From the successful launch of to

From the successful launch of to new translations for Learning Materials, events, projects, and more: many good things happened at Linux Professional Institute (LPI) in 2023!

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Scheinbar alles ausgefallen bei

habe darber nachgedacht, einer beizutreten. vor allem aus Solidaritt mit Leuten, die weniger Glck bei ihrer Karriere hatten, aber auch fr den Fall, dass mich das Glck verlsst.

kann hier jemand aus der eine empfehlen (oder von einer abraten)

IG Metall ist in der Branche (und auch in der Region) wohl aktiv, wre also jetzt meine Wahl.

Raspberry Pi OS 5.2 is here, with pleasant tweaks to Wayland-based desktop

Kernel 6.6 and small refinements, plus less visible, but meaningful adjustments The Raspberry Pi Foundation has updated its Debian 12-based OS for the pocket-sized powerhouse, with the newest LTS kernel.

The Register: Caffeine makes fuel cells more efficient, cuts cost of energy storage

FCC ups broadband benchmark speeds, says rural areas still underserved

Previous goals were 25Mbps download and a paltry 3Mbps for upload ... and some places don't even have that The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is finally updating its standard for broadband speeds to 100Mbps download and 20Mbps upload, after talking about the issue for years.

Ich habe heute leider keinen BigMac fr dich:
McDonald's hat's die IT weggeschossen.
Hat bestimmt nichts mit Russland zu tun.

We talk to W3C vice chair Robin Berjon about the InterPlanetary File System

The decentralized web is alive and well despite Web3 financial scheming Interview  The InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) debuted nine years ago with the hope of changing the way people interact with content online. It remains an ongoing project.

how one can put #fediverse and #github in one phrase is beyond me.
github being a centralized service owned by a corporation with a history of abusing clients and market as long as the history of #it itself is the opposite of what fediverse is and the world view it represents.
stop using github. if you can't, at least please stop endorsing it.

The Register: Bernie Sanders clocks in with 4-day workweek bill thanks to AI and productivity tech

Bernie Sanders clocks in with 4-day workweek bill thanks to AI and productivity tech

Don't start planning your long weekend yet proposal is likely to be a hard sell in work-obsessed America AI, automation, and other new technologies have made the American worker far more productive than ever before, says US Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT), which is why he introduced a bill this week to shorte

Thats the first module (introduction to computing and information technology 1) all wrapped up, now just awaiting results whilst preparing for the next module!

Few take-aways from returning to study, the importance of strict allocation of time being the primary one. Most of the material was familiar, I learned a few new bits here and there but now I'm looking forward to learning more about networking, learning the essentials through Cisco.

Microsoft says AI alliances are needed to compete with Google

Only the Chocolate Factory is 'vertically integrated' to win at 'every AI layer from chips to a thriving mobile app store' Microsoft has told the European Commission's competition authorities that it only entered into agreements with generative AI developers because it had no other option, unlike archrival Google which

Digitale Zertifikate: Online-Sperrung wird optional, Sperrlisten zur Pflicht

Muss ich mir noch genauer ansehen, da es momentan ein Thema ist mit dem ich mich beschftige. Weiss wer von euch darber 'genauer' bescheid

IBM CEO pay jumps 23% in 2023, average employee gets 7%

And the party extends to shareholders with an overall $6B payout IBM chairman and CEO Arvind Krishna bagged a double digit pay bump in 2023 as he met the major financial objectives outlined by the board. The average compensation of employees that helped Big Blue achieve those targets Up by single digits.

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Bei 's gibt es aktuell weltweit -Probleme, unter anderem mit den Kassen und Drive-ins auch in sind betroffen. ...

Quando la trasparenza vince su tutto! Premio Miglior CISO per Massimo Poletti

Vi ricordate dellincidente di sicurezza avvenuto al di

Hacker News: Third-Party ChatGPT Plugins Could Lead to Account Takeovers

The Register: From quantum AI to photonics, what OpenAIs latest hire tells us about its future

Bei liegt momentan eine massive der vor. Weltweit bleiben Restaurants geschlossen. Auch Deutschland ist betroffen.

McDonald's hit with global system outages, halting orders and closing restaurants around the world

How Far is it?

McDonald's ordering system suffers McFlurry of tech troubles

Global meltdown turns fast food slow Technology may have helped McDonald's process orders faster, but as soon as a computer fault hits, it's right back to the 1990s.

Cop shop rapped for 'completely avoidable' web form blunder

Made public highly sensitive data on complaints about Metropolitan Police Service The London Mayor's Office for Policing and Crime is being rapped by regulators for untidy tech practices that made public the personal data of hundreds of people who filed complaints against the Metropolitan Police Service.

I am not so sure removal of TikTok makes a dent in the cybersecurity threat landscape. Unless there is a step change in user awareness about the software on their phones, or what they download from the open internet, this is unlikely to change, said Vivan Sharan, partner at Delhi-based tech policy consulting firm Koan Advisory Group. "

Taken from here

But generally applicable to not just phones but in general. People are treating infrastructure like

The Register: US to probe Change Healthcare's data protection standards as lawsuits mount

RISE with SAP plan fails to hit go-live date in West of England council

Delays raise questions about 0.5 million legacy support bill, plans for new financial year Gloucester County Council has missed the go live date for its RISE with SAP move to the cloud, potentially incurring an additional 500k ($639,000) costs to keep its legacy application up and running.

Everyone should be writing to their local health board asking that they pause any further commercial arrangements with 's Healthcare company, , until he makes clear his position on racism.

Tor a tutta Privacy! I nuovi bridge WebTunnel sfidano la censura online!

Gli sviluppatori del hanno annunciato il lancio di una nuova funzionalit: i bridge , che funzionano su un resistente al rilevamento e consentono al traffico Tor di mescolarsi meglio con il normale traffico .

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Lattacco informatico alla Nissan ha fatto trapelare i dati di 100.000 persone

Alla fine dellanno scorso, il gruppo di ha dichiarato di aver violato i in Australia e Nuova Zelanda. Gli criminali hanno affermato di aver rubato pi di 100 GB di documenti alla casa . Nissan ha ora confermato che lattacco ha causato la violazione dei di 100.000 .

Kubernetes a rischio: il bug scoperto da Akamai mette a repentaglio la sicurezza del tuo sistema!

I di sicurezza hanno recentemente rilasciato su una di elevata gravit risolta in che, in determinate circostanze, potrebbe consentire a un utente di eseguire l di in modalit remota con privilegi elevati.

Looking for a new in
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Fresh version of Windows user-friendly Zorin OS arrives to tempt the Linux-wary

Adding extra shine to Ubuntu Jammy with the lightweight edition to follow One of the more widely used Ubuntu spinoffs, non-techie friendly Zorin has put out three editions of its latest version Zorin OS 17.1 and there are still more to come.

From the ar(t)chive

Stylized 3D illustration for an old issue of the Dutch Computable magazine, accompanying an article about Europe's then-new eGov automation project.

Hacker News: Google Introduces Enhanced Real-Time URL Protection for Chrome Users

Von 2021 bis 2022 ist der Energiebedarf der Rechenzentren in um 70 Prozent gestiegen.

Geht Darauf versuchen und eine Antwort zu finden.
Das Thema ist im Alltag dramatisch unterreprsentiert, hat jedoch einen gewaltigen Impact auf das unseres Planeten, sind doch die und damit verbundenen gewaltig.

The Register: Developers beware, Microsoft's domain shakeup is coming soon

"Home Office immigration database errors hit more than 76,000 people" -

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