iPhone iOS 16

iPhone iOS 16

what a week. tk system is up and running. nice team work

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How Far is it?

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MIUI 14 Xiaomi

Well, , it was a heck of a ride, but you're now old enough to drink. Meanwhile, the much-yearned for (if you're a mega-corp) death of draws near. Imagine stamping on a creative's face, forever.

"...Microsoft revealed Thursday it will shutter its Xbox 360 Store next summer, nearly two decades after the console hit the market..."

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Dzi zostaam pouczona, e w komunikatach wewntrznych w firmie nie mog uywa okrelenia informatyk, bo to obraliwe. S programici, admini, wsparcie, ale nie informatycy. Moe mi to kto wyjani

Kurcz, to moe okrelenie lekarz te tak ma.

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Oh I do love it when Site-to-Site tunnels establish first time without any issues, especially when its with a 3rd party.

Windows-Benutzer muss zum ersten Mal mit einem Mac arbeiten c't 3003

X: Tweetdeck ab jetzt kostenpflichtig

as I am contractually obligated to stay up to date and my job literally is to be the in terms of and what is being used.

I forcibly migrate to because I don't get paid enough to deal with shit like .

And those that need some proprietary get a machine with or a / session to a or that has been rackmounted.

Finanzministerium warnt vor betrgerischen E-Mails

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Apple Watch.

Auch dank USB-C: Erhhung der Ladegeschwindigkeit beim iPhone 15 im Anmarsch

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