I got CHANYEOL on "Your EXO boyfriend"

I got CHANYEOL on "Your EXO boyfriend"
dusttogold London
@iamTzar you get double points when your captain scores its best to make someone who claps goals constantly your captain.
dan_laubscher London, UK
Cocktail making masterclass with this beauty @encorerichmond! Highly recommended to spice up your…
_janetplanet Los Angeles | Isla Vista
When you're waiting for the bus and your professor honks at you in the middle of the street just to say what's up 😂
tylerbingebook tyler oakley broke our mutual
@tomorrowoakley its not your birthday in germany yet oops but still
@nycmel1 Hello. If you are interested in awakening your Kundalini within a year, check this:
SWChefComp UK
Have you sent in your entry yet? You only have until 16th August to enter
Make your Own Art.
jamesrbuk London
If an intelligence agency really is racing to stop a plot, pretty bloody irresponsible to say so on your front page
michalurbaniak New York City
Love Your Music! Great and Real! Hear it! Feel it! Be Part of It! Let the Music Play!
@andrewshaman Colorado what condition is your condition in
Cortana by MagicnaAnavi
Daniiprettygal Chicago
thedirtymonster: YASSSS! "Don't Worry" by Madcon and Ray Dalton is FINALLY available on the US Spotify! Give it a listen. It'll change your…
thumbelenina Hard- Boiled Wonderland
That nostalgic feeling of going back to your "two years ago" body 😥😥😢
Nomination call for 2015 Safety in the City Awards -
@Marikrulez12 Yeah Umm your tail
Hello @JackGriffo You are the best You are awesome You are perfect to your job I love you I have a dream Please follow me :) 895x
ksaBritish Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Describe your cat in one sentence. #InternationalCatDay #learnenglish #ksa #saudi #english #cat
these pair of high waisted shorts i own used to be too big for me but now it fits perfectly which means my booty grew!! fuck yeah!
Make a work of art without lifting a brush.
"@Backstage: Try these 10 vocal exercises before your next audition! #singers #actorslife"
Make a work of art without lifting a brush.
When your sinuses are so stuffed your teeth hurt😅🔫
Call_Me_Maee Bottom of Teaxs
Went to an art show earlier and hear some live music. Was a nice dau
your, own, art
kittystavern Central Ohio
@Rootriverpirate You're so sweet! Thank you so much for all your support ❤️
DannieMonique 850 | 334 | 251⚠
If your ❤️ doesn't say so, its a "no-go".
azenkova2 WA, the USA
Live until 120? No Problems! Work for God! Then God will prolong your live until 120 as He did for saints:
marcus_Gores PDX
Always my man. We will have to do this regularly when I visit your city 🙏🏼
that's your problem not mine
your, own, art
StephanieElam Los Angeles
Um @nischelleturner - where art thou?
FitnPampered Hawaii & California
Do you have text neck? We spend lots of times on our phones, so prevent text neck by looking at your phones with...
your, own, art
ZulaNapoli London
Do you feel anxiety in your inner psyche? Take the quiz:
JackalopeJoey The icey shadows of the storm
@DavePBrown @thefinebros you deserve them sir :) you do good with your work

Created: 8 Aug 2015