Hm! Boeing union just ran whistleblower

Hm! Boeing union just ran whistleblower rights training

Staff decibel level is high - and not just from all those jet engines A union representing Boeing employees held a training session last week on whistleblower protection rights, suggesting the troubled jetmaker's problems may be far from over. 

Finally, RSS is live!

Some thoughts on getting to know the BSD family better this year.

Google takes shots at Microsoft for shoddy security record with enterprise apps

Also, feds who switch to Google Workspace for 3 years get an extra year for free Google has taken a victory lap in the wake of high-profile security breaches in Microsoft software, and says firms should ditch Exchange and OneDrive for Gmail and Google Drive.

Hacker News: Iranian MOIS-Linked Hackers Behind Destructive Attacks on Albania and Israel

The Register: An attorney says she saw her library reading habits reflected in mobile ads. That's not supposed to happen


Oh Sonos! App update borks users' favorite features and worse

Blind customers complain they've been forgotten in rollout of latest UI Sonos has alienated chunks of its customer base after releasing a revamped app for its music boxes that strips users of often used features, including making it nearly "impossible" for the vision impaired.

Can I phone a friend How cops circumvent face recognition bans

Just ask a pal in a neighboring town with laxer restrictions Police in multiple major US cities have figured out a trick to circumvent their cities' bans on facial recognition technology. Just ask a friend in a city without any such restrictions to do it for you.

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Another week, another leak for Boeing's Starliner crew capsule

This bird isn't going to space for a while Boeing's CST-100 Starliner capsule will spend a little longer on Earth than planned following the discovery of a leak in one of the spacecraft's reaction control thrusters.

Yikes! Google accidentally wipes the account and backups of UniSuper, a $135 billion pension fund. Caused by a rare misconfiguration, UniSuper luckily also had backups with a different provider. Redundant backups for the win!

Hacker News: Cyber Criminals Exploit GitHub and FileZilla to Deliver Cocktail Malware

The Register: Google Cloud shows it can break things for lots of customers not just one at a time

AI might be coming for your job, but Sam Altman can't go on dinner dates anymore

As OpenAI's safety culture comes under scrutiny, CEO bemoans his lack of privacy Spare a thought for poor Sam Altman. Amid the ongoing drama that is OpenAI, with high-profile departures and regulators worrying about safety, the CEO is complaining that his fame put an end to impromptu dining in his own city.

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Chorus anticipates high-bandwidth IoT demand

Research from Chorus and the NZ IoT Alliance shows demand for high bandwidth IoT. 2degrees uses its Flex portal to reboot its wholesale operation.


Researchers call out QNAP for dragging its heels on patch development

WatchTowr publishes report claiming vendor failed to issue fixes after four months Infosec boffins say they were forced to go public after QNAP failed to fix various vulnerabilities that were reported to it months ago.


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Riuscir Google a bloccare i malware Android 15 e le sue AI vogliono rivoluzionare la sicurezza

Alla recente conferenza I/O 2024, gli hanno annunciato diverse nuove funzionalit di che in 15 e Protect e aiuteranno a combattere , truffe e dannose sui dispositivi degli utenti.

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DoJ, ByteDance ask court: Hurry up and rule on TikTok ban already

Forced selloff case will likely be appealed again ... see you in (Supreme) court The Department of Justice and Bytedance spent a rare moment unified on Friday when the duo asked for a fast-tracked court schedule for the Chinese short video apps divest or ban case.

Hacker News: Foxit PDF Reader Flaw Exploited by Hackers to Deliver Diverse Malware Arsenal

The Register: Graph database shows Biden outspends Trump in social media ad war

Red Hat middleware takes a back seat in strategic shuffle

Less middleware plus more AI equals fewer people Exclusive  Red Hat is slowing or stopping development of some of its middleware software, a situation which could result in some staff layoffs.

the amount of default wifi networks in this neighborhood is too damn high

Cybercrime: nel 2023 sono state bloccate 45 milioni di e-mail ad alto rischio

Milano, 20 maggio 2024 Nel 2023 ha bloccato 45.261.542 e-mail ad alto rischio. Il dato emerge dallultimo Email Threat Landscape e dimostra come la , nonostante i quasi 50 anni di et, rimanga lo strumento di pi utilizzato al mondo e di conseguenza uno dei punti di accesso principali per gli attacchi .

Really A sarcasm detector Wow. You shouldn't have

Computers learning to spot sass what could go wrong Researchers from the University of Groningen's Speech Technology Lab say they have created a multimodal algorithm that can detect sarcasm in speech.

Windows 11 va pouvoir crer nativement des archives 7-Zip et TAR Microsoft va faire voluer Windows 11 pour qu'il soit possible de crer des archives 7-Zip et TAR nativement, sans avoir besoin d'installer un logiciel tiers.
The post Windows 11 va pouvoir crer nativement des archives 7-Zip et TAR first appeared on IT-Connect.

HMRC must grow 'intelligent client' function to sort out post-Brexit tech issues watchdog

Already delayed, IBM and Deloitte's 'Single Trade Window' presents SaaSy challenge's to tax collector The UK's public spending watchdog is warning that the nation's tax collector needs be become an "intelligent client" in its handling of tech service providers contracted to create a "single

Random favorite pink outfits in movies/shows sLOVE

Hacker News: Defending Your Commits From Known CVEs With GitGuardian SCA And Git Hooks

The Register: Underwater datacenters could sink to sound wave sabotage

Slack tweaks its principles in response to user outrage at AI slurping

Several people are typing. And something might be learning... Salesforce division Slack has responded to criticism by users outraged that its privacy principles allowed the messaging service to slurp customer data for AI training unless specifically told not to, claiming the data never leaves the platform and isn't used t

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British Library's candid ransomware comms driven by 'emotional intelligence'

It quickly realized dry progress updates werent cutting it CyberUK  Emotional intelligence was at the heart of the British Library's widely hailed response to its October ransomware attack, according to CEO Roly Keating.

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Attacco di Anonymous Italia a Democrazia Sovrana e Popolare: UnAnalisi dei Fatti

Nel contesto attuale, la disinformazione un problema che preoccupa molte le . Italia, noto collettivo di attivisti e , ha recentemente lanciato loperazione , denunciando quella che ritiene essere una di propaganda.

Attacco di Anonymous Italia a Democrazia Sovrana e Popolare: UnAnalisi dei Fatti

Nel contesto attuale, la disinformazione un problema che preoccupa molte le . Italia, noto collettivo di attivisti e , ha recentemente lanciato loperazione , denunciando quella che ritiene essere una di propaganda.

Hacker News: Protecting Your Organization From Insider Threats - All You Need to Know

The Register: So you've built the best tablet, Apple. Show us why it matters

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