Gentoo Linux tells AI-generated code contributions

Gentoo Linux tells AI-generated code contributions to fork off

A good PR move opines community member AI-generated and assisted code contributions are no longer allowed in the Gentoo Linux distribution.

Alles over dark reading: uw toonaangevende cybersecurity informatiebron Reading PLC professional aanvallen

Latest AMD Ryzen Pro chips are similar silicon, more smarts

That other processor company really wants you to use AI at work AMD has brought its 4 nm Hawk Point and Phoenix APUs to business users in the form of the Ryzen Pro 8040 series for laptops and Ryzen Pro 8000 series for desktops.

How Far is it?

Torvalds intentionally complicates his use of indentation in kconfig

The paramount penguin forces more robust whitespace handling Linux supremo Linus Torvalds has made the use of indentation in kernel config files more ambiguous intentionally, to weed out inferior parsers.

Hacker News: OpenJS Foundation Targeted in Potential JavaScript Project Takeover Attempt

The Register: Broadcom throws VMware customers on perpetual licenses a lifeline

Judge refuses to Ctrl-Z divorce order made by a misclick

Computer says you're single A simple misclick at a London law firm led to a surprise divorce for an unsuspecting couple.

Alleged cryptojacker accused of stealing $3.5M to mine under $1M in crypto

No prizes for guessing the victims A Nebraska man will appear in court today to face charges related to allegations that he defrauded cloud service providers of more than $3.5 million in a long-running cryptojacking scheme.

Nos seconds flyers ont t distribus avec succs Haucourt-Moulaine et Villers-la-Montagne ! Nous tendons notre couverture d'autres villages. Restez l'afft, nous arrivons bientt chez vous !"

Microsoft to tackle spam by restricting Exchange Online bulk email

Need to send to more than 2,000 external recipients in 24 hours Time to start looking for an alternative For the first time, Microsoft will apply daily restrictions to Exchange Online in an effort to staunch the flow of spam from the service.

SIM swap crooks solicit T-Mobile, Verizon staff via text to do their dirty work

No breach responsible for employee contact info getting out, says T-Mo T-Mobile employees say they are being sent text messages that offer them cash to perform illegal SIM swaps for supposed criminals.

An dem PC von jemandem rumzufummeln, ist schon sehr intim und kann zu Drama fhren auch wenn man vorher fragt.

da war ich so begeistert von meinem neuen Passwortsafe, dass ich jedem davon erzhlte, ob ers hren wollte oder nicht.

Ein Kumpel wollte. Auch einen haben.

Also besuchte ich ihn, er machte was zu essen, ich setzte mich an seinen Rechner. Er sthnte schon beim Einrichten: Ist alles so kompliziert.

An absolutely naive question:

Are there any OAuth 2 (similar) solutions that also or especially insist on post-quantum cryptography and also conform to OpenID Connect or similar

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Hacker News: TA558 Hackers Weaponize Images for Wide-Scale Malware Attacks

The Register: US Equal Employment agency says Workday AI hiring bias case should continue

US Equal Employment agency says Workday AI hiring bias case should continue

Judge to hear software vendor's effort to dismiss discrimination case next month The US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) says a claim against Workday should be allowed to continue, arguing the HR and finance software vendor may qualify as an employment agency because of the way its AI tool scre

Hab gestern mal wieder gesagt bekommen, ich solle ein nach IT-Grundschutz ohne Erfassung der Geschftsprozesse aufbauen. Ich hng jetzt mal die Wsche in den Regen und gehe davon aus, dass sie trotzdem trocken wird.

Uno 0day Zero Click consente il controllo degli iPhone al prezzo di 2 milioni di dollari

Trust Wallet ha invitato gli utenti a disabilitare a causa delle su una critica che consente agli di prendere il controllo degli .

NASA confirms Florida house hit by a piece of ISS battery pack

Who needs aircon when you have NASA to punch holes through your home NASA has confirmed that a piece of space junk that crashed through a Florida home in March was a fragment of a discarded ISS battery pallet.

