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In the world of , there's no one-size-fits-all approach! Whether it's , or problem-solving, there are countless paths to reach the same goal. Embrace diversity in methods and let creativity thrive!

Migrating from an Old Linux Server to a New FreeBSD Machine

Got a cold sales email calling me Emma from a company we already use.

Tell me your internal systems are bad without telling me your internal systems are bad.

Things to call the team for apparently:

Power Outage.

Not as out there as a broken toilet but still wrong.

Word turns 40: From 'new kid on the block' to 'I can't believe it's not bloatware'

In 1983, David Copperfield vanished the Statue of Liberty and Word for DOS turned up Microsoft's Word is 40 years old today. Celebrations aside, it's worth pointing out the productivity juggernaut of 2023 was not always the bloated behemoth that is found on so many workstations.


ULA's Vulcan Centaur hopes to rocket into Christmas

Meanwhile, ESA looks to SpaceX for help with Galileo constellation United Launch Alliance's (ULA) first certification mission of its Atlas V replacement, the Vulcan Centaur, is set for near the end of the 2023 with a Christmas Eve launch.

Hacker News: The Rise of S3 Ransomware: How to Identify and Combat It

The Register: Pro-Russia group exploits Roundcube zero-day in attacks on European government emails

Pro-Russia group exploits Roundcube zero-day in attacks on European government emails

With this zero-day, researchers say the 'scrappy' group is stepping up its operations The Winter Vivern cyber spy group is exploiting an XSS zero-day vulnerability in attacks on European governments.

Cyber Alert


A critical 'Citrix Bleed' vulnerability (CVE-2023-4966) has been identified in Citrix that allows unauthorized retrieval of session cookies. Exploitation has escalated since the publication of a POC.

Citrix Alert:


Cyber Alert


A critical 'Citrix Bleed' vulnerability (CVE-2023-4966) has been identified in Citrix NetScaler ADC and Gateway appliances that can allow unauthorized retrieval of session cookies, potentially compromising systems. While a fix was released by Citrix on October 10, exploitation has escalated since the publication of a proof-of-concept by Assetnote. These vulnerabilities often pave the way for ransomware and data theft attacks. All administrators using Citrix NetScaler devices are urgently advised to patch their systems immediately to mitigate risks.

Citrix Alert:


Boffins say their thin film solar cells make space farms viable

No word on whether getting that energy from space to Earth will be made any easier, though Boffins from two UK universities believe they've figured a viable way to make space-based solar farms feasible, and it doesn't even require any new-fangled or expensive technology to accomplish.

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Window Maker Live: When less is more, but more is also ... more

New version of Debian-based live distro boasts added GNUstep, too Back in August, a new version of Window Maker arrived. Now there's a corresponding update to Window Maker Live, so you can try it out without installing.

It gets even funnier when you look at his bio. He apparently runs the ZDNet DIY-IT blogs, but couldn't figure out how to DIY the IT for Mastodon. FFS, If you can figure out email you can figure out how to setup a Mastodon account. I have so many non technical friends who figured it out easily. Just further proof may not be high quality journalism for and

Hacker News: Nation State Hackers Exploiting Zero-Day in Roundcube Webmail Software

The Register: RISC-V champ SiFive reportedly laying off 1 in 5 workers

RISC-V champ SiFive reportedly laying off 1 in 5 workers

The prupse is refocusing and 'realigning,' according to chip designer RISC-V chip designer SiFive has laid off many of its engineers and other staff amid efforts to refocus on creating bespoke processor cores for customers, according to reports.

Una nuova RCE da 9,8 stata rilevata su VMware vCenter Server.

ha rilasciato nuovi di per risolvere un difetto critico nel che potrebbe comportare l di in modalit remota sui interessati.

Seiko watches 60K personal data records tick away in BlackCat ransomware heist

Investigations ongoing as full extent of July breach is questioned Seiko Group, the Japanese company known best for its timekeeping business, has published a fresh update on its July ransomware attack, revealing that the group behind it stole 60,000 items of personal data.

Hacker News: Critical OAuth Flaws Uncovered in Grammarly, Vidio, and Bukalapak Platforms

The Register: CEO Satya Nadella thinks Microsoft hung up on Windows Phone too soon

CEO Satya Nadella thinks Microsoft hung up on Windows Phone too soon

'There could have been ways we could have made it work' Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella regrets the abrupt termination of the Windows Phone project.

Westbahn rt Kunden wegen Cybervorfall zur Vorsicht

La Trasparenza nelle IA diminuisce con laumento della sua popolarit. Amazon allultimo posto!

I della University hanno recentemente pubblicato un rapporto sullindice chiamato Foundation Model Index, o FMTI, che misura la dei modelli di () sottostanti.

When you're new in , let me give you an important lesson:

Nothing lasts longer than a temporary workaround/solution.

HPE starts Hybrid Cloud push, will herd users into GreenLake subs service

Unit aims to 'take share in storage, scale private cloud, and expand into infrastructure software' HPE's Hybrid Cloud unit starts operations next month, yet it is unclear if the hardware giant can persuade more customers that its GreenLake service can steer them through the complexity of a multi-cloud world.

... with ...

AWS says it wants in on the European sovereign cloud game

Appealing to growing crowd that wants data outside US jurisdiction Amazon is planning to launch a dedicated sovereign cloud for customers in Europe with stringent data residency requirements, and claims this will be physically and logically separate from existing AWS Regions.

You can if you won't ...

Ivi Adamou - La La Love - Cyprus - Live - Grand Final - 2012 Eurovision Song Contest


Ta To pa tera. *czyci cay dysk i stawia system od nowa*

Hacker News: Act Now: VMware Releases Patch for Critical vCenter Server RCE Vulnerability

Luxshare Apple. -

The Register: Brits sign Axiom Space deal for human spaceflight in name of science

Brits sign Axiom Space deal for human spaceflight in name of science

The things the kingdom will do to get away from Europe... The UK Space Agency and Axiom Space are signing an agreement to send more Brits into space on a commercially sponsored mission.

UK to crack down on imported Chinese optical fiber cables

5.7 million fiber kilometers of the stuff could be worth 88M to Brit players, claims government The UK is cracking down on Chinese imports to protect its optical fiber cable market, which translated to a length of approximately "5.7 million kilometers" in 2021 alone.

Fachkrftemangel: Warum Jobsuchende und Arbeitgeber nicht zusammenfinden

Ich sehe das so: In der IT wollen zB ArbeiterInnen, dass der Support unter anderem neben ihnen sitzt und ihre Arbeit erledigt aber weil es anscheinend zu kompliziert auf dem Computer ist. Das ua in der IT die EntwicklerInnen keine Zeit fr Support verschwenden knnen wird nicht eingesehen und vorgeworfen.

Onko se nykyaikaa ett yritysmaailmassa kyttjll on lpprille tydet oikeudet

Pitk sihteeri-sirpan tunnuksilla saada asentaa ohjelmistoja

Mielestni ei.

Softatoimittaja tosin vitt muuta, heidn hieno automaattinen pivitys ei toimi ellei sirpa ole paikallinen jrjestelmnvalvoja.

Mit vuotta me nyt eletn ja kuka tss nyt on fossiili

The Raspberry Pi 5 is now available ... if you pre-ordered

Will there be tinkering under the Christmas tree The Raspberry Pi 5 has started shipping, but with pre-orders likely to snap up the first batch, will the faithful have a merry or miserable Christmas

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