Hacker News: Game On! Beat Our

Hacker News: Game On! Beat Our Calculator in Guessing Your Organization's App Count


The Register: Linux 6.9 will be the first to top ten million Git objects

Filing NeMo: Nvidia's AI framework hit with copyright lawsuit

Claims allegedly pirated content from Books3 dataset trawled by its models Nvidia is the latest tech giant to face allegations that it used copyrighted works to train AI models without obtaining the permission of the authors.

Its been a few days since Ive geeked out about My Lovely Wife ( ) SHE WROTE AND PUBLISHED HER OWN BOOK!
Its one of the many things I love about her. We got writers copies today! Woot!

Trying out Microsoft's pre-release OS/2 2.0

It fell through a timewarp from an alternate and very different computing universe The earliest known release of Microsoft's 32-bit version of OS/2 is now out there, and intrepid code archeologists have it running. It's a glimpse into an alternatve computing universe.

Justice Dept reportedly starts criminal probe into Boeing door bolt incident

Plus: Pilots on Lion Airs Batik fall asleep and miss Jakarta Alaska Airlines is reportedly cooperating on a US Department of Justice (DoJ) criminal investigation into Boeing regarding an incident which saw an aircraft plug blow out of a 737 MAX 9 mid-flight in January.

Hacker News: New Banking Trojan CHAVECLOAK Targets Brazilian Users via Phishing Tactics

The Register: Linux for older phones postmarketOS changes its init system

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Climate change means beer made from sewer water, says North Carolina brewery

Water Like from the toilet Fancy a cold one Would it change your mind if that frothy, frosty beer was brewed using treated wastewater

Magnet Goblin: sfrutta bug 1-day sui sistemi WIndows e Linux per installare Nerbian RAT

Welcome to the chaotic underworld of organizational neglect.

This isn't some rare glitch in the matrix. It's the grim truth lurking in countless small to medium organizations. Instead of the fortified fortress of cybersecurity, what do you get

A dumpster fire of half-baked IT solutions.

Last chance to register for tomorrow's webinar on & data . Join & Matt Durrin as they dive into data protection, digital transactions, & their implications.

PlanetScale ends free tier bid, sheds staff in profitability bid

CEO defends decision in difficult tech market Distributed database vender PlanetScale has made work-force lay-offs and ended its free-tier services in an effort to achieve sustainable profitability.

Chi Sand Eagle Cospirazione mondiale o copertura per attivit di hacking statunitensi

Nawwwww no way at my #IT job we buy 24" monitors for employees all the time

Hacker News: Embracing the Cloud: Revolutionizing Privileged Access Management with One Identity PAM Essentials

The Register: The S in IoT stands for security. You'll never secure all the Things

Reddit wants to raise $748M with IPO, sets value at $6.4B... and it has yet to turn a profit

Time to start spamming those reposts: Top users are getting early access to 1.76 million shares Redditors hoping to get in early on the company's upcoming IPO had better hope they have a lot of karma in reserve.

and ! It's a new week and I'm ready to go! I've got my usual shift at , continuing the seemingly unending equipment move, but then we're heading to the after work with being fully underway.

AI models show racial bias based on written dialect, researchers find

Those using African American vernacular more likely to be sentenced to death, if LLMs were asked to decide AI models may consume huge amounts of energy, water, computing resources, and venture capital but they give back so much in the way of misinformation and bias.

We can not predict how technology and app development will look in 20 years, but that is OK.

We should teach our kids critical thinking, logic, and the importance of creativity. The tools will change, but those core skills will remain relevant (and probably even more essential than today).

British Library pushes the cloud button, says legacy IT estate cause of hefty rebuild

Five months in and the mammoth post-ransomware recovery has barely begun The British Library says legacy IT is the overwhelming factor delaying efforts to recover from the Rhysida ransomware attack in late 2023.

Hacker News: Data Leakage Prevention in the Age of Cloud Computing: A New Approach

The Register: You got legal trouble Better call SauLM-7B

European Commission infringed data protection law with Microsoft 365

Commission has until December 9, 2024, to put its house in order The European Commission has been reprimanded for infringing data protection regulations when using Microsoft 365.

Da White Hacker a Criminale Informatico il passo breve. Il report del CIISec

Lambiente della sicurezza sta affrontando una crisi crescente, poich sempre pi del settore prendono la strada del . Questo fenomeno alimentato dalla mancanza di riconoscimento e protezione delle aziende nei confronti dei loro talenti pi e dalla nel proteggersi da coloro che comprendono meglio le loro .

UK and US lack regulation to protect space tourists from cosmic ray dangers

Damage to DNA, mutations, uncontrolled cell division and malignancy. Is space tourism worth the risk International regulations governing space flight lack rules to protect space tourism passengers from the ill-effects of cosmic radiation, according to researchers.

Managed IT Services Consulting with HEX64 Infosolutions

Managed IT services refer to the practice of outsourcing various aspects of an organization's information technology (IT) needs to a third-party provider.

looking for a new job since December 15. Is anyone having any luck getting a new job I have 2.5 years of help desk experience with a ISP. Connect with me

How do you lot feel about Pay or say OK to ads model, asks ICO

And does it count as consent The UK's Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) has opened a consultation on "consent or pay" business models. We're sure readers of The Register will have a fair few things to say.

Hacker News: BianLian Threat Actors Exploiting JetBrains TeamCity Flaws in Ransomware Attacks

The Register: Microsoft sends OneDrive URL upload feature to the cloud graveyard

Linux for older phones postmarketOS changes its init system

Good news, everyone! The world's favorite daemon, systemd, is coming to phones. The team behind the leading replacement OS for end-of-life smartphones are to adopt systemd to make working with GNOME and KDE easier.

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New Post: Switch to a Mac from PC

How to Netflix Oracles blockbuster audit model

Terms and conditions apply. Lawyers need not Opinion  It's a good rule of nostril that if your litigation department is a source of revenue, your business model stinks. The law is there to discourage delinquent behavior when all else fails, not to amplify power for profit. If there's a better, fairer way to stop naughtiness, you sho

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Lo spionaggio informatico passa per il DNA. Aziende biotecnologiche Cinesi sotto la lente degli USA

I stanno spingendo per una legislazione che limiti le aziende statunitensi a non fare affari con le aziende . Il motivo il timore che i medici sensibili degli americani potessero essere utilizzati da Pechino per scopi malvagi.

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