Open sourcerers say suspected xz-style attacks continue to target maintainers

Social engineering patterns spotted across range of popular projects Open source groups are warning the community about a wave of ongoing attacks targeting project maintainers similar to those that led to the recent attempted backdooring of a core Linux library.

Malware dentro le immagini. Scopriamo la Steganografia nella campagna SteganoAmor

La nuova del gruppo di si chiama , poich gli utilizzano la steganografia e nascondono codice dannoso allinterno delle immagini.

AI gold rush continues as Microsoft invests $1.5B in UAE's G42

Can regulators keep up Microsoft has confirmed a $1.5 billion investment in G42, a United Arab Emirates (UAE) AI biz.

Hacker News: Identity in the Shadows: Shedding Light on Cybersecurity's Unseen Threats

The Register: CISA in a flap as Chirp smart door locks can be trivially unlocked remotely

Health-Studie: ITlern in Deutschland geht es nicht gut - Golem.de

Micron says it's first to QLC NAND with over 200 layers

Enhanced data density and speed upgrades, though challenges in endurance remain Micron is now mass producing 232-layer QLC NAND, claiming it's the first memory manufacturer to break the 200-layer mark in QLC chips.

Change Healthcares ransomware attack costs edge toward $1B so far

First glimpse at attack financials reveals huge pain UnitedHealth, parent company of ransomware-besieged Change Healthcare, says the total costs of tending to the February cyberattack for the first calendar quarter of 2024 currently stands at $872 million.

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Geef je carrire een boost met de master it-opleiding van uc: praktische vaardigheden, flexibiliteit en impactgedreven leren -opleiding 's programma vaardigheden leren

AI Summit 2:

Blackstone wants to plug hyperscale datacenter into former Britishvolt battery site

Plans to plant $12B bitbarn where homegrown renewables hope once lived US private equity investor Blackstone has plans for a 10 billion ($12.45 billion) hyperscale datacenter in northern England on a site formerly owned by battery startup Britishvolt.

Windows Apps Vulnerable to Command Injection via BatBadBut Flaw.

BatBadBut vulnerability allows attackers to inject commands into Windows apps that rely on the CreateProcess function. This is because cmd.exe, which executes batch files, has complex parsing rules and programming language runtimes fail to escape command arguments properly.


Hacker News: Widely-Used PuTTY SSH Client Found Vulnerable to Key Recovery Attack

The Register: Google location tracking deal could be derailed by politics

Google location tracking deal could be derailed by politics

$62 million settlement plan challenged over payments to progressive nonprofits Google's plan to pay $62 million to settle allegations that it tracked people even when their Location History setting was switched off may have to be renegotiated based on several objections.

Meine Fragen an die Entwickllung werden in Zukunft viel fter mit "Ist es ermglichbar..." beginnen.

KPMG bags 8.5M NHS gig as cheerleader for Federated Data Platform rollout

Consultancy tasked with helping local services get on board The UK's health department has awarded global consultancy KPMG an 8.5 million ($10.5 million) contract to help implement the controversial Federated Data Platform (FDP) at a local level.

Systemadministrator*in mit Schwerpunkt Linux und IT-Sicherheit (m/w/d), bis EG 11 TV-L, unbefristet, Kennziffer AZ 2024-05
-Sicherheit *in

Frage, plz share!

Es gibt gesetzlich vorgeschriebene Brgerbeteiligungsverfahren. Wenn diese nach und nach so umgestellt werden, dass Mensch anonym und ohne Cookies eine Webadresse aufrufen und eine Stellungnahme abgeben kann:

Kann so ein Beteiligungsverfahren mit Bot-Online-Stellungnahmen geflutet werden, und ist das einfacher/wahrscheinlicher als Flutung mit Bot-Emails von unterschiedlichen E-Mail- Absenderadressen
Wie gut und niederschwellig kann vor Bots geschtzt werden

Revue de presse du moi d'avril : .

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