nel suo prodotto . Consente agli aggressori di eseguire comandi arbitrari da romoto. La , monitorata con il CVE-2023-41724, ha un punteggio di 9,6 e colpisce tutte le versioni supportate del prodotto, incluse 9.17.0, 9.18.0 e 9.19.0, nonch le versioni precedenti.

lifecell 11,7 (+24,4%), 9,9 , 111 -


Licensing labyrinth for Power Apps and Dynamics 365 must be clarified, warns expert

Rules still unclear for Microsoft users making potentially costly decisions on enterprise applications Microsoft needs to clarify licensing arrangements around its low-code Power Apps and Dynamics 365 software to prevent users from receiving unexpected bills for their projects.

Who besides me has 'GDPR' on the permanent taboo list in any drinking game when hanging out with their IT friends

lifecell 11,7 (+24,4%), 9,9 , 111 -

World's first Neuralink patient enjoying online chess, long Civ 6 sessions

While excited by the implant, Noland Arbaugh says it's not perfect and there's still work to be done Neuralink's first human patient is now a public figure, with the company publishing a video yesterday showing him playing chess on a laptop and talking about how "freakin' lucky" he is to be involved in the test

Hacker News: Russia Hackers Using TinyTurla-NG to Breach European NGO's Systems

The Register: Exposed: Chinese smartphone farms that run thousands of barebones mobes to do crime

CSG is failing to honor its GPL obligations, say critics

Spawn of Citrix and Tibco 'no longer able to support the community edition of JasperReports Server' Even if you decide to stop offering free editions, you don't get to stop providing the source code to FOSS, users of JasperReports Server are complaining.

Patch alert for users! A new 9.8 critical SQL injection in the FortiClient EMS is being actively exploited & used to gain remote code execution (RCE) with SYSTEM privileges. Impacted users should patch ASAP.

Yacht dealer to the stars attacked by Rhysida ransomware gang

MarineMax may be in choppy waters after 'stolen data' given million-dollar price tag The Rhysida ransomware group claims it was responsible for the cyberattack at US luxury yacht dealer MarineMax earlier this month.

DoJ, 15 states sue Apple for anti-competitive behavior

Complaint alleges iGiant uses policies to overcharge customers, stifle dev innovation, make it hard to ditch iOS breaking news  The US Department of Justice has filed an antitrust complaint against Apple, accusing the iMaker of stifling innovation and undermining competitors through its App Store guidelines and developer agreements.

Hacker News: Over 800 npm Packages Found with Discrepancies, 18 Exploitable to 'Manifest Confusion'

The Register: DoJ, 15 states sue Apple for anti-competitive behavior

Krtki poradnik o tym co robi jak zalejecie swj sprzt

Meta, Microsoft, X, Match pledge selves to Epic battle against Apple App Store

You have my sword ... and my bow ... and my axe! Meta, Microsoft, X, and Match Group are piling on Apple in support of Epic Games' ongoing legal battle over the Cupertino giant's stranglehold on its App Store.

Micron bounces back as AI drives up memory prices

'Our HBM is sold out for calendar 2024,' trills CEO Micron is basking in a market bounceback, crediting the surge of interest in AI for a jump in the company's revenue, even though buyers face the prospect of rising memory prices for the year ahead.

SAP users not keen to up budgets, says user group

Cloud and upgrade conversions remain steady if sluggish, according to ERP spending bellwether DSAG The German-speaking SAP user group has released data showing the region's appetite for budget increases in spending is diminishing, casting a shadow over the prospects for cloud transformation projects.

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il 75% delle aziende del Regno Unito ha subito un attacco informatico nel 2023

Le recenti pubblicate dal governo del Regno Unito rivelano un trend preoccupante nel campo della sicurezza : una parte significativa di imprese e associazioni benefiche si confronta con incidenti , evidenziando persistenti nelle loro difese.

My family server got put onto several DNS blocklists yesterday because someone submitted a posting with a fake return address to the newsgroup whose moderation software runs on my server, and the "fake" return address they used (NOSPAMgmail.com) is actually a spam-trap, so when my server tried to send them email acknowledging their submission I got blocklisted.
The spamtrap in question charges money for delisting. Fuck that noise.

