For all of the fresh college

For all of the fresh college graduates entering the workforce:

Things they don't teach you in college:

Corporate IT will treat updating SolidWorks on your work laptop the same as if you're trying to download porn.

Boeing's Starliner makes it into orbit at long last with human crew aboard

Let's get that brave duo to the ISS and then home to Earth safely Boeing's Starliner crew capsule, at long last, successfully blasted off from a Florida launch pad today with two brave humans onboard.

After contentious Amazon datacenter fight, US county says it has learned a lesson

'We love our farms' says Culpeper, but we also like internet mega-souk and others setting up servers Interview  When we last checked in on Culpeper County, Virginia, folks there were contesting the construction of an Amazon datacenter while officials sought to attract more server-hosting estates to the area

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Emergency patches released for critical vulns impacting EOL Zyxel NAS boxes

That backdoor's not meant to be there Zyxel just released security fixes for two of its obsolete network-attached storage (NAS) devices after an intern at a security vendor reported critical flaws months ago.

De impact van ransomware-aanvallen op ziekenhuizen en hun leveranciers -aanval zorgsector ziekenhuizen -infrastructuur gezondheidszorg zorgleveranciers medische diensten


The Register: Study finds 268% higher failure rates for Agile software projects

De top horrorfilms van juni 2024 op streamingdiensten streaming 2024 Dead nieuw Oscar Follows streamen Night klassieker

Hubble will transition to single-gyro mode to gain a few more years of operational life

So about that commercial servicing mission, hmm NASA has confirmed that the time has come: the venerable Hubble Space Telescope (HST) is to run in one-gyro mode from now on.

UK tribunal greenlights $17.4B advertising monopoly case against Google

Chocolate Factory entangled in yet another anti-competitive claim The UK's Competition Appeal Tribunal (CAT) has ruled that a class action lawsuit accusing Google of anti-competitive practices can proceed.

Our Top Control pick for Q2 is Incident Response Training! With techniques changing rapidly & AI supercharging attacks, training is crucial to quickly identify attacks and reduce damages. Read CEO 's advice:

OpenAI insiders demand the right to blow whistle without fear of retaliation

'Current and former employees should retain their freedom to report their concerns to the public' open letter says Current and former Google DeepMind and OpenAI staff have signed an open letter calling for support and protection for whistleblowers and accountability among companies at the leading edge of

La polizia spagnola smantella rete IPTV pirata TVMucho: guadagni illeciti per 5,7 milioni di dollari

La polizia spagnola afferma di aver chiuso (in seguito ), una pirata che distribuiva contenuti che operava dal 2015 e realizzava profitti per oltre 5,7 milioni di dollari.

Hacker News: Rebranded Knight Ransomware Targeting Healthcare and Businesses Worldwide

The Register: Digital Realty CTO weighs in on AI's insatiable thirst for power

TikTok sotto attacco. Un Exploit 0day viene utilizzato per compromettere gli account

Negli ultimi giorni gli hanno violato numerosi di alto profilo a varie aziende e celebrit (tra cui , e Paris Hilton).

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Microsoft expects further concessions for Teams amid EC antitrust probe

Despite unbundling video and chat app from Office, Redmond 'committed to find a resolution to regulators' concerns' Microsoft says it will likely take "additional steps" in a bid to resolve the European Commission antitrust investigation into its bundling of Teams with Office.

HPE Q2 sales rise was brought to you by the letters A and I

Shipments of servers used for artificial intelligence jump more than 100% to $900M, share price up double digits Two magical letters, A and I, helped lift Hewlett Packard Enterprise's share price by as much as 15 percent in after-hours trading following a ramp in orders for systems to train and run customers' AI models.

Intel gets $11B from Apollo for joint venture at Irish chip fab

Frees up some of the cash Chipzilla's already sunk into Fab 34 Intel is to pocket $11 billion from private equity biz Apollo Global Management in exchange for 49 percent of a joint venture that will effectively run Intel's fabrication plant in Ireland.

Hacker News: Chinese State-Backed Cyber Espionage Targets Southeast Asian Government

The Register: Databricks' $1B Tabular buy raises questions around table format wars

Databricks' $1B Tabular buy raises questions around table format wars

Keeping things neutral will be harder, say critics, as tiny startup acquired In September last year it was a company with around 25 employees, all working remotely. Last night, Tabular was bought by analytics and machine learning platform Databricks for a reported $1 billion.

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Die Software Webex hat mehr Lcken, als der Betreiber Cisco behauptete. Wir fanden Tausende Videokonferenzen von Ministerien und whlten uns in einige ein.

Microsoft revives Windows 10 Beta Channel even though OS doesn't have long left

Windows Insiders set to get first hands on feature updates Microsoft is reopening the Windows 10 Beta Channel for Windows Insiders in a clear sign that there is still life in the old dog.

4 cuffed following probe into holiday scheme for cybercrooks

Public officials allegedly bribed to allow extradition-dodging travel Four arrests were made this week as part of an international probe into two overlapping corruption schemes that allowed cybercrims on INTERPOL watch lists to travel freely without flagging any alerts.

361 million Account Credentials leaked on Telegram: Are yours among them :telegram:

A new trove of 361 million email addresses has been added to Have I Been Pwned (HIBP), is a free online service through which users can check whether their account credentials and other data has been compromised in one or more data breaches.

From meatballs to metaverse IKEA's flatpack fantasy lands on Roblox

Swedish furniture giant has 10 paid in-game jobs to fill First Ryanair, now flatpack chairs IKEA is coming to Roblox.

Tackling potty-mouth chatbots to leaky LLMs. What's life like in Microsoft's AI red team

Group founder reveals all to The Reg Interview  Sometimes people want to abuse AI systems to leak corporate secrets. Other times they just want to force an LLM to talk like a pirate.

Hacker News: Unpacking 2024's SaaS Threat Predictions

The Register: Nokia demos upper 6 GHz band for mobile, but UK wants it shared with Wi-Fi

IT- Digis Scalamandra. $1 - -

Nokia demos upper 6 GHz band for mobile, but UK wants it shared with Wi-Fi

Splitting hotly contested spectrum could get messy Nokia and Swedish telco Telia have completed a pilot deployment using the upper 6 GHz spectrum band, hoping to add capacity and coverage for future expansion. However, some regulators such as the UK's Ofcom think this band should be available for both mobile and W

Study finds 268% higher failure rates for Agile software projects

In praise of knowing the requirements before you start cranking out code A study has found that projects adopting Agile practices are 268 percent more likely to fail than those that do not.

Hacker News: Celebrity TikTok Accounts Compromised Using Zero-Click Attack via DMs

The Register: 'Building AI co-workers going to be largest opportunity of tech in our lifetime'

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ASML and Imec unveil pricy High NA EUV playground for chipmakers

Because who doesn't love a $373M toy ASML and Belgian R&D biz Imec have opened a lab giving chipmakers access to the latest High NA EUV lithography equipment and associated tools to accelerate development of their next-gen products.

Australian e-prescription provider MediSecure has collapsed weeks after a massive data breach.

Couldn't they just change their name to MediHackable

Active Directory : comment automatiser la sauvegarde des zones DNS Dans ce tutoriel, nous allons apprendre automatiser la sauvegarde des zones DNS de l'Active Directory l'aide d'un script PowerShell prt l'emploi.
The post Active Directory : comment automatiser la sauvegarde des zones DNS first appeared on IT-Connect.

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