From quantum AI to photonics, what

From quantum AI to photonics, what OpenAIs latest hire tells us about its future

What's good for quantum optimization could help make models leaner Analysis  Quantum computing has remained a decade away for over a decade now, but according to industry experts it may hold the secret to curbing AI's insatiable appetite.

Poking holes in Google tech bagged bug hunters $10M

A $2M drop from previous year. So things are more secure Google awarded $10 million to 632 bug hunters last year through its vulnerability reward programs.

La fine dei programmatori vicina! Cognition presenta la rete neurale Devin e funziona bene

Il capo di Corporation ha sottolineato linutilit della come oggi, poich le si prevede che sostituiranno i programmatori in un prossimo futuro. Questo fenomeno non si limita solo ai programmatori, ma potrebbe anche coinvolgere di come i , con precedenti di aziende che sostituiscono i dipendenti con operatori virtuali.

Quick tip to all developers, IT folks, and digital creators: when you're creating your v1 version of something or just trying it out, don't name it "Test". Give it a meaningful name. Because more than likely, once you get it working, you won't re-develop it with the right name, and now you've published 'Test' to the world.

First Armv9 automotive CPUs aim to power AI-enabled vehicles

Vehicle electronics and software becoming ever more complex Chip designer Arm is bringing its Neoverse architecture to the automotive sector along with the first Armv9 processors for in-vehicle applications, claiming these will provide better performance for AI.

Hacker News: Demystifying a Common Cybersecurity Myth

The Register: Can AI shorten PC replacement cycles Dell seems to think so

La fibra nel mirino: i vandali tagliano le reti in fibra ottica in Gran Bretagna

I fornitori di del Regno Unito hanno chiesto aiuto al per difendersi da un numero crescente di alle infrastrutture in ottica.

GhostRace: la vulnerabilit presente nelle moderne CPU che fa tremare tutti i sistemi operativi

stata scoperta una nuova minaccia con il nome in codice (CVE-2024-2193). Tale stato registrato dai gruppi di ricerca della Libera di Amsterdam e della filiale europea di IBM Research

Cryptocurrency laundryman gets hung out to dry

Bitcoin Fog washed hundreds of millions for criminals The operator of the world's longest-running Bitcoin money laundering service faces a 50-year prison sentence after being found guilty in a US court.

i put up a new-ish poem, (not actually) called 'shit is the etymology of it':

Find out how far it is between any two cities.

Was mache ich eigentlich beruflich

" am Piloten eines Airbus A380 der vollbesetzt im Begriff ist auf einem Flugzeugtrger zu landen."

Oder: "Irgendwas mit ..."

Wie sichert ihr euer Firmennetzwerk in Bezug auf "Datei-Downloads" aus dem Internet ab Habt ihr ein Proxy dazwischen und erlaubt nur bestimmte Dateitypen oder lasst ihr alles durch und vertraut nur auf das AV auf dem Client Macht der Proxy noch AV oder Verhaltensanalysen

Klar, das Thema ist komplex, aber mich wrde interessieren in welche grobe Richtung ihr geht, um das CN am besten zu schtzen.

Microsoft Copilot for Security prepares for April liftoff

Automated AI helper intended to make security more manageable Microsoft Copilot for Security, a subscription AI security service, will be generally available on April 1, 2024, the company announced on Wednesday.

One day soon the Linux Desktop will reign supreme!

European Union lawmakers line up to defend world's first AI Act

Rules were not bent for Big Tech, politicians say The European Parliament has enacted the world's first legislation designed specifically to address the risk of artificial intelligence, including biometric categorization and manipulation of human behavior, as well as stricter rules for the introduction of generative AI.

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Hacker News: PixPirate Android Banking Trojan Using New Evasion Tactic to Target Brazilian Users

The Register: 'Chemical cat' on the loose in Japanese city

'Chemical cat' on the loose in Japanese city

Unlikely to survive hexavalent chromium dip, officials ask residents to keep an eye out A cat covered in toxic chemicals is wandering the streets of Fukuyama in Japan, and locals are being warned not to go near.

Currently trying to fix a GPU performance issue on a machine I don't have access to, and neither of us are admin on.

Diagnosis is the best bet.

And probably updating cuda. It's always cuda.

woulda shoulda are the last words of

New York Times: OpenAIs claim we 'hacked' its products both 'irrelevant' and 'false'

Media giant's counterfiling accuses AI darling of 'spin' in copyright infringement case The New York Times has fired back another legal salvo at OpenAI after the ChatGPT maker accused it of manipulating the chatbot to regurgitate the media group's content.

Pentagon said to have pulled $2.5B Intel defense chips grant

Plus: Trump reportedly gave chipmaker license to sell to Huawei back in the day... The Pentagon has reportedly declined to grant $2.5 billion to Intel for the production of defense-related semiconductors, which could leave the Department of Commerce to foot the entire bill.

LItalia il Paese pi colpito in Europa dal Malware per il terzo anno consecutivo

LItalia il Paese pi colpito in Europa dal Malware per il terzo anno consecutivo

The end of classic Outlook for Windows is coming. Are you ready

Microsoft prepares to replace an old faithful with something shiny, new, and lacking key features. Sound familiar Analysts have warned that some enterprises have a mountain to climb ahead of Microsoft's planned phase-out of the classic Outlook for Windows. 2029 is the earliest cut-off date for support, but some key functio

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Hacker News: Researchers Highlight Google's Gemini AI Susceptibility to LLM Threats

Small company security request: a local arborist has been hacked, and someone's sending fake e-transfer requests and quotations to clients. Looking for a in or near who can handhold a non-technical client and get their business back

Also, I'm guessing there's no-one at Toronto Police, the OPP or RCMP who'd be interested in this. Seems that the scammer's working from an IP address in another country

The Register: Nvidia rival Cerebras says it's revived Moore's Law with third-gen waferscale chips

Nvidia rival Cerebras says it's revived Moore's Law with third-gen waferscale chips

Startup is also working with Qualcomm on optimized models for its Cloud AI 100 Ultra inference chips Cerebras revealed its latest dinner-plate sized AI chip on Wednesday, which it claims offers twice the performance per watt of its predecessor, alongside a collaboration with Qualcomm aimed at acceler

Oracle AI buzz means Larry Ellison's worth $15B more today

And here you were saying tech hadn't yet made a difference to someone special Larry Ellison's personal wealth is inextricably linked to Oracle and yesterday it ballooned by more than $15 billion following a 12 percent rally of Big Red's stock on the news that it is building an AI datacenter and has a deal with AI darling Nvid

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Stanford University failed to detect ransomware intruders for 4 months

27,000 individuals had data stolen, which for some included names and social security numbers Stanford University says the cybersecurity incident it dealt with last year was indeed ransomware, which it failed to spot for more than four months.

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