iOS 15.7.9, iPadOS 15.7.9, macOS 12.6.9

iOS 15.7.9, iPadOS 15.7.9, macOS 12.6.9 macOS 11.7.10


I somehow don't think this is legit Someone on marketplace selling lol

The Phoenix Project - I recommend this book 100% for anyone working in any IT related positions.

This book explains how the DevOps methodology is implemented in a company that has a very unorganized, full of bottlenecks and with a lack of standard processes, IT department. Due to these issues, the department is not able to deliver quality projects efficiently.

The book is written in a novelish way, instead of being an how to guide, which makes it really interesting to read!

Ufficio reclami.

Hacker News: Charming Kitten's New Backdoor 'Sponsor' Targets Brazil, Israel, and U.A.E.

The Register: Local governments aren't businesses so why are they force-fed business software


Be honest: do you use unmanaged and personal devices to do work

Yes or no, you're not the bad guy. It happens more often than you'd think.

Our latest research shows that 47% of companies still permit unmanaged devices to access their apps and resources.

Those companies are at risk of bad actors impersonating their employees with phished credentials, devices compromised with malware, or sensitive customer data leaking out via downloads and unapproved applications.

Unmanaged devices are the lynchpin in the larger Shadow IT problem. To learn more about what workers do on these devices, and why security teams are getting the problem wrong, read the full Shadow IT report here:

Embracer Group Gearbox Entertainment Borderlands -


Apple . iPhone 15 Plus

SRN-SZ: Deep Leaning-Based Scientific Error-Bounded Lossy Compression with Super-Resolution Neural Networks

"By using super-resolution techniques, the proposed SRN-SZ can effectively compress the hard-to-compress scientific datasets, achieving up to 75% compression ratio improvements under the same error bound and up to 80% compression ratio improvements under the same PSNR than the second-best compressor." gal30b+

iOS 17

Meta , GPT-4 - -4

TechStage Sicher & sichtbar auf dem Schulweg: Taschenlampe, Smartwatch, GPS, Handy

Hacker News: Vietnamese Hackers Deploy Python-Based Stealer via Facebook Messenger

Hyundai Solaris.

The Register: Watt's the worst thing you can do to a datacenter Failing to RTFM, electrically

Google standardizes real-time protection for users! Chrome will now block sites and warn you if you visit a malicious URL. Google's Enhanced Safe Browsing is still better, but this is now a stronger baseline:

Nenechte si ujt pednku "Cesta do IT: Tipy pro samouky" s Ondejem Pechem! Ondej vm pov o sv cest k prvn prci v IT, zmn klov kroky a dleit rady pro spch v oboru.

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Hey fellow Network engineers, got a stupid question:
I recently got an AP (U6+) and despite being attached with a poe adapter its not registering as wired connection. Do I need an actual POE switch or is my AP's data port just bad. It powers on and meshes with the network, but its too far from the gateway for a stable connection


Generalization Bounds: Perspectives From Information Theory and PAC-Bayes

"This monograph provides an introduction to information-theoretic generalization bounds, and their connection to the PAC-Bayesian framework, which provides a general framework for studying the generalization capabilities of machine learning algorithms." gal30b+


Bij de Rijksinspectie Digitale Infrastructuur (RDI) werken we samen aan innovatie en maatschappelijke verantwoordelijkheid. Als Strategisch IT-adviseur in Groningen/Amersfoort, integreer je nieuwe technologien, vertaal je ideen naar actie, en lever je eerlijke inzichten.

Werk samen met ons aan het realiseren van onze bedrijfsdoelen en verbeter de IT-wereld!

PRISTA-Net: Deep Iterative Shrinkage Thresholding Network for Coded Diffraction Patterns Phase Retrieval

"A learnable nonlinear transformation to address the proximal-point mapping sub-problem, and an attention mechanism to focus on phase information, global feature learning via FFT, and log-based loss function." gal30b+

In 3 days, webinar: : From to

Hacker News: Google Chrome Rolls Out Support for 'Privacy Sandbox' to Bid Farewell to Tracking Cookies

The Register: IBM Software tells workers: Get back to the office three days a week

And, 's ...

New Order: Blue Monday (Moreno J Remix Re-edited)

Un attacco informatico paralizza i siti di Roma Capitale gestiti da Zetema progetto cultura

Una situazione di si verificata questa mattina quando i siti di gestiti da Zetema Progetto Cultura sono stati oggetto di un che li ha resi completamente inaccessibili.

Honor Magic V2

In volo su Marte. Ingenuity, il drone del progetto NASA Perseverance ha trascorso 100 minuti in volo

Dal 19 aprile 2021, quando l della decollato per la prima volta dalla polverosa superficie marziana, si sono verificati molti eventi sorprendenti nellaria del Pianeta Rosso. L ha recentemente celebrato un traguardo sorprendente: 100 minuti su .

La cyber-mafia si estende ad Oriente. In arrivo un nuovo livello di Cybercrime transnazionale

I turchi si sono uniti agli russi per inondare il mercato online con decine di milioni di personali rubati. Ci testimonia l del carattere transnazionale di questo tipo di frode.

Friends who work in : does anyone have experience implementing / in their organization If so, do you have any recommendations on best practices / documents for an implementation

The head of my IT department has been talking about ITIL/ITSM since I started in March 2022, yet no progress has been made.

While Ive worked in orgs that use ITIL/ITSM, Ive never been part of such an implementation and Id like to help get this one moving along (its desperately needed).


Streiks in Hollywood: Die Streaming-Drre ist nicht mehr abwendbar

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