Hacker News: AndroxGh0st Malware Targets Laravel Apps to Steal Cloud Credentials

The Register: Five Eyes tell critical infra orgs: Take these actions now to protect against China's Volt Typhoon

One rack. 120kW of compute. Taking a closer look at Nvidia's DGX GB200 NVL72 beast

1.44 exaFLOPs of FP4, 13.5 TB of HBM3e, 2 miles of NVLink cables, in one liquid cooled unit GTC  Nvidia revealed its most powerful DGX server to date on Monday. The 120kW rack scale system uses NVLink to stitch together 72 of its new Blackwell accelerators into what's essentially one big GPU capable of more th

E-waste production is growing 5x faster than it can be recycled, says UN

The right to repair should be the obligation to repair, if we want to avoid drowning in trashed electronics We're creating electronic waste almost five times faster than we're recycling it using documented methods, according to a United Nations report released on Wednesday.

Donne nel mirino: il Cyberstalking dilaga nel mondo, ma c chi dice che accettabile

Kaspersky Lab ha intervistato pi di 20.000 in tutto il mondo e ha scoperto che il ha raggiunto proporzioni ed ora una minaccia comune in quasi tutti i paesi.

UK council won't say whether two-week 'cyber incident' impacted resident data

Security experts insist ransomware is involved but Leicester zips its lips Leicester City Council continues to battle a suspected ransomware attack while keeping schtum about the key details.

Die Mrz-Ausgabe der GWDG-Nachrichten ist erschienen:

Diese Ausgabe enthlt folgende Themen:
GWDG LLM Service
GWDG Academy
FAIR Digital Objects

Hacker News: GitHub Launches AI-Powered Autofix Tool to Assist Devs in Patching Security Flaws

The Register: Beijing-backed cyberspies attacked 70+ orgs across 23 countries

Leitung der Abteilung Informationstechnik und Digitale Dienste (m/w/d), bis EG 14 TV-L bzw. BesGr. A 15 NBesG, unbefristet in Vollzeit

Systembibliothekar*in (m/w/d), Vollzeit, EG 9b TV-L, unbefristet

Flipper Zero si oppone al divieto della vendita in Canada e pubblica un lungo comunicato stampa

Nel febbraio 2024, il ha annunciato che intendeva vietare la vendita di e dispositivi simili nel paese, poich presumibilmente potrebbero essere utilizzati per rubare .

Qualcomm infuses AI support into Snapdragon 7+ Gen 3 platform

Boosted on-device generative AI's not just for the flagship smartphone kids Qualcomm is pushing out its second smartphone platform within a week, in this case an extension of its Snapdragon 7 series for high-end devices that are built to a lower price point than flagship premium smartphones.

Insider: i segreti di Tesla in vendita per puro profitto. Due arrestati

I pubblici ministeri federali di New York hanno accusato il canadese Klaus Pflugbeil, e il cinese Yilong Shao, di aver per divulgare a .

La Rivoluzione del Cervello: Neuralink Rende Possibile il Controllo Mentale dei Videogiochi

ha presentato la prima persona che ha ricevuto un impianto . Noland Arbaugh, 29 anni, rimasto paralizzato dalle spalle in gi dopo un subacqueo otto anni fa, ora pu a online e al Civilization utilizzando un dispositivo Neuralink.

Nominet set to restructure, cut jobs after losing 'major contract'

Prices also set to rise after being frozen since 2020 Nominet is cutting staff on the back of market pressure, including the loss of a government cyber contract and is considering a domain registration price increase, according to an update from its CEO.

Wer's noch nicht im Kalender stehen hat: Unter dem Motto "Wolkenfrei" finden am 5./6. April die Grazer Linuxtage 2024 statt, sterreichs grte -Konferenz. Die Veranstaltung greift alle Themen rund um freie Soft- und Hardware auf und bietet von ber den und -Security bis hin zu gesellschaftlichen Aspekten ein breites Spektrum an Vortrgen und Workshops.

Hacker News: U.S. Sanctions Russians Behind 'Doppelganger' Cyber Influence Campaign

The Register: Homeland Security will test out using genAI to train US immigration officers