it's so scary as shit im scared to sleep ;;;

@curlyhairhowell it's so scary as shit im scared to sleep ;;;

smattik_daboss SOUTH LONDON
@__bbygal S-Mattik Rage Shit follow @smattik_daboss

Thaiyela93 Compton, CA
Shit i wanna sleep fuck

Halaa96 Amman, Jordan.
@98sraghad shit☺️

Maybe I just shower, help dude, go home and blaze that shit

X0jen_ Jensen Beach, FL
Holy shit it's hot 😩

iamnyokz Nairobi
Analyse noise people make during coitus as well @slyrie Let me listen to that audio again. I'm going to analyse the shit out of it πŸ˜‚

PabloThaWizard Austin, TEXA$
Oomf capping she not bout that cuddle shit πŸ˜‚

Get me on holiday having a shit fucking week πŸ˜“

itsbizkit LONG ISLAND NY
@GoobStilldope joint he did for me shit fire

zayX_x texas
Lol shit everybody up rolling weed this Thursday morning. This a wave ima get on.

RedwoodGirl Temescal, Oakland, California
@OwensDamien Oh no no no. People outside the US are going to be watching this? Shit.

All dos new shit I'm working on going hard af

Kantawanm Thailand
Honestly trying to get my shit together by the end of this month but what are the odds

blvckandwhvte Sacramento, California
@Steve_MelvinJr Not HHS cause you gotta hear the teachers talk shit about the class of 2017πŸ˜‚

shoz10 Preston
Why they all not out yet .. Your shit England! #TheAshes #SodehAussies πŸ‘Œ

kevinbertao Wollongong
We are as bad as India now. We kill it at home batting on roads but shit ourselves as soon as the ball moves a few millimetres. #Ashes

@elisiaic2000 @conorkun @abbieclarkey @kayleighxhas @graceyxolivia if you didn't give a shit you wouldn't have started shit? Ah well

LongWillyGilly the 6 with my woes
Shit that made me laugh

Junaid_IJ Classified!
oil & gas magazines be boring as shit

MANONTHEPOON creepin no sleepin
Niggas talk shit till they get lock jaw

BoyarGEE huSTLe, MO
lil stack havin' ass πŸ˜‚ life savings like shit. no upper lip like shit 😩 bony chin like shit πŸ’€

cjjennings777 L B C
@beccaj282 In your eyes stop putting yourself in the position to think that shit gets old and unfair I really don't care I'm just sayin

xoxobriii_ Port St Lucie, FL
Bruh my dawg is drilling holes or some shit , like take yo ass to sleeeeep

Bitches ain't shit and they ain't sayin nothin a hundred motherfuckers can tell me nothin I got beez in the trap be-beez in the trap

skysugg school
@NOGITSUNEPHAN i really want to help but im shit at giving advice
Is Crapulent
cumatmejai jai followed 8/5/15 1:32 am
@LUKESSEXINESS i know im the shit πŸ’•

rodl Canburgh
@AstroKatie ME! (no just kidding, I’d be shit at it)
Is Crapulent
@ambitiontario who talked shit? #MTVHottest Justin Bieber

duanewhite20 Gretna, LA
Fuck the talking man this shit for broπŸ’₯

Created: 6 Aug 2015