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In the past, i tried a couple of times to apply for varoius IT-centric projects on platforms like freelancer.de or but never got a single reply (out of maybe 30 applications).

Is it me, or are these platforms overloaded by ppl looking for projects

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Pyongyang sotto Accusa: Hacker Nordcoreani Rubano Miliardi di dollari in criptovaluta per finanziare il programma nucleare!

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: Straight Outer Compton Oktoberfest Edition

5 anni. E il tempo che gli hacker cinesi di Volt Typhoon sono rimasti allinterno delle infrastrutture critiche statunitensi

Sorry, scammers: The FCC says AI robocalls are definitely illegal

Existing telemarketing abuse laws apply to AI voices, too, says Commission The US Federal Communications Commission has finally formally declared AI-generated voices in robocalls illegal, and it didn't even need a new law to get the job done.

Hacker News: Google Starts Blocking Sideloading of Potentially Dangerous Android Apps in Singapore

The Register: CERN is training robot dogs to spot radiation hazards at Large Hadron Collider

Find out how far it is between any two cities.

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: Banjo

Apple and Samsung tussle over whose gizmos are hardest to fix

Chromebooks earn 'Least Likely to Survive a Screwdriver' award The Public Interest Research Group (PIRG) has published a study showing that Apple has work to do to make its laptops more easily repairable. At the same time, Samsung snatched the bottom place when it comes to cellphone repairability.

Raspberry Robin devs are buying exploits for faster attacks

One of most important malware loaders to cybercrims who are jumping on vulnerabilities faster than ever Researchers suspect the criminals behind the Raspberry Robin malware are now buying exploits for speedier cyberattacks.

Europe's deepest mine to become Europe's deepest battery

2 MW of energy storage using dirt, winches, and cables set to be installed in Finland The deepest metal mine in Europe, unused since 2022, is set to host a giant underground gravity battery.

Get the inside scoop on the top security issues! WIth an average of 4,000 attempts per second to compromise identities, read our team's list of the most common M365 issues & how to solve them:

Leaked memo: Microsoft employees should be using Copilot too

It's all part of a push to get more devs using AI tools While blasting customers with the promise of AI, Microsoft is now telling its employees to tiptoe into the brave new world too.

Hacker News: Assess Your Security Maturity Across 9 Critical Cybersecurity Program Controls

The Register: Work to resolve binary babble from Voyager 1 is ongoing

Can I block the operation of an browser extension by using a custom filter on on my router Or perhaps using a VPN config on my router

I really dont like my big bad business daddy digging into my personal health , communications, etc., & I dont have admin rights on my PC to disable/remove it.

Work to resolve binary babble from Voyager 1 is ongoing

You think your latency is bad How about 45 hours to see if a command worked NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) has confirmed that work to resolve a data issue aboard Voyager 1 continues, almost two months since the spacecraft began spouting gibberish.

Uber $150 -

Microsoft embraces its inner penguin as sudo sneaks into Windows 11

Linux users have enjoyed such functionality for decades Microsoft has accidentally announced the arrival of sudo in Windows, bringing to an end fervent industry chatter about the tool emerging in the company's flagship operating system.

Fintech engineer grounded by crypto fraud caper, including $300m spoof trades

Fourth conviction in South Africa-linked scheme The head of financial engineering at fintech platform Hydrogen Technology has been convicted of manipulating the price of a security and scheming to defraud investors in the company's cryptocurrency, HYDRO.

Hacker News: Chinese Hackers Operate Undetected in U.S. Critical Infrastructure for Half a Decade

The Register: Apple Vision Pro has densest display iFixit's ever seen, and almost-OK repairability

Cybercrime duo accused of picking $2.5M from Apple's orchard

Security researcher buddies allegedly tag team a four-month virtual gift card heist at Cupertino tech giant A cybersecurity researcher and his pal are facing charges in California after they allegedly defrauded an unnamed company, almost certainly Apple, out of $2.5 million.

5G network slicing finally shown to be more than pipe dream

Telcos demonstrate configuration in action at research facility. Now to find customers that want to buy one Telco BT has demonstrated network slicing, long slated as a key element for providing full fat 5G networks promised to subscribers.

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Wij zorgen snel voor de juiste match, dankzij ons unieke Open Source detacheringsmethode binnen de IT-sector.

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European cloud providers locked in talks with Microsoft over licensing complaint

Redmond has until end of this quarter to make 'substantive progress' A trade group representing 27 cloud businesses is back at the negotiating table in a bid to resolve the lawsuit it filed over Microsoft's alleged anti-competitive licensing policies.

Hacker News: Unified Identity - look for the meaning behind the hype!

The Register: Microsoft seeks patent for tech to put words into your mouth

Microsoft seeks patent for tech to put words into your mouth

Remember that satnav that spoke like Homer Simpson Now imagine AI doing that in any language, on any device Microsoft has filed a patent application for an "automatic dubbing" system that strips speech from media and inserts new voices in its place.

Saturnian moon Mimas: Crunchy on the outside, sub-surface ocean on the inside

Data from Cassini suggests hidden depths beneath crater-ridden body Mimas, a moderate-sized moon orbiting Saturn, is likely to possess liquid oceans hidden under its icy surface, according to a research paper published this week.

Il sito del Ministero della Giustizia Offline: Attivit di Manutenzione o qualcosa di pi sinistro

Edinburgh Uni rolled out Oracle system despite warnings The Register

Hacker News: Critical Patches Released for New Flaws in Cisco, Fortinet, VMware Products

The Register: When red flags are just office decoration: Edinburgh Uni's Oracle IT disaster

When red flags are just office decoration: Edinburgh Uni's Oracle IT disaster

Management either weren't told about risks or ignored them, report finds Before Edinburgh University went live with its disastrous Oracle finance and HR system rollout, senior managers either didn't get the message about "red" risks or ignored it, an independent report has found.

: Die
in stellt einSenior Service Owner Schwerpunkt Kalkulations- und Ratingsysteme (w/d/m)

In its tantrum with Europe, Apple broke web apps in iOS 17 beta, still hasn't fixed them

PWAs demoted to OWB: Operating Within Browser Apple has argued for years that developers who don't want to abide by its rules for native iOS apps can always write web apps.

Hacker News: Kimsuky's New Golang Stealer 'Troll' and 'GoBear' Backdoor Target South Korea

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