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"My terminal wasn't online and ready to login within .02 seconds of showing the login button! I'd better call the helpdesk!"

Hacker News: PEACHPIT: Massive Ad Fraud Botnet Powered by Millions of Hacked Android and iOS

The Register: Scripted shortcut caused double-click disaster of sysadmin's own making

UN-Generalsekretr und Rotes Kreuz fordern Verbot autonomer Waffen

Ancora una nuova campagna di malspam a tema Agenzia delle Entrate diffonde il malware Ursnif

Negli ultimi anni, levoluzione delle utilizzate dai ha raggiunto livelli di sofisticazione senza precedenti. Tra le minacce digitali pi insidiose che affliggono le e i comuni, spiccano le campagne di altamente efficaci che sfruttano la delle impersonando o .

Made a tall version of the bracket to mount NUC's under desks.

Hacker News: CNAPP for Dummies

My work is closed for the holiday but we're having a corporate training/volunteering day.

Thankfully, it's looking like we'll be ending early

The Register: FTC: Please stop falling for social media scams, you've given crooks at least $650M so far this year

Siete coscienti che sta per arrivare

Hamas e Storm-1133: Gli hacker colpiscono i settori strategici israeliani

Un gruppo di criminali coinvolto in una serie di attacchi contro private operanti nei settori dell, della e delle .

I watched Season 1 of this anime with a friend & I can't help but shout this out, this anime is severely underrated and overlooked, definitely check it out it has such good writing, animation, & overall style.

Big O, it's showtime!


What are nerdy tech people using to backup their home/personal computers nowadays I've been using Backblaze's backup for a few years now but the price is just too much for lots of computers.

Most of the open source solutions seem to have really clunky restore workflows and no global search for deleted files, which is basically a non-starter for me. Of the ones I've tested Arq 7 seems to be the front-runner for now.


Hacker News: Cybercriminals Using EvilProxy Phishing Kit to Target Senior Executives in U.S. Firms

The Register: Blockchain biz goes nuclear: Standard Power wants to use NuScale reactors for DCs

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Apple , iPHone 15 Pro


Smartmi Humidifier 3


Clotilde Armand anun c a dispus suspendarea activitii a nou terase celebre din Parcul Herstru i de pe pentru c dau muzica tare: Nuba, Cucina, Kayo, Funky Lounge, Bar 112 i Grdina Monteoru.

Hacker News: High-Severity Flaws in ConnectedIO's 3G/4G Routers Raise Concerns for IoT Security

The Register: Not even the ghost of obsolescence can coerce users onto Windows 11

Sophos vulnerabile ad una delle 6 CVE emesse su Exim. Si tratta di una Remote Code Execution

Zero Day Initiative ha rivelato un totale di sei zero-day nell Internet Mailer, che potenzialmente rendono migliaia di di in tutto il mondo vulnerabili allo sfruttamento.

, Xiaomi MIUI

Kelan johtaja Nina Nissil on Tivin valitsema Vuoden it- ja digijohtaja. Onneksi olkoon Nina!


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Elon Musk: Su Marte in 4 anni! Lo riporta al 74esimo Congresso Astronautico Internazionale a Baku

Sappiamo che Elon non molto forte nei pronostici. Questa settimana al 74esimo Internazionale a , gioved (5 ottobre), Elon Musk ha preso parte ad unintervista in cui ha parlato della sua visione dei voli .

The Register: Obscured by clouds: Time for IaaS vendors to come clean and play fair

heise+ Spracherkennung mit Arduino nano connect realisieren

in the workplace isnt just an issue. Its everyones business to safeguard and protect !

Xiaomi Mesh- AX3000 Wi-Fi 6


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She said, and I quote: "You can't say these things to people it doesn't matter how right you are..."

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Hacker News: Gaza-Linked Cyber Threat Actor Targets Israeli Energy and Defense Sectors

NVIDIA AI Summit -

Make Your Own Art