Hershey phishes! - Crooks snarf chocolate

Hershey phishes! - Crooks snarf chocolate lovers' creds

Stealing Kit Kat maker's data! Give me a break There's no sugarcoating this news: The Hershey Company has disclosed cyber crooks gobbled up 2,214 people's financial information following a phishing campaign that netted the chocolate maker's data.

How Far is it?

Remember when the Hubble Space Telescope was more punchline than science powerhouse

30 years ago astronauts embarked on ambitious mission to fix Hubble ... and NASA's reputation Today is the thirtieth anniversary since NASA launched the first servicing mission for the stricken Hubble observatory, a record that lands just as the the space telescope faces a fresh round of fixes.

Freue mich auf die Talks beim :)

Per Google Trends, searches for "remote jobs" reached an all-time high in 2023.

Remember managers, work has shifted and the shift is permanent. If you're gonna mandate return-to-office, you best have a good reason.

The Register: HP exec says quiet part out loud when it comes to locking in print customers

17% of Spotify employees face the music in latest cost-cutting shuffle

This despite hitting profit high note and right on time for Christmas Spotify has announced its third and largest round of layoffs this year, cutting 17 percent of employees despite recently posting its first profitable quarter in more than 12 months.

"newrelic admits attack on staging systems, user accounts"

After similar hacks into other infrastructure management vendors (SumoLogic, Okta) & buyers must double-check the posture of all their vendors!

Back at it!

Cover of DIY computer care zine.

Foxconn Pegatron iPhone Reuters -

is an important economic center, with a number of major companies and industries operating in the city, including manufacturing, , and business services.

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Two new versions of OpenZFS fix long-hidden corruption bug

Version 2.2.2 and also 2.1.14, showing that this wasn't a new issue in the latest release The bug that was very occasionally corrupting data on file copies in OpenZFS 2.2.0 has been identified and fixed, and there's a fix for the previous OpenZFS release too.

Hacker News: New P2PInfect Botnet MIPS Variant Targeting Routers and IoT Devices

The Register: 'Return to Office' declared dead

: Following a involving , an partner for the sector, some are currently unable to access their case management systems.TheLawSociety

Important Message Following a cyber incident involving CTS, an IT partner for the legal sector, some law firms are currently unable to access their case management systems. Were aware this includes some legal aid and conveyancing firms, and were currently working to understand how

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Now is a good time to buy memory because prices rise next year, Gartner predicts

To blame The usual suspect AI's appetite for chips The semiconductor market is poised to return to growth next year, driven by AI increasing the volume of orders for memory and causing a spike in prices as demand catches up with the capacity of silicon manufacturers.

Tech renders iconic rockers Kiss genuinely immortal

Final farewell show unveils the band's digital form After half a century of recording and performing, rock icons Kiss closed out "The End of Road" farewell tour on Saturday night. But the encore revealed something we all knew deep down to be true Kiss is forever.

Les tickets au boulot :

"L'outil de capture d'cran de Windows ne fonctionne pas. "

Bah je sais pas gros, tu utilises Impr. cran et MS Paint comme tout le monde.

Hacker News: New BLUFFS Bluetooth Attack Expose Devices to Adversary-in-the-Middle Attacks

The Register: Law secretly drafted by ChatGPT makes it onto the books

Exposed Hugging Face API tokens offered full access to Meta's Llama 2

With more than 1,500 tokens exposed, research highlights importance of securing supply chains in AI and ML The API tokens of tech giants Meta, Microsoft, Google, VMware, and more have been found exposed on Hugging Face, opening them up to potential supply chain attacks. 

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35 anni di carcere per Vladimir Dunaev, lo sviluppatore del malware Trickbot

Amazon hitches a ride with SpaceX for Project Kuiper launches

Working rockets are needed, and only a direct rival can provide for now Amazon is signing a contract with SpaceX for three Falcon 9 launches to help "support deployment plans" for the Project Kuiper satellite broadband initiative.

Eine Delegation aus Costa Rica war zu Gast im BIBB um sich zur im Bereich und zu informieren. Die Teilnehmer*innen des des Instituto Nacional de Aprendizaje (INA) besuchten mit Unternehmen und Einrichtungen in der Region

AWS exec: 'Our understanding of open source has started to change'

Apache Foundation president David Nalley on Amazon Linux 2023, Free software, and more Interview  AWS is wary of vendor-driven open source projects, performs business health checks on all its open source dependencies, and suffered impact on the development of Amazon Linux when CentOS as we all knew it was discontinued, T

when the guy asks the why he hasn't logged into his computer in 145 days....and you have to have the requisite convo about how the makes the computer basically unusable to complete the job duty.

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Hacker News: Make a Fresh Start for 2024: Clean Out Your User Inventory to Reduce SaaS Risk

The Register: Senate bill aims to stop Uncle Sam using facial recognition at airports

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You can't deepfake diversity, and that's a good thing

Fresh thinking and new approaches can only come from varied cohorts of people Opinion  "My other car is a Porsche" was never the most convincing of claims you could make while out drinking on a Friday night, but it's as real as the Pope's Catholicism compared to the speaker list for the DevTernity developer conference. There, the otherwise pure mal

Was ist eigentlich eine Kubernetes Bill of Materials und wie funktioniert sie

AquaSecurity -Security

Migliaia di server Microsoft Exchange sono vulnerabili allesecuzione di codice remoto

Decine di migliaia di di in Europa, e Asia, accessibili tramite Internet, sono soggetti a RCE (Remote Code Execution). Il problema principale che questi server funzionano con e non supportato, rendendoli a una serie di problemi critici di sicurezza.

Steam client drops support on macOS, but adds it on Linux

Signs of the times: Linux's compatibility improves, while x86-32 recedes from Apple Valve Software's latest update announcement for the Steam client contains news for both Mac and Linux users and the portents should concern not only gamers.

Les vnements tech de la semaine Rennes

Deux sorties jeudi soir, il va falloir faire un choix. Plutt agilit ou logiciel libre

Si tu connais d'autres vnements, signale-les-moi en dessous que je les ajoute l'agenda

Wenn digitales Vertrauen an der Systemgrenze scheitert... - Das Netz ist politisch

In der wird die mit ihren -Unternehmen immer weniger vertrauenswrdig, denn gem ihren -Services um so schlimmer. Wie es nicht , sprich nicht fr deine Daten, ist. Vielen Dank fr den informativen Artikel.

Spotify 17% . -

HP exec says quiet part out aloud when it comes to locking in print customers

Funny how marketing messages change depending on the audience HP is squeezing more margin out of print customers, the result of a multi-year strategy to convert unprofitable business into something more lucrative, and says its subscription model is "locking" in people.