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Reddit gets a call from Nokia about patent infringement ahead of going public

That's a juicy-looking IPO you've got there. Be a shame if someone took a licensing bite Mere days from going public, Reddit is staring down a challenge from Nokia, which has accused the "front page of the internet" of infringing some of its thousands of patents.

Hacker News: APIs Drive the Majority of Internet Traffic and Cybercriminals are Taking Advantage

The Register: Homeland Security will test out using genAI to train US immigration officers

Homeland Security will test out using genAI to train US immigration officers

It's all about privacy, civil rights, civil liberties, ok The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has an AI roadmap and a trio of test projects to deploy the tech, one of which aims to train immigration officers using generative AI. What could possibly go wrong

They just don't build them like they used to. This old laptop came with a spot to beat it when it acted up.


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Firefox 124 brings more slick moves for Mac and Android

And you now get keyboard navigation in the built-in PDF reader The latest version of Firefox improves in areas that should help it fit in better on several categories of hardware.

When life gives you Lemon, sack him

CNN veteran publishes Musk interview that got his X show canceled Comment  Last year, two high-profile American news anchors lost their jobs. This year, CNN's Don Lemon joined Fox News's Tucker Carlson with a new show on Elon Musk's X.

Hacker News: From Deepfakes to Malware: AI's Expanding Role in Cyber Attacks

The Register: What strange beauty is this Microsoft commits to two more non-subscription Office editions

Swift enters safe mode over gyro issue while NASA preps patch to shake it off

Gamma-ray burst watcher almost two decades past use-by date NASA's Neil Gehrels Swift Observatory has dropped into safe mode after one of the spacecraft's three gyroscopes showed signs of degradation.

Werden Sie als IT Systemadministrator fr MS Windows Client-Server-Netzwerke Teil der Komm.ONE in .

Crypto wallet providers urged to rethink security as criminals drain them of millions

Innovative Ethereum feature exploited as victims say goodbye to assets Infosec researchers are noting rising cryptocurrency attacks and have encouraged wallet security providers to up their collective game.

Suppliers to Intel and TSMC's Arizona fabs now face build delays

You know where plants are much cheaper to construct Asia Intel and TSMC face new hitches to their chip fabrication plants in Arizona with key suppliers encountering difficulties in building support facilities due to surging costs for building materials and labor.


Catch Java 22, available from Oracle for a limited time

Latest release of coffee-themed programming language aspires to simplicity with a dozen new features Oracle released Java 22 (JDK 22) on Tuesday, sporting a dozen new features for Java developers.

DarkGPT: LArma Segreta nelle attivit di Penetration Test e di Cyber-Threat Intelligence

Nellera della , quando ogni passo su Internet lascia una traccia , limportanza di un dei rapida ed efficiente diventa fondamentale.

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AT&T: 70 Mio. Datenstze aus Hack publiziert

"Seit Sonntag sind mehr als 70 Mio. illegal erbeutete des US-'sriesen AT&T aus einem Hacker-Angriff von 2021 frei im Internet abrufbar, meldet das Hacker-Kollektiv vx-underground."

Half of the day has gone by.

A few meetings and I'll be home and I'll treat myself to a nap.

Hacker News: Hackers Exploiting Popular Document Publishing Sites for Phishing Attacks

The Register: AI researchers have started reviewing their peers using AI assistance

AI researchers have started reviewing their peers using AI assistance

ChatGPT deems your work to be commendable, innovative, and comprehensive Academics focused on artificial intelligence have taken to using generative AI to help them review the machine learning work of peers.

Atos says Airbus flew off, no longer interested in infosec and big data biz

Ailing tech integrator takes a hard hit... share price down by up to 20% this morning Atos' share price sank as much as 20 percent this morning on confirmation that Airbus is no longer interested in buying the big data and security (BDS) parts of the crumbling tech empire.

Virgin Media sets up 'smart poles' next to cabinets to boost mobile network capacity

Not the best looking street furniture in town UK telco Virgin Media O2 (VMO2) says it can boost mobile services by sticking small cells on top of poles linked to its on-street fiber network cabinets.

Customer: I have a problem with my macbook.
Me: Can you be more specific What goes wrong Are there error messages
Customer: I get stuck.
This, dear people, is 'more specific'.

Hacker News: Crafting and Communicating Your Cybersecurity Strategy for Board Buy-In

The Register: Voltron Data revs up hyper-speed analytics, leaves Snowflake in the dust

Voltron Data revs up hyper-speed analytics, leaves Snowflake in the dust

GPU-based system offers high performance off Parquet files Analytics software startup Voltron Data claims to have completed the full TPC-H 100 terabyte scale factor on unsorted Parquet files directly from storage in less than an hour with only 6 TB of GPU memory.

Red Hot Cyber Completa con Successo il Primo Corso Darkweb & Cyber Threat Intelligence

Red Hot Cyber, annuncia il completamento del suo primo corso & Cyber Threat ().

Scopri i commenti degli studenti e le novit sui corsi di Red Hot Cyber all'interno dell'articolo.

Condividi questo post se hai trovato la news interessante.

Linux kernel 4.14 gets a life extension, thanks to OpenELA

Could this be the first green shoot of enterprise vendors paying for long-term maintenance The Open Enterprise Linux Association (OpenELA) has stepped up to maintain Linux kernel version 4.14 - which went out of support in January - to the end of the year. But why that particular version


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Hacker News: E-Root Marketplace Admin Sentenced to 42 Months for Selling 350K Stolen Credentials

The Register: In the rush to build AI apps, please, please don't leave security behind

Earth Krahang: lAPT Cinese che Minaccia 70 enti governativi in 23 paesi

La campagna di nota come Earth Krahang stata attribuita a un gruppo di che ha compromesso 70 e ne ha prese di mira almeno 116 in 45 paesi.

VMware by Broadcom offers a lifeline to small cloud service providers

'White label' program also means retaining customers Exclusive  VMware by Broadcom appears to have made concessions to some of the cloud service providers it has previously indicated it will spurn.

Ich bin ja vor allem deshalb geworden, weil man sich da konstant wie in einem Epos la Herr der Ringe fhlt. Schlielich hat man es mit

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Komm in die magische Welt! Werde

Es heit ja immer, Social Media wre nicht gut fr die seelische Gesundheit. Ich muss da mal dagegenhalten: Mir geht es besser, seit ich hier bin. Danke an alle lieben Menschen da drauen bzw. hier drinnen. Und Hallo an alle, die auch Nicht-Mainstream, oder einfach nur an , und interessiert sind.