Google launches Gemini AI systems, claims

Google launches Gemini AI systems, claims it's beating OpenAI and others - mostly

Gemini accepts text, images, audio, and video and comes in three flavors Google has unveiled Gemini, its most powerful class of transformer-based models yet, which are capable of processing text, images, audio, and video. 

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Mere minority of orgs put GenAI in production after year of hype

Folks are dipping their toes in without a full commitment Despite a huge surge in awareness over the last year, just 10 percent of organizations have adopted generative AI technology in production environments, according to a survey by Intel.

i swear the new thing in IT is to be as incompetent as possible and just setup broken contact pages and bots to respond to people until they get fed up and give up

Hacker News: Scaling Security Operations with Automation

The Register: Veteran editors Notepad++ and Geany hit milestone versions

Elon Musk's xAI wants $1B cash infusion in exchange for equity shares

What, spent all your liquid assets on Twitter, Elon The world's richest man is begging for cash again, this time he'd like $1 billion for his recently formed AI outfit, with individual investors told to offer at least $2 million for a slice of the equity pie.

Nvidia sees Huawei, Intel in rear mirror as it grapples with China ban

Commerce Sec threatens redesigned AI-capable chips will be curtailed 'the very next day' Nvidia chief Jensen Huang reckons Huawei and Intel are potential challengers for the GPU-maker's crown in the AI accelerator space, and says it is working out a deal with the US to keep selling products to China.

Intel AMD Ryzen. -

Google unveils TPU v5p pods to accelerate AI training

Need a lot of compute How does 8,960 TPUs sound Google revealed a performance-optimized version of its Tensor Processing Unit (TPU) called the v5p designed to reduce the time commitment associated with training large language models.

Here's how fast a spacecraft should fly to successfully detect amino acids erupting from Enceladus

Does the Saturnian moon contain the chemical building blocks for alien life Future spacecraft flying close to Enceladus may be able to detect amino acids, an essential class of organic compounds for life on Earth, in the explosive plumes erupting from the moon's surface, a new study

classes should be actual lessions and not supervised "aim training" in .

Otherwise it's like reducing french classes to cutting up cheese...

Hacker News: Sierra:21 - Flaws in Sierra Wireless Routers Expose Critical Sectors to Cyber Attacks

The Register: Red Hat greases migration to RHEL for CentOS 7 holdouts

Millions of patient scans and health records spilling online thanks to decades-old protocol

Intel AMD Ryzen. -

is a vital runtime for everyday ...

Akira annuncia un attacco informatico alla multinazionale Compass Group Italia SpA. 107GB sono in mano dei criminali informatici

Red Hat greases migration to RHEL for CentOS 7 holdouts

Insights tool aims to simplify conversion process, but it'll probably cost you Red Hat has suggested that if customers are worried about the impending end of life for CentOS 7, they might wish to migrate to Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) via its Insights service.

Russia in difficolt. Il Numero degli utenti che usa le VPN aumentato del 37% rispetto al 2022

Vi ricordate un nostro articolo pubblicato qualche tempo fa dal titolo . Secondo uno studio di Platforma, nel 2023 il numero di russi che utilizzano le aumentato del 37% rispetto al 2022 e di 2,5 volte rispetto al 2021.

A year on, CISA realizes debunked vuln actually a dud and removes it from must-patch list

Apparently no one thought to check if this D-Link router 'issue' was actually exploitable A security vulnerability previously added to CISA's Known Exploited Vulnerability catalog (KEV), which was recognized by CVE Numbering Authorities (CNA), and included in reputable threat reports is now being formally

Hacker News: Alert: Threat Actors Can Leverage AWS STS to Infiltrate Cloud Accounts

The Register: Buggy app for insulin-delivery device puts diabetes patients at risk of hypoglycemia

Frohes Nikolausfest! Zur Feier des Tages haben wir fr alle Informatik-Begeisterten unter Euch ChatGPT ein Nikolaus-Gedicht schreiben lassen. Das ist dabei herausgekommen.

NASA engineers got their parachute wires crossed for OSIRIS-REx mission

'Inconsistent wiring label definitions' resulted in drogue being cut before it was deployed NASA has revealed how a wiring mix-up resulted in a parachute problem on its otherwise successful OSIRIS-REx asteroid sample return mission.

EU running in circles trying to get AI Act out the door

Bloc risks missing out on first-to-legislate status if timetable slips The European Commission is entering 11th-hour negotiations to hammer out legislation governing the development and use of AI in time to retain its position as first mover on AI rules.

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How Far is it?

I have actually fixed a printer! In the office here we had two Kyocera lasers, one died a while back and just prints entirly black pages, the other started printing long yellow bands on everything. But I have managed to swap a drum form the 'printing black' one to the 'yellow band' one and now it prints fine :) Which is good as we have a few unused toners I though would have to go on ebay etc.

Brit bendy chip firm Pragmatic scores funding to boost production

Semiconductor bods get cash injection after threatening to quit UK over lack of government support UK-based chipmaker Pragmatic Semiconductor has netted 182 million ($229 million) in finance to expand production, after threatening to quit the country entirely earlier this year over lack of government support.

IBM e META contro OpenAI. Nasce lAI Alliance: 50 societ riunite per il bene dellumanit

Hacker News: New Report: Unveiling the Threat of Malicious Browser Extensions

The Register: Microsoft issues deadline for end of Windows 10 support it's pay to play for security

'Wobbly spacetime' is latest stab at unifying physics

Grudge match between quantum mechanics and general relativity attracts new effort to find harmony Since the early 20th century, physicists have struggled to marry theories governing the very big with those for the very small.

Pojcie z zakresu cyberbezpieczestwa.

Veteran editors Notepad++ and Geany hit milestone versions

There are still good, modern, graphical text editors that are not Electron-based One of the best FOSS text editors for Windows, Notepad++, is turning 20, while cross platform Geany just hit version 2.0 as it turns 18 years old.

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Water gushed into the ground floor of all buildings residents in Thoraipakkam, Sholinganallur, Karapakkam and Perungudi rushed to the higher floors. "But we are still trapped. There is no food, water, electricity or network," said S Swaminathan, Secretariat Colony resident and secretary of the Confederation of Sholinganallur Constituency Residents Welfare Associations. "We are not getting evacuation boats or even motor pumps on OMR." "No elected representative - south Chennai member of parliament, local ward councillors or MLAs - answered our calls," said Nirmala R, a resident who has shifted to a hotel due to neck-deep water in her home.

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Europe signs off on up to 1.2B in state aid for homegrown cloud project

Vendor to speak unto vendor with first results expected in 2027 The European Commission is to provide up to 1.2 billion in public funding for the IPCEI Cloud project and expects a further 1.4 billion from the private sector. Both pots of money are to be used to promote local interests in a regional computin

Esce Kali Linux 2023.4! 15 nuovi strumenti aggiuntivi, GNOME45, cloud e Raspberry Pi 5

GoGain Course near Taringa