IT Dept Challenges Ruling in 4,993

IT Dept Challenges Ruling in 4,993 Crore Tax Dispute with LIC.

Neuer Rckschlag fr : Der eines -Riesen

Hallo Leute, es lohnt sich den Beitrag vom ZDF Cyberwar Die unsichtbare Schlacht im Netz
Mahl ihn Ruhe anzuschauen.

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Hacker News: New SaaS Security Solution at a No-Brainer Price - Start Free, Decide Later


The Register: 3D printer purchases could require background checks under proposed law

Python / Django Developer (f/m/d)

Hacker News: Discord: A Playground for Nation-State Hackers Targeting Critical Infrastructure


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The Register: Amazon's Project Kuiper satellites prepare for testing after one late Prime delivery

Il giallo della vulnerabilit 0-day in Signal: Verit o leggenda

Negli ultimi giorni in circola la voce di una nel , che presumibilmente riguarderebbe la funzione Genera anteprime dei collegamenti.


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heise-Angebot: c't-Webinar: Fantastische Bildwelten mit KI

YAAAAASSS my fellow university Alumni know what the fuck is UP!

They saw a suspicious sounding email from our alma mater and they en masse directly contacted my Uni instead of clicking on the email link and inputing their info.

FYI, that's what you're supposed to do.
If you see a suspicious email in your personal email OR work email, contact the original sender. Don't enter your info if in doubt. That's how folks get hacked.

Tech Knowledge FTW!

Hacker News: Webinar: Locking Down Financial and Accounting Data &#8212 Best Data Security Strategies

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The Register: Raspberry Pi 5: Hot takes and cooler mistakes

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: Nobody Does It Better - The Spy Who Loved Me

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Question to people on here: can you explain the awfulness of digital platforms that staff have to interact with on daily basis True probably in many sectors and life in general, but it seems to be particularly bad in . My trophy for worst, worst platform of all goes to -S - whatever it's called. It is painful, horrible to use. I don't care if I come across as stupid. You shouldn't be made to feel stupid when you do free work for others.


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Hacker News: Exploring the Realm of Malicious Generative AI: A New Digital Security Challenge

The Register: iPhone 15 Pro Max users report seeing ghostly OLED apparitions

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DNS server resolv

Hacker News: New SaaS Security Solution at a No-Brainer Price - Start Free, Decide Later

The Register: So this one time, at Bandcamp, half the staff were laid off


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Meld je vandaag nog aan voor Masterclass IT in november of december (wachtlijst) in Den Haag.

Het lijkt soms wel of ITers een andere taal spreken. Hoor je dit of zeg je dit wel eens zelf Dan is dit je kans!

In 2 dagen ga je aan de slag met alle terminologie, met de rollen en het jargon van een IT-afdeling. Deze Masterclass bestaat uit theorie, demos, praktijkopdrachten en discussies met medecursisten.

a va causer syndicalisme dans l'IT avec des camarades de le 18 octobre sur la chaine **Les Compagnons du DevOps** !


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Authentifizierung in Windows:
Microsoft will altes NTLM schnell loswerden

So weit so positiv aber weshalb nutzt unter anderem Windows zB kein Argon2 im System, das ist nun aktuell Sehe ich da was falsch oder ist das bei Win ein M$-Gebastel Klar ist es in der Produktion etwas zu ndern nicht simpel aber Security wird mMn fters vernachlssigt.

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Hacker News: CERT-UA Reports: 11 Ukrainian Telecom Providers Hit by Cyberattacks

The Register: Cisco zero-day bug allows router hijacking and is being actively exploited

Donald trump tweets