If you're headed to Saintcon this

If you're headed to Saintcon this year, don't miss the awesome sessions from our own , Matt Durrin and . Don't forget to stop by our booth we are bringing some really cool swag!

Hacker News: Guyana Governmental Entity Hit by DinodasRAT in Cyber Espionage Attack

The Register: Mint freshens up its Linux garden for Ubuntu and Debian fans

Cyberpunk 2077

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag 2. AirTag,

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: Apple MacBook Pro

Hacker News: QakBot Threat Actors Still in Action, Using Ransom Knight and Remcos RAT in Latest Attacks


The Register: Microsoft introduces AI meddling to your files with Copilot in OneDrive

I'm planning on taking my + exam soon. Any tips

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Apple corregge lennesimoo 0day sfruttato attivamente. Siamo a 17 dallinizio dellanno

Xiaomi Android 14

Hacker News: Cisco Releases Urgent Patch to Fix Critical Flaw in Emergency Responder Systems

You know... No one believes me when I talk about stuff I do work-wise.

Here's just this morning...

User: I'm in a committee meeting and my reminders in Outlook keep making chimes. What can I do to make it stop making noises

Me: Click the volume icon, drop the volume, or mute it. You can even mute just Outlook.

Surprisingly when I tell people what I deal with no one believes me, they think I make everything up.

The Register: South Korea accuses North of Phish and Ships attack

Italiani state attenti! Dietro la promessa di rimborso dalla Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri si nasconde una frode

Xiaomi .

La Luna veste Prada! Le tute spaziali della missione Artemis III saranno realizzate dalla grande azienda italiana

Google Pixel 8 8 Pro

Hacker News: Analysis and Config Extraction of Lu0Bot, a Node.js Malware with Considerable Capabilities

The Register: Make-me-root 'Looney Tunables' security hole on Linux needs your attention


(X) entfernt berschriften bei geposteten Links

Wie u.a. der Datenschutz, Privatsphre & Menschenrecht bei mchtigen Interner-Giganten unterdrckt werden und wer & wie dagegen gekmpft wird.

Utopia Irre Visionen in Silicon Valley:
Erfinder und Ingenieure, Genies und Risiko-Investoren aus dem Silicon Valley verndern unsere Welt grundstzlich in atemberaubendem Tempo und Umfang.


Early morning thoughts. If you call me at 19 to ask for a non-urgent, two-hour task and I confirm I'll do it, you can't call me the morning after at 8:30 asking if I'm done.

Apple iPhone 15 Pro, . ,

iOS 17.1 Beta 2

Apple DuckDuckGo iPhone iPad

Android 14 , iPhone

iPhone 15 Pro . Apple ()

Gibt es Empfehlungen fr Leute/Webseiten, dich sich mit der Sicherheit von Biometrie (Fingerprint, Face-Unlock) in den einzelnen Smartphones (Samsung, Apple, Google, ..) beschftigen

Die also bewerten, wie gut die Implementierungen in diesen Smartphones sind.


Hacker News: Atlassian Confluence Hit by New Actively Exploited Zero-Day - Patch Now

The Register: Samsung to fab chips for RISC-V processor world's Tenstorrent

Ducati . , 12

iOS 17.0.3. iPhone 15!

Hacker News: Apple Rolls Out Security Patches for Actively Exploited iOS Zero-Day Flaw

511 . Apple $87,8 , 3,3 $565 -

The Register: Nukes, schmukes fuel cells could power future datacenters

Love to walk